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1) Conflict Manokwari: Police remove the fire, activists dead WPN

2) With Indonesia, MSG benefits from Asian Century

3) Indonesia, Australia to deepen military relations

4) Chief minister calls for investigation into Manokwari riot


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1) Conflict Manokwari: Police remove the fire, activists dead WPNA

People who do pemalangan street in the city of Manokwari after stabbing towards Vigal and shootings that killed Onesimus Rumayom - Jubi / Niko MB

Jubi | News Portal Papua No. 1,

Manokwari, Jubi - Kota Manokwari suddenly tense since Wednesday (26/10/2016) 21:45 WP. This tension came after stabbing a child in a Papuan named "Vigal Pauspaus" origin Fakfak committed by a citizen from Makassar.

From chronological collected Jubi, the incident began when Vigal eating at a diner around the office Golkar Sanggeng Manokwari. But after eating Vigal can not afford the food ordered for less money. He then called his parents to come pay for the food.

Abdul Pauspaus the victim's father, said that his son Vigal Pauspaus called him around 22:00 WP. He then came to the food stalls located at Jalan Yos Sudarso, Manokwari.

"I am telling the shop owner to be patient because I am a Muslim and I am back home to take the money to pay. When I go back stabbing happened to my child," said Abdul.

Hearing the stabbing, the people of Papua in Sanggeng immediately take the fight to the streets barred. Pemalangan action by the public is led to clashes with police in Manokwari when officers attempted to unbarred kepolisi. Previous A tug bars so police issued a fire which resulted in the death of one of the people who also a board member of West Papua National Authorithy (WPNA) Manokwari, Onesimus Rumayom and several other civilians were seriously wounded and was being treated in hospital Lift Sea Manokwari ,

"Onesimus was out of the house to buy dinner at 5-minute intervals stalls but he was shot by the police were conducting searches in Yos Sudarso and street shoes Sanggeng," said Edison Baransano, relatives of the victims.

The bodies of Onesimus, is currently in hospital Manokwari AL. In addition to the fatalities, another shooting victim was Erik Inggabouw (18) was shot in the neck and Tinus Urbinas (38) was shot in the hand.

West Papua Police Chief, Brig Royke Lumowa separately outlining the reasons the two citizens shot in the foot because increasingly anarchic mass assessed by burning 6 units of motorcycles and hacked Danramil Manokwari town. Two people were shot in the leg, according to the police chief named Onesimus Rumayon (35) and Abel (43).

"They're our array to the Navy Hospital for treatment," said Police Chief Royke Lumowa Thursday (27/10/2016).

But according to information from civilians in the area were contacted Sanggeng Jubi, the police action shooting indiscriminately, to cause the falling civilian casualties Sanggeng.

This is justified by Warinussy Yan, Director of the Institute for Research, Study and Development of Legal Aid (LP3BH Manokwari).

"Informed there are seven victims of gunshot wounds firearms, in which one person on behalf Ones Rumayom (45) were killed and the rest are critical among them Erik Inggabouw (18) years and five (5) others were still identifiable identity. The six of them were victims of the current is still being treated at Naval Hospital (RSAL) Dr.Ashari - Biryosi, Manokwari-Papua Barat, "said Yan.

He added that since the night of 20.30 WP until 6:25 o'clock this morning WP still hear gunshots in the area near the Swafen Sanggeng to the Office of the State Court and Mapolda Manokwari of West Papua.

Stabbing incidents related to these shootings, the Commission Commissioner RI, Natalius Pigay requested legal proceedings against perpetrators should be done transparently and objectively. He assessed that the Indonesian government did not pay serious attention to the condition of law and human rights in Papua, which resulted in the victim Papua native.

"One of the main factors of human rights violations continue to occur in Papua is that to this day, President Jokowi has never issued a single word about the human rights situation in Papua," said Pigay.


2) With Indonesia, MSG benefits from Asian Century
    Siswo Pramono
Jakarta | Thu, October 27 2016 | 08:57 am

The future of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) free trade for Papua New Guinea (PNG), the Solomon Islands, Fiji and Vanuatu lies in Asia. Indonesia, as an associate member of the MSG, would play a pivotal role for the Melanesian bridge to the fastest-growing Asian economy.

As the MSG’s total GDP is about US$23 billion, an understanding of the nature of the economies of scale would help the MSG rightly position itself in the APEC.

How the MSG could benefit from the APEC, a forum for 21 economies with a combined GDP of more than $31 trillion, is a case in point.

Well-established ties between Indonesia and PNG both are parties to APEC and members of the MSG would help provide political leverage for the MSG to also benefit from APEC.

APEC aside, the Asia Pacific region sees the conclusion of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations this year. TPP represents an economic conglomeration of more than $28 trillion. None of the MSG’s members are parties to TPP, but Indonesia has expressed its intention to join.

Another rapidly forming regionalism in Asia is the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). This economic grouping represents a total GDP of $21 trillion. All ASEAN members are committed to be parties to RCEP, together with China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia and New Zealand. Through its ties with Indonesia, the MSG can benefit from RCEP.

Center to RCEP is the recently implemented ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). The AEC represents a single production base with a total GDP of about $2.3 trillion. As Indonesia is essentially part of AEC, the economic community then has geographical proximity to PNG, the Solomon Islands, and hence the MSG.

APEC, the TPP, RCEP, and the AEC represent the geopolitical shift toward East Asia. As such, the political reorientation of the members of the MSG toward Asia the “Look North Policy” is not only sensible but also sine qua non. 

PNG’s “Look North Policy” is based on the fact that 50 percent of its export destinations are in Asia, particularly Japan and China; whereas 55 percent of its import origins are also in Asia. 

Fiji’s main export destinations, aside from its traditional market of Australia, are China and Japan; while 60 percent of its imports come from Asia.

Last but not least, the Solomon Islands’ main export destination is China, and the bulk of its imports are from Singapore, China and Indonesia. The Solomon Islands’ economic ties with Taiwan have always been strong.

Indonesia’s membership in the MSG is represented by the five Indonesian Melanesian provinces of Papua, West Papua, Maluku, North Maluku and East Nusa Tenggara. 

The total regional GDP of the five Indonesian Melanesian provinces is about $21 billion, which is almost equal to the GDPs of PNG, the Solomon Islands, Fiji and Vanuatu combined. 

The average growth of the four MSG member countries is about 5 percent, while the average growth of the five Indonesian Melanesian provinces is about 8 percent. The five Indonesian Melanesian provinces thus provide better economic leverage for the MSG to deal with the ASEAN market and beyond. 

None of the MSG’s members are parties to TPP, but Indonesia has expressed its intention to join.

Connectivity between Indonesia/ASEAN and the MSG is also being developed. There is a direct Air Niugini flight between Bali (Indonesia) and Port Moresby (PNG), with onward flights from Port Moresby to Honiara (Solomon Islands), Nadi (Fiji), or Port Vila (Vanuatu). Direct flights between Singapore and Port Moresby are also available.

As Papua represents Indonesia in the MSG, there is also a direct flight between Jayapura (Papua) and Mount Hagen (PNG), with onward flights from Mount Hagen to the rest of the MSG region.

It is important to note that infrastructure development in Papua has contributed to better connectivity between ASEAN and the MSG. 

Of the total 4,325 kilometers of Trans Papua roads, about 3,625 km have been completed and about 700 km is in progress. About 533 km of road from Waropko, through Tanah Merah, to Merauke, along the southern border with PNG has been completed. Along the northern border, half of the road between Oksibil and Jayapura has also been completed. While still far from perfect, Papua-PNG cross-border economic activities have now been made easier.

The marine tollway is now able to well-connect the main hubs of Jayapura, Biak, Sorong, Misool, Timika and Merauke. There are ample opportunities to connect hubs in Papua with hubs in PNG and, in the future, with the rest of the MSG as well. In total, West Papua and Papua provinces are now equipped with 16 seaports. 

New airports have just been commissioned in Segun, Sinak, Koroway and Manggelum. Airports in Kebar, Senggeh and Kepim have been renovated and 12 runways have been extended. In total, West Papua and Papua provinces are now equipped with 105 airports, some are potential air hubs to the Pacific.

The MSG and Indonesia cannot escape the fact that their economic interests are geopolitically interlinked. Working together, both can tap the benefits of the Asian Century.

The author is director general/ head of the Policy Analysis and Development Agency, Foreign Affairs Ministry. 
The views expressed are his own.


3) Indonesia, Australia to deepen military relations

Kamis, 27 Oktober 2016 19:43 WIB | 540 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesias Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu said here on Thursday that Indonesia and Australia would discuss efforts to deepen their military relations at the 2+2 meeting scheduled to be held in Bali on Friday. 

"We will discuss how to deal with the South China Sea issue as well as the threats of terrorism which are our common enemy. The talks will be aimed at deepening our relations," he stated after a press conference on "Two Years of Concrete Work by Jokowi-JK," at Bina Graha, the state secretariat.

He informed that the Australian Defense Minister has invited him to visit some military sites, such as the Marine Corps headquarters in Darwin, to show how open the two countries were in the military field.

"I will never meddle in the affairs of other countries and similarly other countries also must not meddle into our affairs," he stressed.

Ryamizard noted that Indonesia would not reject Australias offer if it would invite it to a joint exercise to prevent security threats in the region or elsewhere.

Indonesia has also discussed with Malaysia and the Philippines ways to jointly overcome potential threats in Sulu waters, such as the recent cases of hijacking.

The 2+2 meeting took place thrice in the past. These meetings are aimed at strengthening cooperation and increasing mutual confidence in the military sector.

A 2+2 meeting was held with Japan in Tokyo on December 17, 2015.

Various issues were discussed in three main groups at the meeting in 2015. These issues were grouped as bilateral, regional and global.

The regional cluster covered political and security developments in the Asian region, including the South China Sea dispute, Japans new military policy and the results of the East Asia Summit in Kuala Lumpur in 2015.

Indonesia and Japan contribute actively to the US peace keeping forces.

On a bilateral level, discussions focused on efforts to increase economic and defense cooperation.(*)


4) Chief minister calls for investigation into Manokwari riot

Kamis, 27 Oktober 2016 19:48 WIB | 568 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Minister Wiranto has called for an immediate investigation of the riot in Manokwari, West Papua.

"I ask that the riot be investigated. Reports about it are still uncertain. We are still waiting for official reports," the minister said here on Thursday.

He said he had received unofficial reports about the rioting in Manokwari. Local police are still looking into it and will soon make arrest of the culprit for the stabbing of Manokwari resident Vijay Paus-paus.

The minister said rioting in Manokwari was triggered by a drunken man, who attacked and destroyed a food stall. Further investigation is still to be carried out to disclose the real problem behind it.

"We have to investigate it first. We heard that there was a drunken man, who caused damage to the food stall, then an incident followed. That thing can happen anytime," Wiranto said.

Clashes took place in Manokwari on Wednesday (October 26), which lasted until Thursday morning. Several people became victims. Two persons suffered from a gunshot injury. A local military commandant, Major Suhargono was maltreated.

"There are six victims. Two suffered from gunshots, of which one died named Onisimus Rumayon. But I am confident he died not because of the gun fire," West Papua Regional Police Chief Brig. Gen. Royke Lumowa, said.

Royke explained the stabbing incident of Vijay began when he and his friends were not able to pay for the rice he was buying. Vijay was chased because he was causing unrest at the food stall.(*)

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