Friday, October 6, 2017

1)  Cairns bands set for Rockin’ weekend in West Papua plight

2) Coronation Hotel rocks for West Papuans


1)  Cairns bands set for Rockin’ weekend in West Papua plight

THE plight of West Papua to gain independence from Indonesia is spreading to Cairns. 
The Indonesian province, about 250km north of Australia, was handed from the Dutch to the Indonesians in 1969. About 500,000 West Papuans have died at the hands of soldiers since then.
The West Papuan community will feel the Far Northern support at the weekend’s two Rockin’ For West Papua concerts to raise funds for United Liberation Movement for West Papua.
The organisation wants to give the people of West Papua a referendum to vote for freedom from Indonesia.
Papua New Guinea-born Cairns musician Samantha Clark, who performs under the name Kaweyova, says it’s time West Papua has more support from its neighbours.
Musicians performing at the Rockin' For West Papua concerts this weekend, Cameron Cusack, Samantha Clark and Nigel Perera. PICTURE: JUSTIN BRIERTY

“This is very close to my heart because they’re pretty much my people and to see them fighting so hard for freedom is hard,” she says.
“We gained our independence in 1975 and to see the people on the other side, so close by, our neighbours fighting for freedom and not getting it ... it breaks my heart.
“It’s something I really want to see change.
“It’s been ongoing for many years now but only recently people have started coming out and talking about it, so hopefully change will be made.”
Rockin’ for West Papua organiser Cameron Cusack says the aim of the concerts is to educate and raise much needed funds for the fight to free the province.
“Cairns has a big PNG community so it’s really good to bring the event to Cairns,” he says. “We’re raising awareness to stop the atrocities there and make a change.”
Organiser Nigel Perera says the line-up was selected to reflect the intention of the concert. “All of our talent is from Papua New Guinea, so it hits pretty close to home,” he says.
“We have been communicating with the Papua New Guinean community and they are so happy to see the people of Cairns getting up behind West Papua and supporting a cause close to their hearts.”
Rockin’ for West Papua has two shows in Cairns. Tomorrow's 18+ show will be held at Empire HQ Club in Cairns with a $15 entry fee. Saturday’s free all-ages show at Fogarty Park kicks off at 2pm.
2) Coronation Hotel rocks for West Papuans
6th Oct 2017 5:29 PM

A SERIES of concerts around the globe to assist the persecuted people of West Papua is being held on Saturday with the Coronation Hotel in West Ipswich playing its part.
The Coro' will host at least nine bands from 4pm until midnight with all proceeds from the concert to go to the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP), with the musicians' performance fees all being donated to the cause.
The Ipswich event is part of a giant three-day sequence of Rockin' For West Papua global peace concerts held in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain and England.
More than 100 artists will be performing at the 25-plus gigs in Australia alone across all genres of music .
It is estimated that 500,000 West Papuans have been murdered during Indonesia's 50-year-plus occupation.
Just flying their own flag can see West Papuans jailed for 15-years. 
The QT spoke to the Coro's Nina Florence and Ken Weaver, both musicians themselves, about the event.
The Coronation Hotel has held two concert events for the people in West Papua which have both been a success.
"We are not on our own this time,” Ms Florence said.
"We are all part of a big community that is looking to earn money for those who really do need help and whose lives are in danger.
"We are particularly interested in social justice.”
Mr Weaver said the Coro would also multi-track record the artists who appear.
"Which we will then send to a documentary film maker as well, because it is a film maker that has organised this particular (event),” Mr Weaver said.
"That way they will have good quality recordings of the bands' performances that might end up being part of a future documentary.
"We have raised money for asylum seekers here and we like to find ways of giving back to the community.
"The (West Papua) issue has been kept out of the mainstream media, so it is good to see it in there.”
Newton-based brewer Young Henrys is also on board for the Coro' gig and is providing reduced priced beer while patrons can also make a contribution on the day.
In the last fortnight a ULMWP petition was handed over at the UN General Assembly in New York. 
The petition, calling for a vote for self determination, was smuggled from village to village to be signed by an unprecedented 1.8 million people, 95.77% being indigenous West Papuans and the remainder Indonesian settlers. 
Indigenous West Papuans risked arrest and their lives to sign the petition.

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