Tuesday, March 19, 2013

1) TNI deploys company of soldiers to secure Timika

1) TNI deploys company of soldiers to secure Timika2) Vanuatu opposition calls for Melanesian bloc changes


1) TNI deploys company of soldiers to secure Timika

Tue, March 19 2013 08:04 | 157 Views
Timika, Papua (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian military (TNI) is deploying a company of soldiers to help the police protect Papua`s Timika city against possible subsequent clashes among traditional gold miners in the area.

"We are deploying a company of soldiers from the Eme Meme Kangasi infantry battalion 754. They are made ready at the Eme Neme Yauware building in Timika to secure the city," said commander of Mimika district military command Lt. Col. Dwi Lagan Safruddin in an interview with ANTARA News here.

Dwi said that every night at least 40-50 soldiers conduct a joint patrol with police officers to a number of areas in and around Timika to prevent any clash among traditional gold miners following last Friday`s clash which claimed the lives of five people.

"We are also deploying personnel at the Timika city military command, the district military command 1710 station, the cavalry detachment station and the Ima Jaya Keramo infantry brigade 20 station," Dwi said.

He added that the TNI is also ready to assign several of its personnel to assist the police in securing the area.

According to him, the soldiers involved in the joint patrol with the police come from all units such as the military police, the cavalry detachment, the ENK infantry battalion and the district military command.

"Security at PT Freeport Indonesia mining area is fully the responsibility of the Amole task force which consists of police and military personnel," Dwi said.

Lieut. Col. Dwi said the military also assist the police and PT Freeport Indonesia in evacuating thousands of gold miners out of Kali Kabur (Aijkwa River) which has become a traditional gold mining site.

"Since yesterday, we have prepared a truck to evacuate gold miners from Kali Kabur at Mile 50," Dwi said.

Security conditions in and around Timika have been tense in the past few days following a clash between two groups of gold miners in Kali Kabur area at Mile 34 - 35. At least five people were killed in the clash.

2) Vanuatu opposition calls for Melanesian bloc changes

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Vanuatu's Opposition is calling on the government to revoke Indonesia's observer status within the Melanesian Spearhead Group.
The group, known as the MSG, is a regional bloc which deals with trade and other development issues.
Indonesia was granted observer status in 2011.
But Vanuatu's Opposition Leader, Edward Natapei, says Melanesian countries shouldn't allow Indonesia to meddle in their affairs.
Mr Natapei has told Radio Australia's Pacific Beatfull membership should instead be given to West Papua.
"Indonesia should not have been admitted as a member or observer of the MSG," he said.
"Rather it should have been the Melanesians in West Papua, because the Melanesian group - as I said - was formed basically to assist Melanesians in the region with their struggle for independence."
Vanuatu has long been a refuge for many from the Indonesian Province of West Papua.
Mr Natapei has called for West Papua's inclusion into the regional bloc to be discussed at the MSG summit in New Caledonia in July.

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