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1) Australian Government Support for Law Enforcement in Papua

1) Australian Government Support for Law Enforcement in Papua
2) Uncen gives training on  taxonomy to 25 researchers 
3) SBY urged to expel diplomats  over wiretapping

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1) Australian Government Support for Law Enforcement in Papua

Jayapura - Monday ( 18/11 ) yesterday , the Australian Ambassador , HE Moriaty Gregg met with Papua Police , Inspector General pold Drs . M. Tito Karnavian , M.A. , Ph.D.

During his visit to Papua Police Australian Ambassador was accompanied by several staff , among others , Brigadier Jhond Longhim Gould Head of Australian Defence Staff ( HADS ) , Mr . Jean B. Carcasso ( Ministre Counselor / Bid Propam ) , Mrs . Adelle Neary ( Second Secretary (Political ) and vision division Office , Mrs . Cassandra H. ( Second Secretary ( Economic ) ) , Mr . Perarco Koretje Chawan ( Director Of Decentralination , Purel Poverty Reduction and Development (Bid Propam ) ) , Mr . Jhon Theoloft Weohan ( Deputy Program Director For Papua and West Papua ( AIPD ) and Federal August Benjamin Koster ( CPP Licism Officer ) .
Head of Public Relations Papua Police Commissioner SULISTYO Pudjo . H , SIK , pressreleasenya received the Bintang Papua , said , in a meeting with the Ambassador of Australia Papua Police , there are important things delivered . Among others, the progress of development in Papua , the development of the security situation in Papua , including the investment conditions in Papua .Jayapura - Monday ( 18/11 ) yesterday , the Australian Ambassador , HE Moriaty Gregg met with Papua Police , Inspector General pold Drs . M. Tito Karnavian , M.A. , Ph.D.

According to the Head of Public Relations , about the development of construction in Papua . It is said , the Australian Embassy in Papua observed that rapid development course as a result of a variety of instruments both countries are able to work with the police in particular in fostering security in Papua, the better and the impact on the increase in development activities in Papua .
While the development of the security situation in Papua , said the issue of security and order in Papua , Australian Ambassador to convey will increase and will strengthen security cooperation between Australia and the Police . The Australian Government will work together and help each other in many aspects especially regarding police actions that disturb security and order in accordance with law .
Australia close watch on the situation in Indonesia, especially in Papua and greatly appreciate the tremendous leadership in because during the Papua Police Chief Insp Drs . M. Tito Karnavian , MA , Ph.D. , is very conducive situation in Papua conflict various horizontal and vertical incidence decreased significantly .
About investment conditions in Papua , Australian Embassy emphasizes security support is very important to ensure investment climate has improved in Papua .
The Australian Government supports that the problem in Papua in particular concerning the insurgency in the handle by means of law enforcement . In addition to the arrival of the Australian ambassador in Papua Police did not discuss politics but check assistance programs and cooperation of Australia and Indonesia in Papua .
Meanwhile Papua Police Policy mensikapi Papua problem is divided into horizontal conflict problem is a problem between indigenous peoples , between indigenous peoples and migrants . Issues related to land conflicts and problems as a result of the General Election.
While the vertical problem is the conflict between the people and the government . Specifically to armed groups and non- armed groups that have free will .
Whereas wisdom is the approach taken Papua Police soft approach rather than the approach in prioritizing the hard approach.
Conclusion of the meeting Head of Public Relations is further
Papua integrity issues under the Republic and the Government of Australia had great respect for agreements Lombok ( Lombok Treaty ) between the governments of Australia and Indonesia, where it is the policy of the new Prime Minister Anthony John " Tony " Abbott of Australia via Ambassador and not a single word that came out of Papua Homeland ; " said Prime Minister Anthony John " Tony " Abbott .
Adapaun sentence of Lombok Treaty , among others
1 . Emphasizes mutual respect and respect the sovereignty of other countries
2 . Stressed that there is mutual cooperation , in which both countries work together in facing future situation increasingly dynamic
3 . Stresses in which the two countries to strengthen mutual cooperation in the fields of politics , economy , culture and security in accordance with common interests and good relations between the two countries .

Australia Supports Priority Program in Papua
Prior to the Australian Ambassador HE Greg Police Moriaty Embassy staff accompanied Mrs. Adelle Neary , and the Department of Army (Counsellor / Department of Defence and Security ) Australia , Raymond Press , Meet The provincial government , which received the Secretary of the Papua Province , Hery Dosinaen , which was also accompanied by Karo Public Relations and Protocol Secretariat Papua province , FX Mote , SH , M.Sc. , Head of Border and International Cooperation , Suzana Wanggai , Karo Secretariat Government of Papua , Sendius Wonda , and Head of Papua Distamben , Build Manurutng . Closed meeting, which lasted approximately one hour .
Acting Secretary Dosinaen Herrera , said the arrival of Australian Ambassador HE Greg Moriaty Staff accompanied the embassy Mrs. Adelle Neary , and his entourage , the other not to cooperate in the field of health and education .
It is , also part of the follow-up of a few years ago , where the Australian Embassy in Indonesia has come to Papua to conduct cooperation in particular in giving attention to the people in Papua .
For cooperation in the fields of health , more focus on prevention and control of health problems in Papua , including HIV / AIDS and others in Papua , while for the field of education has been no discussion in detail , whether in the form of human resource development aid or scholarships .
Admittedly , earlier also met with guests from Hawaii , who discuss cooperation in the field of education , especially primary education which is currently being shared with Uncen Rector of Uncen discussed in Jayapura .
" In fact , the messenger of Hawaii will conduct visits to several schools in the city of Jayapura and in a few days will be held a meeting with representatives of Hawaii , " he told reporters after the meeting in his office on Monday , ( 18/11 ) .
Stressed, whether the aid was in the form of fresh money or an increase in HR ? Herry Sekda Dosinaen revealed that the partnership will be to focus on human resource development and will be supported with a financial course .
Mentioned about whether discussing many Papuans are asking for asylum to Australia ? Herry Sekda Dosinaen insists there talking about it , but more on cooperation in the field of health and education .
" So , they fully support the Government of Indonesia and support the development priorities of the Government of Papua implemented in the frame of the Republic of Indonesia , " he said .
Similarly, in a nutshell , the Head of the Border and International Cooperation Papua province , Suzana Wanggai insists the arrival of Australia , Honolulu and Hawaii to Papua was to carry out cooperation in the fields of health and education .
"The field of health , they are more focused on the problem of HIV / AIDS . While in the field of education they want to see the scholarship program for eastern Indonesia , particularly Papua longstanding , if the program is going well or not . Expected future there penigkatan in providing scholarships for studying Papuan people , " he concluded . ( Don/nls/don/l03 / @ dv ) .

2) Uncen gives training on  taxonomy to 25 researchers 
Nethy Dharma Somba, The Jakarta Post, Jayapura | Archipelago | Mon, November 18 2013, 7:09 PM
The Jayapura-based Cendrawasih University (Uncen)’s Postgraduate Biology School, under cooperation with copper and gold mining firm PT Freeport Indonesia, the Museum of Natural History Berlin and the Zoological State Collection Munich, held taxonomy training attended by 25 postgraduate students and scientists from various government institutions.
“A lot of natural diversity in Papua has yet to be discovered. It is hoped that by giving researchers training on taxonomy, more researchers would work on research on biodiversity that could serve the society largely,” said the university’s head of taxonomy training organizing committee, Suriani Br.Surbakti, on Monday.
The training, which is set to take place from Nov.18 to Nov.30, allows participants to learn more on taxonomy research methods and theories. Field practice in taxonomy work is provided as well.
The training involves four trainers from Austria: Christian Schulze (Department of Tropical Ecology and Animal Biodiversity, University of Vienna – Austria), Anita Freudmann (Department of Tropical Ecology and Animal Biodiversity, University of Vienna – Austria), Thomas von Rintelen (Museum für Naturkunde Leibniz-Institut für Evolutions- und Biodiversitätsforschung, Humboldt University, Berlin-Germany), and Christoph Häuser (Museum für Naturkunde Leibniz-Institut für Evolutions- und Biodiversitätsforschung, Humboldt University, Berlin-Germany).
It is said that PT Freeport’s involvement in the training is in accordance with the company’s commitments to be deeply involved in nature and the environment conservation activities in Papua
PT FI has been involved in a number of natural conservation activities such as the release of tens of thousands of pig-nosed turtle (Carettochelys insculpta), which is also known as the pitted-shelled turtle or Fly River turtle, to their natural habitat in southern Papua during the period of 2006-2010.
PT FI vice president for environment, Andi Mukhsia, said the training would hopefully produce skilled researchers that managed to carry out intensive taxonomy works in Papua. (ebf)
3) SBY urged to expel diplomats  over wiretapping
Thu, January 01 1970, 7:00 AM
An international law expert from the University of Indonesia's (UI) School of Law, Hikmahanto Juwana, said on Monday that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono should take a firm stance against wiretapping by foreign intelligence agencies by instructing his foreign minister to expel US and Australian diplomats from Indonesia.
“The President must immediately instruct the foreign affairs minister to order two or three US and Australian diplomats to leave Indonesia,” he said, as quoted by Antara news agency.
According to the former dean of the UI law school, President Yudhoyono should express the outrage of the Indonesian people over surveillance operations conducted by the US and Australia. At the same time, Hikmahanto said the President should also get angry about how fugitive former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden has embarrassed Indonesia.
“Indonesia is now perceived as a country that is very prone to wiretapping operations and that is easy to be ashamed of. This is because no serious action is taken by the government,” said Hikmahanto.
In his latest disclosure of confidential documents, Snowden revealed that the Australian intelligence agency had bugged phone calls of several high-ranking Indonesian officials. He even disclosed officials’ names and the brands of cell phones they used.
Hikmahanto said Indonesia had become Snowden’s playground thanks to Yudhoyono’s irresoluteness in responding to the wiretapping scandal.
He said the government’s decision to recall Indonesian Ambassador to Australia Nadjib Riphat Kesoema to respond to reports suggesting that Australia had wiretapped phone calls of both the president and his wife was a good measure but not yet enough.
“It’s not yet firm enough because the decision was taken only after the incident occurred,” Hikmahanto said. (ebf)

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