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4) Lake Sentani Festival held for 10th time


The book tittled “Sa ada di sini /I am here” is given to one member of Jayawijaya Parliament by a survivor, Tuesday (June 13) – Jubi/IST
Jayapura, Jubi – After it was launched seven years ago, the recommendations of Violence against Papuan Women Report “Stop Sudah” remain on paper.
One of the recommendations that were formulated was Special District Regulation (Perdasus) No.1 Year 2011 on the Reparation of the Rights of Women Victims of Violence and Human Rights Violations (Perdasus Pemulihan).
Departing from the findings and recollections of the “Stop Sudah” report, the Papuan and Papuan Provincial Parliament issued the Perdasus. However, six years have passed; the Perdasus has not been numbered and recorded on the State sheet.

“The Reparation Perdasus is a necessity for women victims and their families in the context of self-recovery and the fulfillment of their rights as dignified individuals. But until now, we don’t know where the problem is so the Perdasus remain idled, “said Reverend Magda Kafiar, one of victim’s advocate in Jayapura area.
The government’s lack of clarity in implementing Perdasus No.1 / 2011 and other recommendations such as sanctions to perpetrators of violence against women, partiality to the victims by the police apparatus, rehabilitation to the victim’s children from the government and so on, eventually causing violence against women continues to occur and recurring..
“While women victims need special programs to deal with critical incidents, and long-term trauma services for them in order to stand up again and build a life free from violence,” said Zandra Mambrasar, a researcher from Papua Institute for Human Rights Research and Advocacy (ELSHAM Papua).
Findings and memories
For that reason, Asia Justice and Rights (AJAR) works together with ELSHAM Papua conducts participatory action research (PAR) with the victims’ community since 2013 until 2015. In 2015 they formed Papuan Women’s Group (PWG). Assisted by dozens of district facilitators, they continued to develop PAR in several new areas in several research rounds.
The results of the study are documented in a book entitled “Sa ada di sini/I am here” which was launched on a seven-year reflection public dialogue Report “Stop Sudah!” At Sasana Karya Office of the Governor of Papua on Tuesday (June 13).
“For victims of violence against women in Indonesia, especially in Papua, justice is still far from the grip. From our research, many victims have to leave the dream to get justice and survive, “said AJAR Director, Galuh Wandita.
“Women victims continue to receive stigma so they cannot access development. They cannot make ID cards because of stigma. Eventually they are marginalized. They are not perpetrators, they are victims. Forced to evacuate, starve, and their house burned,” said Zandra Mambrasar.
Other findings look at Papuan women who are more vulnerable to family violence and have difficulty accessing services. Papuan women’s capacity to achieve justice is very weak. Economic problems make women weaker. Widows and single mothers are particularly vulnerable to violence and discrimination. And the victims’ children are in the cycle of violence and poverty.
AR, a female victim of human rights violation who lost her mother, child, husband on the same day in the DOM operation “annihilated” in 1968 admitted that after years passed, she was very pessimistic to get justice.
“I lost the people I love. My heart hurt for years. But now I have forgiven them (the perpetrators and the State), because my religion does not allow me to continue resentment. I have to forgive so I can be safe. But this country never forgave me.
Children find it hard to get a job. The reason is because I am involved (in OPM). Whereas the only thing I did was just become a victim,” AR said with a numb expression in her face, but shed tears.
From these findings, PAR recommends a number of things to be done. The central and provincial governments are asked for their determination to end violence against women during and after the conflict.
Immediately implement the Perdasus of Victims Reparation as one of the tools for reparation and prevention of violence against women. Facilitate the service to conduct mapping for violent survivors. Ensure programs for women victims of violence, and to restore the rights of victims of human rights violations.
Chairperson of the National Commission on Violence against Women (Komnas Perempuan) Azriana suggested the use of Special Autonomy Law as an opportunity to move forward in terms of fulfillment of Papuan women’s right, especially those experiencing violence and human rights violations.
“Sometimes we see this Otsus law like the people of Jakarta look at this law, but is wrong. Papuans themselves shpuld explain to Jakarta and others in Indonesia how should Otsus be seen,” said Azriana.(*)


Jayapura, Jubi – Civil Liberty Defenders (CLD), a joint Indonesian human rights lawyer based in Jakarta, will report Papua Police Chief to the Ombudsman of Indonesia for conducting maladministration on the issue of the Police Chief ‘Maklumat’ (Notice) on July 1, 2016.
Such notice is considered contrary to some legislations and freedom of expression, as well as discriminatory and deepening stigma on Papuans.
Uchok Shigit Prayogy, one of the young lawyers of CLD who became one of the reporters on Thursday (June 15) said their report is primarily intended to hold legal and administrative accountability related to the release of the Police Chief’s Maklumat of 1 July 2016.

“We ask for accountability because the edict clearly violates the freedom of Papuan people to express opinion publicly,” Uchok said.
Administratively, the CLD states that Police Chief of Maklumat’s address to the non-internal police department has been contrary to notification of the Maklumat which should be addressed only to internal police purpose.
“In principle, if referred to National Police Chief Regulation number 15 of 2007, it might legitimate, but keep in mind that it is only a notification and (should) only apply to the (internal) area of ​​the police that issued it,” said Uchok Sigit.
Hence, he continued, the Notice has violated two provisions, which are issued to create a stigma against 7 Papuan organizations, while it also addressed to the public and all government officials, “this clearly violates the basis of the Notice,” he stressed.
While several police offices in Papua put banners of announcements claiming that the Papua Police Chief Notice is not intended to silence the space of democracy, the CLD lawyer accuses the opposite.
“It is just an effort to silence the voice of Papuan people because this Maklumat was born amidst massive peaceful actions by the people of Papua in responding to human rights violations,” said Uchok.
Through this report to Ombudsman CLD is going to encourage the public institution to process the report and ask for clarification from the Papua Police Chief what lies behind the drafting of such discriminatory Notice.
“From this reporting, then a recommendation will be made and that will be used as a reference for the improvement of Police services as a non-discriminatory public servant to the Papuan community, as well as organizations in Papua, especially in conveying opinions in public,” Uchok said.
Since its inception, the issue of the Papua Police Chief Maklumat on July 1, 2016 has harvested legal refutation by some human rights lawyers in Papua, such as Gustaf Kawer, Anum Siregar and Simon Pattiradjawane. In line with the CLD, in essence they considered the Notice is only part of the effort to silence freedom of expression.
“As a public lawyer we consider regional Police Chief has overwhelmed its authority when issuing the Notice. So we ask for this to be revoked and should not apply, “said Simon Pattiradjawane at that time.
The recent Papua Police Chief, Boy Rafli Amar when contacted by the editor related to CLD’s complaint to Ombudsman RI seems reluctant to give response, either by short message or by telephone.
While the Ombudsman RI can only process the CLD report after 14 working days since CLD letter of summons and clarification to Kapolda Papua delivered on June 5, 2017 ago.
As was known, on July 1, 2016, the then Papua Police Chief, Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw issued a Maklumat (Notice) No 245 / VII / 2016 amid massive peaceful protest actions mediated by West Papua National Committee (KNPB) in support of United Liberation for West Papua (ULMWP ) to be a full member of MSG.(*)


Wamena, Jubi – The family of Edison Matuan or Edison Hesegem (21), who died at the hands of police officers mid-January 2017, had agreed to make peace with the police while legal process continued.
Jayawijaya Police Chief, AKBP Yan Reba confirmed it on Thursday (June 15). He said the police have paid customary fines or compensation to the families victims for Rp.400 million on April 22, 2017. Wth the signing of agreement, the case is handed over to the police.
“The families of the victims, their parents, have given statements and submit legal cases to the police to continue legal proceeding,” said Reba.
According to him, even though there has been a statement from the victim’ family to the three perpetrators of which are member of Polres Jayawijaya, the legal process remains the way.
The current legal process, according to him, has passed the code of ethics trial against the three personnel suspected, and in the near future will proceed to the next trial. “The first stage has been done trial and just wait for the second stage,” said Reba.
From the peace agreement it was decided amount of customary fines in Jayawijaya, and it’s said everyone agree for 400 million rupiah compensation while the legal process continued.
“Members who take proactive action will be investigated, since they didn’t follow the standard in performing their duties, and this is also responded by Komnas HAM, including Kompolnas. For that we were asked to go to Jayapura (to give responsibility,” he said.
The police chief added there were three members who were brought to court, one was the key perpetrator in charge, and other two took part in the persecution.
Police chief said that Edison was also a perpetrator of crime at the time, “he was also drunk and against the police in duties. But still police officers have to remain professional in cracking down on things like this,” he explained.
Public Relations of Papua Regional Police, Kombes AM Kamal confirmed the legal procedure of Edison’s case.
“It has been processed, the perpetrators have been proceed in an ethics court and then submitted to the public court,” he told Jubi recently.
Edison Matuan allegedly died (11/1). as a result of persecution by members of Jayawijaya Police. The victim allegedly committed theft and was arrested by police officers and then persecuted. He had to be taken to Wamena Hospital.
However, according to witness testimony at RSUD Wamena, when victim in medical treatment, the police officers continue the persecution causing the victim finally died.
The families of the previous victims had sued the police for a total of 2.1 billion rupiah.(*

4) Lake Sentani Festival held for 10th time
Nethy Dharma Somba The Jakarta Post
Jayapura, Papua | Mon, June 19, 2017 | 03:34 pm

The Lake Sentani Festival is said to be a unique lake festival in Indonesia since it has been consistently held every year for 10 years. 
"Compared to other lake festivals in Indonesia, this one is the most consistent; it has been going on for 10 years consecutively. Reports from foreign media also mention this festival as the most attractive, original and unique," said Tourism Ministry's deputy assistant of government business development, Tasbir, during the festival's opening day in Kalkhote, Jayapura, Papua, on Monday.
Themed Cipta Harmoni Budaya (Creating a Harmonious Culture), this year's festival is slated to last until June 23 and will be joined by participants from 19 districts in Jayapura regency.
Meanwhile, Papuan Governor Lukas Enembe praised the lake as not only beautiful but also offering unique tourism potential. "The locals could build cottages in the hills surrounding the lake where tourists could stay to enjoy its breathtaking nature."
The festival is set to feature various examples of local culture, such as boat attractions, traditional dances, including the Isosolo Dance that is performed on a boat, a culinary festival and an archipelago cultural performances presented by communities across Jayapura. (kes)

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