Friday, October 28, 2016

Photos -Commemorating Peace Heroes at historic local anti-conscription site

Commemorating Peace Heroes at historic local anti-conscription site

An Honour Roll for Peace was installed at the gates of the Addison Road Community Centre as part of the Anti-Conscription Centenary Commemoration Week.

Standing at the gates to the Addison Road Community Centre in Marrickville, a former military depot and site of anti-conscription and anti-war activity, the Honour Roll for Peace will record the names of people from Sydney and beyond who have resisted war or sought the just and peaceful resolution of conflicts at home and overseas.  The Honour Roll was inaugurated on 28th of October 2016 in an opening ceremony marking the centenary of the WWI campaign against conscription in Australia.  Plaques can be ordered by anyone who’d like to commemorate a peace hero, and will be engraved and mounted on an ongoing basis. The Honour Roll for Peace is part of a larger program for the Anti-Conscription Centenary Commemoration Week, organised by local peace activists, which includes an exhibition, film festival, forum and concert. 

Supporters of West Papua organized plagues to commemorate Arnold Ap, John Ondawame and three Australian soldiers who served in Merauke during the War. Alan Noonan, John Collins and Dr Lee.  A plague was also organized for Dr Peter King of the CPACS who recently passed away. 
West Papua was one of the many displays at the event

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