Tuesday, October 16, 2012

1) A crackdown appears to be continuing on KNPB activists

1) A crackdown appears to be continuing on KNPB  activists today. Info below. Will post more details when received.
2) Jakarta 'aware' of AFP West Papua concerns


1) A crackdown appears to be continuing on KNPB  activists today. Info below. Will post more details when received.


From Pares L.Wenda 

Dear all,
On Thursday (Tue) October 16, 2012 at 8.10am, a group of the Indonesia Intelligent wants to be arrest Fanny Kogoya one of the KNPB leader but they could not arrest her. 
Fanny Kogoya is the Papua activist and the members of Comity National Organization of West Papua or KNPB.

They came her boarding house to arrest but Intelligent did not found her. Intelligent said that they search Fanny Kogoya and Danny Wenda. This is one of Indonesia Military strategy to make terror, intimidation, arrest to crackdown all Papuan activist including KNPB members.

As we knew that after Mako Tabuni was killed by Densus 88 on 14 July 2012, all members of KNPB is being targeting to arrest live or dead by Indonesia forces. So, we think that assault of the Fanny’s boarding house is a big targets for destruction all Papuan activists.

We thank you and hope International communities continually urge to raise Papua issue is top level issue  in international communities.
Cause Papua activist now living in fear, panic with intelligent operation all Papua region.

Thank You.
Pares L.Wenda
General Secretary of the Baptist Voice of Papua.


Also posted below on the Rize of the Morning Star Forum by  Ronny  

Unconfirm UNCEN raids: UNCEN Waena Student dormitories raided by Fully armed plain clothes police at 3am today, search for DPO KNPB activists. Arrests, injuries unconfirmed, students currently gathering in protest outside UNCEN campuses. Spread the word and make immediate advocacy to help those who are helpless.


2) Jakarta 'aware' of AFP West Papua concerns
AAP October 16, 2012 6:35PM

AUSTRALIAN government funding for counter-terrorism courses in Indonesia would be reviewed if participants were involved in inappropriate activity, Australian Federal Police (AFP) commissioner Tony Negus says.

Mr Negus also told a senate budget estimates hearing on Tuesday that Indonesia was well aware of Australian concerns about the activities of security forces in West Papua.

The issue was raised by Greens Senator Richard Di Natale, who referred to allegations of human rights abuses by Indonesian security forces in West Papua, including members of the counter-terrorist detachment.

Mr Negus said the AFP was taking precautions to ensure it wasn't supporting activities unacceptable to the Australian community.
"If there was ever any taint of anyone we have trained, being involved in inappropriate activity, we would certainly have to review that level of support that we would provide," he told the hearing in Canberra.
"That's clearly evident to the Indonesians."

Australia had spent about $300,000 training 11 members of Detachment 88 in Indonesia in counter-terrorism investigation over the last few years.
Mr Negus said the AFP relied on the Indonesians to select the people to undertake the training.

"They are fully aware that we do not, and would not be involved in any counter-separatism work," he said.
"We have not been involved in any activities in West Papua."

With 900,000 Australians visiting Bali each year, Indonesian police counter-terrorism activities were important.
"Yes, we need to be very careful about where the funding is going," Mr Negus added.
"But we also need to recognise the terrific work that has been done across the board in protecting Indonesians and Australians from future 

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