Friday, March 1, 2013

1) Governor Refuses Additional Troops in Papua

1) Governor Refuses Additional Troops in Papua
2) Armed Civilian Groups Still Exist in Pirime
3) House Seeks to Establish Body to Oversee Police Terror-Busting Unit Densus 88


1) Governor Refuses Additional Troops in Papua
Saturday, 02 March, 2013 | 02:07 WIB
TEMPO InteractiveJakarta:Newly elected Papua governor—elected on January 29—Lucas Enembe believes that adding military troops in Papua will not solve the security issues in the area. “Based on my experience, the more incoming troopers, the more ‘welcome’ they’ll get from [armed groups],” said Lucas during a discussion entitled: The Expansion of Papua at Sari Pan Pacific Hotel in Jakarta on Tuesday, February 26.

Lucas said repressive actions by the army would not settle security issues in Papua. The Indonesian National Army’s (TNI) military operations have been unable to quell the armed group resistance. One of the reasons is Papua’s geographical landscape—the island is mainly covered with dense forest, difficult for the TNI to navigate, but easily accessible for locals.

Additional army troops will also mean additional weapons. Lucas said that it would benefit the armed resistance because they can easily steal the weapons and add them to their inventory. “Nature has trained them to conquer the terrain.”

A google translate of article in Bintang Papua. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic. 
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Bintang Papua
Friday, March 1, 2013 00:13

2) Armed Civilian Groups Still Exist in Pirime

4 SST Kelapa Dua Mobile Brigade arrived in Papua

JAYAPURA-group of armed civilians who attacked the police headquarters Pirime, Lanny Jaya regency, Papua, on Tuesday (27/11) around 06.00 CET, resulting Kapolsek Pirime Ipda Rolfi Takubesi with two members each Brigpol Jefri Rumkorem and Brigadier Daniel was shot and killed Makuker burned, estimated to still exist.

"Although the movements of armed civilian groups that they can be overcome," said Head of Public Relations Papua Police Commissioner (Pol) I Gede Sumerta Jaya, SIK when confirmed on Thursday (28/2).
It is said, though police were planned preparation Lanny Jaya inaugurated in the near future, but it still requires a Mobile Brigade troops, because Lanny Jaya Pirime considered particularly vulnerable to attack police post Pirime.

In addition, he said, to maintain security in the region, especially in Papua Lanny Jaya and Paniai regency, Police Headquarters sent 4 or 120 SST's Kelapa Dua Mobile Brigade personnel. Each Lanny Jaya 1 SST or 30 personnel from the Mobile Brigade Unit Pioneer Natural Kedung (West Java). While Paniai 3 SST or 85 personnel from Brimon Kelapa Dua.
He said the four SST Brimob already arrived in Nabire on Monday (25/2), will be placed into Lanny Jaya and Paniai.
"They came to replace personnel rotation length. For personnel who have served longer than 6 months and based on psychological forces, must be rotated'll actually counter-productive, "he said. Papua Police complained they lack the police personnel for security in Papua. Today there are around 14,500 police personnel serving in Papua, including Brimob. (mdc/jir/don/l03)
Jum'at, 01 Maret 2013 00:13
Kelompok Sipil Bersenjata Masih Eksis di Pirime

4 SST Brimob Kelapa Dua Tiba di Papua

JAYAPURA—Kelompok sipil  bersenjata yang menyerang Markas Polsek Pirime,  Kabupaten Lanny  Jaya, Papua, Selasa (27/11) sekitar pukul 06.00  WIT,  mengakibatkan Kapolsek  Pirime    Ipda Rolfi  Takubesi  bersama  dua  anggotanya masing-masing Brigpol Jefri Rumkorem dan Briptu Daniel Makuker  tewas  ditembak dan dibakar, diperkirakan  masih tetap  eksis.
“Walaupun gerakan-gerakan  kelompok sipil  bersenjata mereka dapat diatasi,” ujar  Kabid  Humas Polda Papua   Kombes (Pol)  I Gede Sumerta Jaya, SIK ketika dikonfirmasi, Kamis (28/2). 
Dikatakan, walaupun Polres Persiapan Lanny Jaya  yang direncakan diresmikan dalam waktu dekat ini, namun masih memerlukan BKO Brimob, karena Lanny Jaya  khususnya Pirime dianggap  rawan pasca penyerangan Polsek  Pirime.

Selain itu, dia mengatakan,  untuk menjaga keamanan di wilayah Papua khususnya di Kabupaten Lanny Jaya dan Paniai, Mabes Polri  mengirim 4 SST atau  120-an personil Brimob Kelapa Dua.  Masing-masing  Lanny Jaya  1 SST  atau 30 personil     dari  Satuan Pelopor  Brimob  Kedung  Alam (Jawa Barat).  Sedangkan  Paniai 3 SST atau    85  personil dari Brimon Kelapa Dua.               
Dia  mengatakan,  4 SST Brimob sudah tiba di Nabire pada Senin (25/2), selanjutnya akan ditempatkan ke Lanny Jaya dan Paniai. 
“Kedatangan mereka untuk rotasi menggantikan personil lama. Sebab personil yang lama sudah bertugas lebih dari 6 bulan dan berdasarkan psikologi pasukan,  harus dirotasi  nanti malah kontra produktif,” ujarnya. Polda Papua mengeluhkan  masih kekurangan personil Polri untuk pengamanan di Papua. Kini  ada sekitar 14.500 personil Polri  bertugas  di Papua  termasuk Brimob. (mdc/jir/don/l03)


3) House Seeks to Establish Body to Oversee Police Terror-Busting Unit Densus 88
Jakarta Globe | March 01, 2013
Lawmakers from House of Representatives Commission III are planning a working committee to monitor the performance of the National Police’s counterterrorism unit, Densus 88.

“The intention is to accommodate the people’s criticisms relating to the handling of terrorism. ... The working committee will also ask that the counterterrorism action be conducted transparently and accountably,” said Al Muzzammil Yusuf, deputy chairman of Commission III, which oversees legal affairs.

The Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) member said that while he and his colleagues support the fight against terrorism, he called on the authorities to uphold the presumption of innocence, the national constitution and human rights.

“We certainly support the fight against terrorism. But we don’t want to see Densus 88’s actions become counterproductive and to ignite public anger,” he said.

He added that Densus 88’s handling of terrorist suspects was worrying, with the organization allegedly committing serious human rights violations with wrongful arrests and the killing of innocent people.

Muzzammil accused the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) and the National Police headquarters of condoning Densus 88’s actions.

“Based on [government regulations], these two institutions should have audited Densus 88’s performance and ... [brought to justice] those in the field who have committed inhumane [actions],” he said.

He said that the public has not seen any action from either institutions over Densus 88’s performance.

“We think that BNPT and the National Police headquarters tend to condone human rights violations that were committed by Densus 88. 

“That’s why we could understand why some people in the public wanted to see Densus 88 disbanded,” Muzzammill said.

Previously, Komnas HAM vice chairman M. Nukhoiron alleged that Densus 88 had committed serious human rights violations.

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