Wednesday, September 19, 2012

1) UK Papua Activists Post Reward for SBY's Arrest

1) UK Papua Activists Post Reward for SBY's Arrest
2) Freeport Minibus Fired Upon in Mimika

3) Government paves the roads with good intentions in Papua


1) UK Papua Activists Post Reward for SBY's Arrest
Jakarta Globe | September 19, 2012
A West Papua pro-independence group has offered a 50,000 pound reward to anyone who places President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono under “citizen's arrest” during his visit to the United Kingdom for human rights offenses committed in the restive Indonesian province. 

The UK-based Free West Papua Campaign offered the reward to anyone who approaches Yudhoyono and holds him accountable for ordering what that they call “an ongoing genocide in West Papua where over 500,000 innocent people have been killed including women and children.”

“We believe he should face justice as thousands of people are being killed in West Papua,” spokesman Alex Regent told the Indonesian newspaper Harian Detik. “We hope that many UK supporters will attempt to arrest the president during his upcoming trip, to help bring into focus what Indonesia is doing in West Papua.”

The president plans to visit Britain from Oct. 31 to Nov. 2 to attend the ongoing celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee. It is the first time an Indonesian president visited the UK since 1979, according to Metro TV. 

The Papua independence organization, founded by activist-in-exile Benny Wenda, posted the reward after receiving a large donation, the organizations told Harian Detik. 

A website lists the rules to claim the reward. An interested party has to approach Yudhoyono and inform him that he is under citizen's arrest “for genocide and crimes against humanity in West Papua.”

The scene has to be reported by a major news outlet to receive the 50,000 pound reward, the website claims. 

The organization has no authority to issue a warrant for Yudhoyono’s arrest. 

The president’s spokesman Julian Pasha said Djoko Suyanto, the coordinating minister for political, legal and security affairs, planned to respond to the claims later on today. 

In October 2010, a South Maluku pro-independence organization urged the Netherlands to arrest Yudhoyono for human rights offenses. The Dutch courts agreed to rule on the evidence in a hearing scheduled for the same day as Yudhoyono’s planned arrival. 

He responded by canceling his trip.
2) Freeport Minibus Fired Upon in Mimika
Jakarta Globe | September 19, 2012
Mimika, Papua. Another vehicle owned by mining giant Freeport Indonesia was fired on by unknown assailants while traveling along the dangerous Jalan Tanggul Timur road near Timika on Tuesday.

The minibus LWB was heading to Kampung Nayaro when a group of about 10 people shot at the vehicle, carrying five military members and a driver named Rustamil Dalle. No one was hurt or killed in the attack.

“We’re still investigating it,” Comr. Albertus Andreana of the Mimika Police told Antara news agency on Tuesday, adding that the car would be taken to the Mimika Police station as evidence.

Albertus said the military members had brought food to their colleagues assigned to secure the Kampung Nayaro area. Upon returning, shots were fired at the minibus, prompting the military personnel to return fire.

He said police had not returned to the scene of the crime for further investigation, given the insecure nature of Tanggul Timur at present. Albertus said police would conduct forensics tests on the car.

The attack was the second to take place on the same road in less than a week. On Friday, another Freeport vehicle with military members on board was also attacked by unknown assailants. One military member was lightly injured in that attack.

Prior to the latest incidents, the last shooting along the road came on Aug. 16 when a Freeport vehicle carrying three police officers deployed to help secure Freeport’s Grasberg mine was attacked at the Mile 42 mark. No one was injured in that attack.

On July 10, a soldier was killed after snipers fired on the armored personnel carrier that he was in at Mile 43. Five accompanying soldiers sustained minor injuries.

On June 24, unknown attackers shot and wounded a police officer patrolling along the Mile 41 mark. The officer had been patrolling on foot when he was jumped by three men who tried to take his gun. The assailants managed to shoot him before fleeing when another officer rushed to the scene.

On April 14, a convoy of Freeport cars was shot at twice, at Mile 26 and at Mile 36, despite having a police escort. No one was injured in the shootings.

Two Papuans working for the mining behemoth were injured in a shooting along the road on Feb. 9, two days after a police officer was shot dead in the same area.


3) Government paves the roads with good intentions in Papua

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