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1) Security brought under control after attack on Freeport office

1) Security brought under control after attack on Freeport office

 2) Mob Attacks Freeport Office in Papua

3) Vanuatu's Masamp Crew sings for West Papua

1) Security brought under control after attack on Freeport office

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Timika, Papua (ANTARA News) - Security in Kuala Kencana city has been brought under control following an attack by a group of people on the office of PT Freeport Indonesia, company spokesman Ramdani Sirait said.

He told ANTARA News here on Saturday that the company condemned an incident that occurred during a prayer service for the late David Beanal, one of the company staff members.

"We deplore those who disrupted the prayer service. We ask them to respect the deceased and his family. We will continue helping the bereaved family during the difficult times and assure their safety, as well as the safety of employees," he said.

He said that due to the disturbance on Friday, windows at PT Freeport`s office in Kuala Kencana had been broken.

The mob also set fire to two cars, while damaging one hundred motorcycles and cars, though no one was hurt in the incident.

Security personnel continue standing guard to maintain security around PT Freeport`s office in Kuala Kencana.

David Beanal Kanongopme worked at PT Freeport since 1992. His last position was manager of the Papuan Affairs Department.

Ramdani said David Beanal was a respected and revered manager who kept fighting for the benefit of Papuan employees.

He died on Tuesday (Sept 18) following a long illness at Bintaro International Hospital in Tangerang, Banten, in West Java.

His body was flown to Timika, Papua on Wednesday. He is survived by a wife, son and daughter.

"PT Freeport mourns his death and offered prayers to his family so that they remain strong during these difficult times," he said.

Ramdani said the incident on Friday happened when a prayer service was held at the multi-purpose hall.

During the service several people claiming to be representatives of the local community conveyed three demands to the company. Their first demand was that the company provide positions in the Papuan Affairs Department and the Papuan Community Development Department to employees from seven tribes. Secondly, they asked PT Freeport to immediately promote all employees from seven tribes to one employment level higher.

The crowds supported their demands and began throwing stones at PT Freeport`s office and set on fire vehicles in the parking lot.

David Beanal was buried at the cemetery for Amungme tribal leaders near Mozes Kilangin airport in Timika on Saturday. Hundreds of Amungme tribal members attended his burial. It was also attended by Papua regional command deputy chief Brigadier General Paulus Waterpauw and other local military and police leaders in Mimika.
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2) Mob Attacks Freeport Office in Papua
Jakarta Globe | September 22, 2012

A mob of some 300 people on Friday attacked an office of gold mining company Freeport Indonesia in Timika, Papua. 

The angry crowd also burned two cars and threatened to burn down the Mimika district office if Freeport failed to fulfill their demands.

According to Antara news agency, the incident started during a meeting between relatives of the recently deceased Papua affairs manager for Freeport, David Beanal, and the company’s management.

Relatives of David and the mob that later converged on the office wanted Freeport’s absent president director, Rozik B. Soetjipto, to be present at the meeting to discuss their demands, which included appointing locals to lead the company’s community development division. 

A daughter of the late Papua affairs manager stepped out of the meeting and spoke to the crowd gathered outside, not long after which the mob began destroying the building. 

About 40 cars and 12 motorcycles were damaged, and two cars were burned. They also burned one room of the office, but the fire did not spread beyond that.

Freeport spokesman Ramdani Sirait confirmed the riot, saying that it happened during a prayer service for David, who died of meningitis.

“No one was injured and police have stabilized the situation,” Ramdani told Suara Pembaruan on Saturday.

According to local media, some attendees of the prayer service had submitted three demands to Freeport. 

The first was to give the position of people’s empowerment division head to a member of one of the seven main tribes in Papua. They also asked Freeport to give the position of Papua affairs division manager, formerly David’s title, to a member of the tribes. The third request was to promote all Freeport employees who were members of the tribes.

3) Vanuatu's Masamp Crew sings for West Papua

Radio Australia Updated 20 September 2012, 16:07 AEST
Take a listen to Masamp Crew's entry into Pacific Break 2012, "West Papua".
Masamp Crew is an eight-piece band that has been playing together for since 2006.
Since then, they've written around 13 original songs.
Masamp Crew describe their music as a mixture of reggae, rock, dancehall and blues.
Based in Port Vila, Vanuatu, they enjoy performing at musical events.
Their entry for Pacific Break 2012, "West Papua", was written in 2008.
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