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1) Uproar day of Occupy UNCEN REJECT Bill PP

1) Uproar day of Occupy UNCEN REJECT Bill PP
2) Govenment to Build New Flyover in Papua
3) Lead a Pieter Manggaprow Arrested Peaceful Demo
4) NRFPB welcomes Foreign Minister Visits MSG Plan
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1) Uproar day of Occupy UNCEN REJECT Bill PP
Author : Timothy Marten on November 6, 2013 at 21:53:13 WP
Editor : A Domingoes Mampioper

Students at the demo two days ago in Jayapura ( Jubi / Arjuna )

Jayapura , 6/11 ( Jubi ) - Youth and Student Movement of the People of Papua ( Uproar ) re- occupied the campus of the University of Paradise ( Uncen ) in Abepura and Waena , Wednesday ( 6/11 ) . watchlist , Wednesday ( 6/11 ) morning several members Uproar barred entrance Uncen campus in Abepura , Jalan Raya Sentani . However , their action did not proceed because the police disbanded .

Similar action , carried out at the gate Campus Waena , Heram District . Dozens of student speeches , singing and chanting . They sealed the gates with patches protest banners and stickers . Two days ago , hundreds of students joined in Uproar demonstrated in the Governor 's office , Jalan Soa Siu to reject the Special Autonomy Bill Plus and PP .

Mentioned, the Papua Special Autonomy is an idea , the idea of academics Uncen and run by the governor of Papua . Uproar judge , Uncen stuck in political practice to seek personal gain .

" Uncen but instead educate people killed by cooking the Government Bill and the Papua Special Autonomy Plus , " said a student Uproar in her speech .

Because the campus entrance barred Uproar , lecture activities on campus Uncen paralyzed . Until noon , Campus Uncen Abepura looks deserted . There is only found nut sellers and some residents .

While on campus Waena , some students gave speeches to dusk . While waiting for dinner , they had to play a single comedy by telling some funny stories ( Mob ) .

Student action is guarded by an escort of police Jayapura . From observation journalist , armed police , and some unarmed with some trucks and baraccuda meet solid citizen housing locations , Waena , precisely in the vicinity of the city transportation department Abepura round - Waena .

Jayapura police chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Alfred Papare when interviewed at the scene said the personnel were reduced by 200 personnel .

" Today's action is the impact of the demo yesterday (Monday : red ) . Of the morning , they ask the professors involved in the concept for cancel . In spite of that , we present here the police to keep people off-campus activity is running normally , " said Commissioner Alfred Papare .

He said the police had already coordinated with the Vice Rector III ( Purek III ) and III Purek negotiate with students . ( Jubi / Timo Marten )
WEDNESDAY, 06 NOVEMBER, 2013 | 10:22 WIB
2) Govenment to Build New Flyover in Papua
TEMPO.COJakarta - The government is planning to construct a 1.4 kilometer Holtekamp flyover to connect several regions in Papua. The Head of the National Agency of Road Implementation X at the Ministry of Public Work Uber Gultom, explained that the flyover costs Rp 821 billion (around US$72,33 million).
"The fund comes from the cooperation of the central government and the Papuan government," Uber said last Monday, November 4.
The flyover will connect the Muara Tami District with the Hamadi region located in South Jayapura District. Muara Tami District is the border region of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.
Papua Governor Lukas Enembe, hoped that the Holtekamp Bridge could be an icon for Papua, which is often being left out in terms of infrastructure development.
"Like it or not, [Papua] is the gateway for countries in the Pacific," Lukas said, as quoted from the Ministry of Public Work website.
According to Lukas, currently, Papua only has roads that were previously constructed by the Dutch colonial government. Presently, the roads are prone to traffic congestion, especially due to the traffic originating from Jayapura. In the future, Papua needs alternative roads that can alleviate traffic congestion and accelerate economic growth.

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3) Lead a Pieter Manggaprow Arrested Peaceful Demo
November 4, 2013 By: admin Category: KNPB Areas, News

Biak, KNPBnews - Just because it led peaceful demonstrations demanded Papua Merdeka, Pieter Manggaprow Police arrested on October 19, 2013 and in the Hall of Indigenous Sorido, Biak and is now detained at the Detention Police Biak, and charged under article Makar.

Piether Manggaprow then led hundreds of people in Biak West Papua peaceful protest to mark the anniversary of West Papua political manifesto, October 19, 1961, and the establishment of the Federal Republic of West Papua.

At that time, 40 people were arrested late. The police forced them to sign the Statement to not repeat the action demanded Papua Merdeka. They were discharged and Pieter arrested and charged under Article 106 of the Criminal Code in conjunction with Article 110 of the Criminal Code of Makar and incitement.
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4) NRFPB welcomes Foreign Minister Visits MSG Plan
Author: Hendrikus Yeimo | Viewed 90 times | Wednesday, November 6, 2013 23:30

Jayapura , MAGAZINE STEP - State President of the Federal Republic of West Papua ( NRFPB ) Forkorus Yaboisembut , S.Pd , welcomed the planned visit by the delegation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Melanesian Spearhead Group ( MSG ) to Indonesia and West Papua in particular in November 2013 .

In a letter written 018/P-02/NRFPB/XI/2013 numbered from prison and was read by Markus Haluk , the secretariat of the Papuan Customary Council , Expo Waena , Jayapura , on Wednesday ( 06.11.13 ) , Forkorus wrote , on behalf of all West Papuans planned visit by Foreign Minister MSG highly anticipated , as it is the desire of the people of West Papua and the Papuan Customary Council in order to see the situation from the Papua close .
" On this happy occasion of the Indonesian prison , President and Chairman of DAP NRFPB attitudes expressed support , in connection with a planned visit by Secretary of State member delegation to Indonesia and Papua MSG , that is why we as the president say that we give thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ , the decision was taken in the 19th MSG forum in Noumea New Caledonia by the Leaders of the Melanesian countries in the region , "wrote President NFRPB , Forkorus releasenya Yoboisembut in the press .

Forkorus communique also appraise decision on point 20 and 21 who expressed support for West Papua as MSG membership and support the West Papuan rights to self-determination as set out in the preamble of the constitution which MSG is a very wise decision .

" About 50 years our nation in the Land of Papua West Papua fend for themselves without the support of a positive , concrete and constructive , of the Melanesian brothers allied to self-determination , " said Forkorus .

" We welcome with joy the planned visit by the mission of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the forum MSG to West Papua . Papuan People are looking forward with longing , for this visit for us is a form of appreciation from MSG member countries to the People Nation Melanesians in Papua as groves West Papua country , after 50 years of suffering under the colonial government of Indonesia . "

To the people of West Papua , Yoboisembut urge to rise and unite with MSG Foreign Ministers welcomed the delegation in Papua .

He also asked the Indonesian government not to obstruct and divert precious plans to visit Papua. ( MS / Hendrikus Yeimo )

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