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1) Alleged Papuan Separatist Killed in Clash With TNI

1) Alleged Papuan Separatist Killed in Clash With TNI



1) Alleged Papuan Separatist Killed in Clash With TNI

Members of the Indonesian military have been deployed to Papua in great number in the past decade. (JG Photo/Dhana Kencana)

An alleged member of the Free Papua Movement (OPM), an outlawed militant separatist organization, was shot dead by soldiers in Papua’s Puncak Jaya province on Monday morning.
“One member of the armed group was shot and a firearm was confiscated,” Maj. Gen. Christian Zebua, the top Indonesian military (TNI) officer in Papua, told the Jakarta Globe.
Kiwo Telenggen, the alleged OPM member, was shot in front of the Mulia district offices and died instantly.
He had arrived there earlier in the day along with two unnamed companions to a take a civil service test, but suspicious local residents reported them to military authorities, upon which the men fired shots at nearby soldiers and fled, according to Papua Police spokesman Adj. Sr. Cmr. Sulistyo Pujo Hartono.
At the time of the incident, First Lieut. Yuni and a detachment of TNI soldiers were headed to a Bank Papua branch on Jalan Ampera, near the district offices. According to Sulistyo, Yuni realized his ATM card was missing and drove off to look for it with the other soldiers still in the vehicle.
Kiwo allegedly opened fire on the car but did not hit anyone. The soldiers returned fire and killed him, Sulistyo said.
Soldiers found a military issued pistol on his person that had been sized by separatists in 2012, according to police.
Kiwo is an alleged member of the armed wing of the OPM, under the command of Goliat Tabuni, who is thought to have organized other recent attacks against TNI soldiers. The OPM usually operates out of Yambi.
Kiwo’s body was taken to Mulia hospital.

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Author : Indrayadi TH on November 4, 2013 at 16:26:50 WP
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Jayapura , 4/11 ( Jubi ) - A resident of a group suspected National Liberation Army ( TPN ) - Free Papua Movement ( OPM ) on Monday ( 4/11 ) afternoon killed by gunfire between 753 Infantry Battalion Task Force Area Jalan Ampera , exactly in front of the Old City District Office , Mulia , Puncak Jaya regency .

Papua Police Head of Public Relations , Chief Sulistyo Pudjo tabloidjubi.om Hartono confirmed in his office confirmed that gunfire , killing one died. " Actors who died named Kiwo Telenggen , members of the TPN / OPM . Perpetrators opened fire with a pistol FN 46 , and it turns out the gun was once owned by the military in the name of Captain Logo , " said Pudjo , Monday ( 04 / 11 ) .

Knowing it , the weapon is owned in the name of Captain Danramil City Logo Mewoluk deprived in the District , Puncak Jaya regency . " It was seized weapons seized by OPM in the past mewoluk in 2012 , " he said .

Now actors who have died by a bullet in the left chest and was taken to hospital noble . "Now that the culprit was in the hospital there , " he said .

When asked motive , Pudjo said , a common motif in the mountainous areas of TPN / OPM tried rearm . " They are trying to reinforce weapons , how to seize the military or police shooting , or the guard, " he said .

According Pudjo , in Puncak Jaya there are three officials , among others , Tengahmati Enumbe , Wenda and Goliath Tabuni Puron ( GT ) . He also said that Kiwo Telenggen who died of a group led by Tengahmati Enumbe Yambi . " Kiwo Telenggen Yambi group commander Tengahmati Enumbe GT which is his son , " he said .

Meanwhile , Puncak Jaya police chief , Commissioner Aarhus Sarimin as confirmed tabloidjubi.com said via cell phone , as usual situation , because masyarakata 've considered shooting it is very common . "If on top of that so , as usual finished shooting community . People already familiar with such situations , " he said on Monday ( 4/11 ) .

Aarhus also said there was no anticipation related to the shooting. " No , afraid later returned. We just urge people not to leave the house if it is late , " he said .

From the data collected tabloidjubi.com police , around 10:00 CEST , Yuni First Lieutenant Company Commander who was also on his way to the Bank of Papua to conduct transactions via ATM to the family . First Lieutenant Yuni who realized his wallet fell , straight back toward the car , and get his wallet information has been taken by one of the people who were at the site .

First Lieutenant Yuni to be asking his wallet to one of the residents around a distance of 20 meters , suddenly with his First Lieutenant in firing by unknown people named Kiwo Telenggen use shotguns .

Approximately 10.45 CET , was unavoidable clash between members of Task Force 753 with a group of armed citizens in the name of the suspect Kiwo Telenggen of TPN / OPM . As a result of the gunfire , Kiwo Telenggen killed by a hot lead on the left chest . The security forces managed to secure one short-barreled guns FN 46 pistol type weapons no 7139857 . ( Jubi / Indrayadi TH )

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