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1) TPN - OPM 4 Members Sentenced to Prison

1) TPN - OPM 4 Members Sentenced to Prison
2) Papuans Behind Bars: October 2013

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Saturday, November 9, 2013 06:36
1) TPN - OPM 4 Members Sentenced to Prison

Jayapura - Four people were previously arrested for suspected members of the TPN - OPM , finally convicted District Court Judge Class 1 A Jayapura on Thursday ( 7/11 ) . The defendants were charged with criminal paragraph 1 of article 110 of the Criminal Code ( jo ) 106 of the Criminal Code with a different criminal penalties . For each of the three defendants , Isak Demetouw , Nicodemus Sosomar and Soleman Teno sentenced imprisonment for 2 years and 2 months . While the other defendants , Daniel Nerotou , sentenced to 1 year in prison .
3 verdict given to this defendant lighter demands two years of the Public Prosecutor ( PP ) Ramandey Toman , SH , which requires three was given four years in prison . Panel of judges chaired Dolman Sinaga , SH , considering the attitude of the accused during the trial was cooperative .

Based on information in the courtroom , this case started on , March 3, 2013 , at 755 Infantry Battalion Task Force Members Yalet who was manning the Postal Task Force , Nengke Village , East Coast Sarmi District , received reports from residents who see any members of the TPN - OPM passing by on the road to Kampung Yamna . Officers then follow up reports of the pursuit of the people in question .
After a chase , then found two motorcycles were boarded by the defendants which further when asked to show ID , yet do not have identity cards , so by the officer conducted a search . During a search later found Rp20 million in cash , a note of the meeting on the implementation of the Papuan party , Member Card TPN - OPM on behalf of Nicodemus Sosomar which has become the defendant .
In addition , officers also found a single attribute of the Morning Star flag is small , bayonet command and then after examination at the defendant carrying motorcycle seat , is also found three bottles containing sulfur powder . All findings officer has now become evidence for the actions of the defendants . ( art/don/l03 )

2) Papuans Behind Bars: October 2013

In brief

At the end of October 2013, there were at least 54 political prisoners in Papuan jails. The number of political arrests have increased significantly since August 2013 and this continued in October, with scores detained at peaceful demonstrations across Papua. Although the majority of detainees are released, there are reports of police intimidation – in Biak detainees were forced to sign statements of compliance. On 16 October, three activists were detained for several hours following a prayer session held in Kaimana to celebrate the anniversary of the formation of the International Parliamentarians for West Papua (IPWP).  On 19 October, the leader of a demonstration commemorating the second anniversary of the Third Papuan Congress, Piethein Manggaprouw, was arrested and charged with treason and incitement.
There are reported concerns regarding the health of detainees in the Biak, Timika and Aimas 1 May commemoration cases. The six detainees in the Biak 1 May case now face charges of treason, incitement and possession of explosions and firearms. In the Aimas 1 May case, the seven detainees are being made to testify against each other. The Prosecutor in the Sarmi treason case has demanded a four-year prison sentence for three of the detainees. Calls have been made for accountability and transparency in police investigations of the death of Alpius Mote, who was killed by police Mobile Brigade (Brimob) officers in a sweeping operation on 23 September...........................

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