Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sydney events for West Papua

Sydney events for West Papua
Sunday 2nd October

 Sunday at 1 PM  -2nd October

Meet at Sydney Town Hall


The March will begin at Town Hall and make its way to the NSW parliament. 
We would like to invite everyone of you who share this passion of advocating for West Papua's freedom. Please join us on this day to show solidarity with West Papua.
Aim and Purpose of the march:
- West Papua's bid for full membership in the Melanesian Spearhead Group.
- Press for human rights monitoring and open access to foreign journalists in West Papua.
- Press for an Independent Fact Finding mission into West Papua.
- Remembering West Papua's efforts in the Pacific war.
- Abolish or Amend the Lombok Treaty.
- Global Assistance for the West Papuan Refugees in PNG.
- United Nations intervention in West Papua.

 You can bring your own banners etc to represent your groups and communities too, We are encouraging banners and posters if you will be making your own for the march to reflect the purpose of the march as listed above.
We will also be selling flags and shirts on the day to support the refigees people of West Papua should you need one.
Friday 30 September
 ROCKIN’ FOR WEST PAPUA: Global Peace Concerts Announced
Rocking’ For West Papua is a worldwide music, arts and cultural festival of events raising awareness of the genocide and human rights abuses on the indigenous people of West Papua, presented by Rize Of The Morning Star.

Friday 30 September – Sydney AUS: Waywards @ Bank Hotel, Newtown featuring Blackbreaks, The MisMade, The Black Turtles, MC Thorn

 Also In Newcastle on Saturday 1 October – Newcastle AUS: The Vault featuring Once Remained, Skinpin, Steinbrenner, The Grounds
More at

Monday 10 October
Punks for West Papua at

Monday, 10th October 2016 – Opening Night Event Part 1Time: 6PM
Location: Screening Cinema Room @ Bald Faced Stag
Film introduced by Filmmakers Anthony Ash Brennan (Punks For West Papua) and Broke Silcox (Meal Tickets) followed by Q&A after screenings
Punks for West Papua (AUSTRALIA) Tickets (AUSTRALIA)
Tickets for this session (Opening Night Part 1) exclusive via donations to help West Papua
Minimum donation: 10,00
Donate direct to the “Free West Papua Campaign” at:
Then email your name to be added to door list at:
Please add to email subject: PUNKS FOR WEST PAPUA

Monday, 10th October 2016 – Opening Night Event Part 2
 Time: 8:30PM
Location: Screening Cinema Room @ Bald Faced Stag
Film introduced by Filmmaker Tristan Barr (This Little Piggy) followed by Q&A after screenings
Feature Film:
This Little Piggy (AUSTRALIA)
Short Films:
Break (UK) Meat (AUSTRALIA) Brother (AUSTRALIA)
Requires Review (AUSTRALIA/SWEDEN)

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