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1) Luke Enembe: KNPB is better than FPI in democracy

2) France’s Engie sets up JV to electrify Papua with solar energ

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1) Luke Enembe: KNPB is better than FPI in democracy
  • Jumat, 02 Juni 2017 — 19:30

Jubi | News Portal Tanah Papua No. 1,

Jayapura, Jubi - The recent sprawl of radical Muslim groups according to Papua Governor Lukas Enembe has been very worrying. Papua, should be more vigilant to anticipate the influx of these groups.

In the ways that the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) has recently adopted, according to Governor Enembe, if the future of the Indonesian state is really controlled by radical Muslim groups, then it is possible that Papua will be separated first.

"If this group forces the will for Indonesia to become a Muslim country by running the Islamic Shari'a, we will be separated, especially since this group wants to abolish Pancasila and NKRI," Governor Enembe told reporters at the State Building on Friday (2/6/2017 ).

Therefore, said Governor Enembe, the Provincial Government of Papua strongly supports the policy of President and Vice President of Indonesia Joko Widodo-Jusuf Kalla. For what he is doing today is the best for the nation and country.

"We have expressed full support, even support for his two periods, although the Muslim group wants to bring down Jokowi, we continue to support his policy," said Governor Enembe.

Meanwhile, to maintain the integrity of the Land of Papua, he asked the people who inhabit the Earth Cenderawasih, should not be hooked with any issues. Well done certain elements. Moreover, there is a possibility on the side of the TNI and Police infiltrated hardline groups.

"There is no possibility that TNI and Polri are in hard-line groups, so we should not be provoked by the situation, as happened some time ago in Jayapura," he added.

He continued, with Clement Tinal one year ahead will end the term of office. For that he wants to bring Papua in a conducive condition and bring this government to completion.

"Thus I ask all the people of Papua to support in prayer so they can complete these tasks and responsibilities," he said.

He added that all Papuans must keep the incident some time ago does not happen again in Papua.

"The one who opens Papua is the Gospel, no other group has opened this country, therefore I ask that anybody's group should not disturb Papua," he added.

People of Papua, continued Governor Enembe will still live in this country, will not go anywhere.

Governor Enembe even compared FPI's actions with the National Committee of West Papua (KNPB). He considered KNPB better than FPI. Because, has taught good democracy to the people of Papua.

"KNPB is better than FPI in democracy. This FPI should have been prevented. Do not people pursue the KNPB, whereas they teach good democracy over this radical Muslim group, "said Governor Enembe.

KNPB, according to Governor Enembe conveyed his political aspirations in an elegant way, unlike FPI that impose the will in a way that is not dignified. (*)


2) France’s Engie sets up JV to electrify Papua with solar energy 

Viriya P. Singgih The Jakarta Post
Jakarta | Fri, June 2, 2017 | 05:31 pm

French electricity firm Engie has signed a joint venture agreement with Indonesian private energy company Electric Vine Industries (EVI) to develop and operate solar photovoltaic smart microgrids in Papua with a total investment value of US$240 million over the next five years.
The microgrids are expected to provide a 24/7 electricity supply to around 2.5 million people in 3,000 villages across Papua over a period of 20 years, while consumers will be able to pay by mobile phone.
“We aim to be a forerunner in the new energy world through co-innovation and partnerships, designing and developing new energy models,” Engie Group executive vice president Didier Holleaux said on Friday in a statement.
This joint venture is a follow-up to partnership agreements Engie signed in late March with EVI, giant sugar producer Sugar Group Companies and private equity company PT Arya Watala Capital during French President Francois Hollande’s visit to Jakarta.
Along with Sugar Group Companies, Engie will also develop photovoltaic and biomass power plants worth $1 billion with a total capacity of 500 megawatts (MW) in Sumatera and Eastern Indonesia over the next five years.
Meanwhile, Engie and Arya Watala are set to jointly develop a total power generative capacity of up to 10 MW peak in East Nusa Tenggara over the next three years with an investment value of $15 million.
The government has planned to supply 23 percent of the national energy mix from renewable sources by 2026, up from only 12 percent at present. (bbn

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