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1) Two missing victims of Wasior flood found dead

1) Two missing victims of Wasior flood found dead
2) Papua delegation's visit questioned
3) 5 Secretary of MSG to Papua , Good Will Welcomed
4) Police Asked to Release 5 Activists Uproar


1) Two missing victims of Wasior flood found dead

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Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA News) - Two people who went missing in a flash flood that hit Wasior, Teluk Wondama District, West Papua Province, on Wednesday have been found dead.

"Karen Nunaki and Charles Torey, who went missing yesterday, were discovered. Their bodies have been taken by their families and buried," Payung, a staff member of the Teluk Wondama Disaster Mitigation Agency, (BPBD) said on Thursday.

Payung said his agency is still trying to confirm a report that four more residents went missing after the natural disaster, but the effort is being hampered by floodwaters.

The flood destroyed three bridges, eight houses and a number of public facilities in Wasior city. 

Flash floods hit three sub-districts in Teluk Wondama District, West Papua, on Wednesday morning, affecting hundreds of people.

The flood-affected sub-districts are Wasior, Wondiboi and Rasiei.

The floods caused substantial damage in Kubiara and Raise. Most houses were destroyed in Raise, while in Kubiara, four houses were destroyed by the floods, Payung noted.

Wasior was badly hit by flash floods after several rivers, such as the Angris, Mangurai, Wanayo and Kabuow, in Teluk Wondama District broke their banks following incessant heavy rains. The floods also cut off all land transportation connecting Wondiboi and Kaibi.

Victims of the flash floods in Wasior are still waiting for the government to send relief aid, a local resident said.

"We have yet to receive any relief aid from the local authorities," Yusuf Raunsai from Wasior said here on Thursday.

In October 2010, flash floods devastated Wasior, leaving 153 people dead, 158 missing, 165 seriously injured, and 2,862 slightly injured.
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2) Papua delegation's visit questioned


A 23-strong delegation of politicians from Indonesia-controlled Papua is heading to New Zealand amidst controversy that they're on a junket with little perceived benefit.
The Jakarta Globe said the delegation had only one appointment in its five-day trip to New Zealand - to visit the son of the delegation leader in Palmerston North.
A strong separatist movement exists in Papua where the mainly Melanesian population want independence from Indonesia. Amidst allegations of extreme human rights abuse and random killings, Indonesia has tightly controlled Papua and seldom lets outsiders in.
The Jakarta Globe said the entire membership of the Papua provincial legislature, including a corruption convict and other officials accused of embezzling social aid funds, had left or was preparing to leave on costly overseas trips with little perceived benefit to the people of one of Indonesia's least-developed regions.
It said 62 individuals from the 56-seat legislature and the provincial administration were scheduled to travel in separate groups this week. A contingent of 18 left for Germany on Sunday and groups of 21 and 23 are expected to this week travel to the Netherlands and New Zealand respectively.
Yunus Wonda, the council deputy speaker and head of the delegation to New Zealand, defended the trips that will leave the legislature deserted.
"We've planned these trips since 2012," Yunus told the Globe.
"We want to see firsthand the education of Papuan students who are studying in those countries, how they're doing, as well as how the government is supporting them in terms of scholarships and moral support.
"So it's clear that we're undertaking this programme with a purpose. We're not just going for no reason." 
There are 18 Papua students in New Zealand.
Questions have also been raised about the decision by the New Zealand-bound delegation to visit only the IPC Tertiary Institute in Palmerston North where Yunus has enrolled his own child, reportedly taking 105 million Indonesian rupiah (NZ$11,000) from the provincial budget to pay for the cost.
Yunus is among several Papua councillors cited in a Supreme Audit Agency report from July for receiving hundreds of millions of rupiah under the guise of social aid from the provincial budget.
The report showed Yunus received a total of Rp 253 million from the 2012 social aid fund, including Rp 148 million to get a medical checkup in Jakarta.
Two other councillors who also received funds from the social aid budget, Boy Markus Dawir and Ruben Magai, are scheduled to go on the trips to the Netherlands and New Zealand, respectively.

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3) 5 Secretary of MSG to Papua , Good Will Welcomed
Already Welcoming Committee Formed

Jayapura - Plan for the coming 5 Foreign Minister ( FM ) Melanesian Sparehead Group ( MSG ) to Indonesia , especially in Papua on 20 December, and happily welcomed by local Papuans . Even the arrival of the plan related to the MSG Foreign Ministers has been formed a welcoming committee .
This was revealed by Minister of Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman MSG reception 5 to Papua , Pastor . Benny Yantewo , S.Pd.K when visited Papua Editor of Daily Star , Wednesday ( 13/11 ) yesterday night at around 21:30 CEST . " We are in this case the indigenous Papuans are very welcome with joy and also expressed his gratitude to the President SBY , which has taken a very unusual policy , which is to invite 5 Foreign Secretary ( Minister ) of MSG to visit Indonesia , especially in Papua , " he said, who is also Ex . Chairman of the Working Group Religion MRP from 2005 s / d 2010.

For that , it was in this case of indigenous Papuans in helping the Central Government has made an extraordinary policy that has formed the reception committee structure .
He said , in order to help the government prepare his department already has the readiness earlier , which has formed a welcoming committee .
He again said , the government would have had a more stable preparation , but it still felt the need to also prepare them for the maximum because of the presence of all the people on the land of Papua .
We asked for help to all the religious leaders , church leaders and the entire Ummah God in Papua to keep praying that this whole process can be run properly and safely . And , also to all the indigenous Papuans and non Papuans to keep the situation in each environment remains conducive , " he pleaded .
Benny stressed to all heads of both the Regent / Mayor se - Land in order to facilitate the Papua Special Autonomy funds each area , if there are people who wish to visit or attend to see the arrival of the MSG Foreign Ministers 5 . ( Mir/don/l03 )

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4) Police Asked to Release 5 Activists Uproar
" We look forward to the Central Government and the Provincial Government (Provincial ) Papua in order to open up for us , both the students and the people of Papua will deliver apsirasi , because though - will the policy of the government that we saw was really forced to the people of Papua , " please Negotiator uproar Papua Alfa Rohrohmana .
Jayapura - The rejection of the bill Autonomy Plus continues. This is evident from a number of students who are members of the Coalition Uncen BEMF and DPMF as well Uncen Uproar Papua's activist denied the presence of the Special Autonomy Law Plus . In addition, they asked the police and the Rector of Uncen frees 5 Uproar Papuan activist who was arrested for refusing to rally Autonomy Plus .
This was stated by negotiators Uproar Papua Alfa Rohrohmana , Coalition Coordinator BEMF and DPMF a Uncen Septi Meidogda , Chairman of the Faculty of Engineering Uncen DPM Yahuli Arius and Vice Chairman of the BEM FISIP Uncen Stenly Salamahu when held a press conference at Café Prima Garden Abepura , Wednesday ( 13/11 ) yesterday afternoon at around 13:00 CET .

" Therefore , we ask the government to open up the space for us to express their aspirations in public , " he pleaded .
He said , should Autonomy Plus it has a stage or mechanism in accordance with the rules of Law No. 21 of 2001 , in which all the stages so that existing government made ​​a policy should look at it as a basic foundation .
" So , the action that we did last week was not at all present diboncengi outside political interests or political agendas carry certain elite who lost in the elections Papua some time ago , " he explained .
He also asked , to the safety of the police in this case , if the action so that it can provide a sense of security because this action is born from the aspiration .
" So we hope that our colleagues are still five detained be freed include Jason Ngelia Papua Uproar Coordinator , who is still detained for reasons related maltreatment Uncen fellow students . Thus , we asked the security forces or the police see this problem with both the student must not arbitrarily arrest - mena , "he hoped .
In addition , he also asked the rector Uncen cancel MoU with the police . " We firmly ask the rector Uncen that 5 of our colleagues who are still detained in order to be released immediately and the police pull out of the atmosphere so that the campus Uncen perkuliahaan back to normal , " he said .
Meanwhile the same place , Coalition Coordinator BEMF and DPMF a Uncen Septi Meidogda ask whether the provincial government of Papua and West Papua in order to make the people of Papua as an important actor in formulating a policy for the Papuan people themselves .
" So , we ( Uproar ) present here not diboncengi with the interests of certain political elites , but we present here a pure push the government to open up the space for public participation in the making of a policy that would be applied to society itself , " he explained .
" In order to maintain order and security so that we asked the Jayapura police chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Alfred Papare , SIK , to liberate our five colleagues who are still being held to this day , " he pleaded .
While it may be in the same Vice-Chairman ( Waket ) BEM FISIP Uncen Stenly Salamahu asserted , that the security forces do not disturb the atmosphere anymore because it will add to the emotions of the public , especially students in this process and it also called for the immediate release of his fifth .
" So , here the issue is happening between me and Jason Ngelia it when I see it is an internal issue of the campus . So I asked the police to immediately issue Ngelia brother Jason , " he asserted that feel disappointed because 4 months later after the new persecution of the police call Jason Ngelia .
Related Autonomy Plus , he said that the issue to be resolved is how the government is currently evaluating the Special Autonomy Law No. 21 Year 2001 , which began nearly 12 years since the Papuan people both from the middle to bottom never felt the special autonomy fund .
" So I urge the Government of Papua and Uncen should conduct the evaluation in a way to engage in dialogue with the community beforehand . In addition , we will firmly stop the actions and demonstrations like yesterday that perkuliahaan activity can proceed smoothly , " he said .
In line with this the same place , the Chairman of the Faculty of Engineering Uncen DPM Yahuli Arius said that the arrest of five people linked Uproar Papuan activists including Jason Ngelia it was an internal matter of the Faculty of Social Uncen student organization because the issue can be resolved by internal students FISIP itself.
" Therefore , we ask the president to immediately release Uncen Jason Ngelia , because the issue can be resolved by fellow students themselves , " he concluded .

BEM Uncen Have All The Special Autonomy Law Plus Professional Response
Meanwhile , Chairman of the Legal Affairs and Human Rights Politics IV , BEM Uncen , Paulinus Ohee , urging all sides to be professional and restraint in response to the Special Autonomy Law Plus / Act Government of Papua . This was affirmed when he visited Papua Star editorial on Wednesday ( 13/11 ) .
" Addressing the Special Autonomy Law or the Law on the Government of Papua Plus through our demo on the 4th of November, we were joined in the uproar was hoping to meet with the Governor of Papua . However, through the governor's representatives eventually want to meet us . There are several points to note in the meeting and had I quote , of which there must be an evaluation of government management , including the Long Term Development Plan ( RPJP ) , and any regulations made in Jakarta or proposals from outside Papua must be adapted to the conditions in the area . It cites what the governor told us , " he said .
To that , he added , provincial officials and Assistance Team Assistance Team Uncen order not to make the product unilateral legislation with regard Law. 12 of 2011 on public participation . " In particular described in the article , this can be through participation dengarpendapat meetings , seminars or workshops . Regulations so that the product is actually coming from the grass roots , " he said .
He added that all parties to respond professionally Papua Government Act because the educational institutions in this regard including Uncen is hurt . It is thought by certain elements and purely educational institutions not berasalah .
" Based on the submission of the governor , on November 4 ago to our 10 student representatives dami rally in Dock II , we were given directions to hold accountable the lecturers Uncen . Which is where I think there's actually a kind of ' throwing stones hidden hand ' which we also regret to this day teaching and learning activities is not running as it should . What happens is detrimental Uncen , and this is the act of a person, so that the institution is not guilty , " he said . ( mir/art/don/l03 )

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