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16 activists arrested +new report on OTUS plus

Below are google translates of 6 articles from the  local media in WP. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
Original bahasa above each article.

16 activists were arrested for handing out leaflets in support of the opening of the coming events in PNG , the opening of a WP office , the 1st Dec.
The reports say they activists were eventually released. The police claim they were no arrests. It was also reported the KNPB would hold another peaceful rally.

1) 16 Activists Arrested Today For Flyers KNPB
3) Holds Tomorrow Will KNPB Peace Demo
4) Again , 16 KNPB Member Arrested
5) For Flyers Demo , 16 Activists Arrested KNPB
also a report
7) IPAC: Otsus Plus: The Debate over Enhanced Special Autonomy for Papua 


1) 16 Activists Arrested Today For Flyers KNPB
Published On Monday , November 25, 2013 By Arnold Belau . Under : Papua , West Papua , EDITOR OPTIONS . Tags : DEMONSTRATION , KNPB , PNWP

Members KNPB ( Photo ; Ist )
PAPUAN , Jayapura - A total of 16 members of the West Papua National Committee ( KNPB ) , this afternoon , Monday ( 25/11/2013 ) was arrested Kepolisisan Resort City of Jayapura ( Police ) when the demo was distributing leaflets which will be done tomorrow throughout Papua.

The purpose of this action , first in supporting the OPM office in Port Moresby on December 1, 2013.

Second , support meetings between IPWP and ILWP to be conducted in Port Moresby from November 25 to 28 November.

And third , to support the plan the arrival of foreign ministers from each member state representatives MSG to Jakarta and Papua .

Wim Rocky Medlama , as confirmed confirmed the arrest of 16 members in Padang Bulan KNPB around 15:30 WP .

" Right. Earlier we sebanyak16 members were arrested by police officers from Jayapura City Police , " said the current Medlama mejabat as National Spokesperson KNPB .

Medalama admitted, it is very annoyed with the arrogant actions and excessive forces , " This is too much . And I think the authorities should learn a lot . In order to run a task in accordance with the command , " he said in disgust .

Meanwhile , Olga Hamadi , Coordinator Papua KongtraS when asked for a response via cell phone said action apparatus has been greatly exaggerated . And patterns of play catch like this should not be there.

" I just heard this information . I think the police are too excessive . Should catch - catching patterns like this does not need to exist anymore . It still includes the right of everyone to express themselves. After all, anyways it is a democratic country , " his writings in a text message sent to , tonight .

She also said the delivery of the opinion it should not be taken with the arrests . " They should be given space . Malsalah delivery of public opinion should not be taken by way of arrest and law enforcement . Because if such it would tra finish persolana Papua , "said Olga .

Meanwhile , as confirmed , Jayapura police chief , Chief Alfred Papare denied any arrests of the 16 members of KNPB time for appeal leaflets action .

" There is no arrest , " wrote Papare .

And in fact , the police chief of Jayapura asked back in a threatening tone , " Who said that there had been arrests . And ko ka not see ? "Said the media reporters via text message .

From the information gathered this medium , 16 members were arrested this afternoon KNPB taken to the Jayapura Police Station . There all the flyers they carry confiscated by the authorities . After that they returned to the house .



Author : Benny Mawel on November 25, 2013 at 21:15:03 WP
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Logo KNPB ( Ist / Google )

Jayapura , 25/11 ( Jubi ) - Spokesman of National Committee of West Papua , Wim Rocky Medlama said members of the West Papua National Committee ( KNPB ) , medium stiff resistance of the people of West Papua to self mentukan , police arrested while distributing leaflets sepajang Waena Abepura road , city ​​of Jayapura , Papua , ( 25/11 ) afternoon .

" The Papuan regional police make arrest 16 Friends , 3:30 , both members and officials KNPB , " said Wim Medlama to the local print media crew mapun online in his press conference at the Bus Stop Housing Three , Waena tonight .

According to Wim , done during the arrest KNPB member conducting the linked flyer - for peaceful action tomorrow ( 26/11 ) . "Action kujungan MSG tomorrow to support the mission of Papua , OPM office launch , Campaign Office Sorong to Samarai , the inauguration of the OPM office , meeting and IPWP ILWP in Morsby , capital of PNG , " he said .

This Pengakapan KNPB will not interfere with the agenda tomorrow . KNPB going down the road to a peaceful demonstration . " We still do a demo , " he said . The capture , detention , and murder molesters , according to Wim matter of course , they will never retreat with the psychological terror acts .

" This arrest is an act of pre- psychology . We are not afraid of the police action . We were there for it . We 'll keep it down , "said Wim medalam to the media .

Therefore , tomorrow , Wim only urge the police to do security of the fishing catch that will never solve the problem . " Tomorrow it's no barrier blocking . Better police mediation folk expression in public , "

Chronological arrest , according to Wim occur starting at 12 .
" KNPB Members conduct giving out leaflets from the National Housing Authority to Abepura III Waena . They are the two paths . Left and right of way . Until at Padangbulan , Abepura , precisely in the way in Poltekes , security forces are being monitored from next block . 6 motorcycles and patrol cars . Negotiation occurs . The authorities want to stop . These friends do the demonstration was peaceful so keep up to - for flyers . Not long Dalmas car arrived . Friends dragged into car Dalmas . Inhumane acts , "says Wim .

But according to this KNPB spokesman , last news received , 16 people had been freed .

Jayapura City police chief , Alfred Papare , S.IK which dikorfimasi Jubi said did not know anything about the arrest. " I do not know that , to my knowledge no one was arrested , " said the police chief of Jayapura , AKBPB , Alfred Papare via short message . ( Jubi / Mawel )

3) Holds Tomorrow Will KNPB Peace Demo
Published On Monday , November 25, 2013 By Arnold Belau . Under : Papua , West Papua , EDITOR OPTIONS . Tags : DEMONSTRATION , KNPB , PNWP

Referendum or the right of self-determination for the people of Papua should be given ( Photo : Ist )

PAPUAN , Jayapura - Tomorrow , Tuesday ( 11/26/2013 ) , the West Papua National Committee ( KNPB ) will return to action peaceful demonstration supporting the opening of the campaign office of the Free Papua Organization ( OPM in Port Moresby , Papua New Guinea .

In addition , the demonstration also supports the meeting of the International Parliament for West Papua ( IPWP ) and the International lawer for West Papua ( ILWP ) , as well as the Papuan independence campaign from Sorong to Samarai held in Port Moresby .

 " In any case we KNPB will facilitate all the people of West Papua for the peaceful demonstration that will support the activities carried out in PNG later , " said a spokesman for the National KNPB , Wim Rocky Medlama , this afternoon .

Medlama revealed , the action committee has also submitted a formal pemberitahuaan to the security forces , in this case the Papua Police by mail .

" To action on 26 November we 've had to tell memalui Papua police official letter , " said Medlama to , on Saturday ( 11/23/2013 ) at Waena , Jayapura , Papua .

Medlama also said the action tanggl 26 November as well as an expression of gratitude and appreciation of all the people of West Papua to the government and the people of PNG .

" Our action was in addition to supporting activities that will be conducted from November 25 to December 1 , we also convey our gratitude and our appreciation of the people of West Papua to the people of PNG , " he said .

He added that this action will be performed simultaneously in all the land of Papua from Sorong samapai Samarai , which would be mediated by KNPB and PNWP as the Responsible Person .

Medlama urge all the people of West Papua in order to take part in the action on 26 November.

" We KNPB invite all the people of West Papua to participate in the upcoming akasi on Tuesday . Because this action is general and open . And is guaranteed by the Act. So do not be afraid . But all are invited to take part , " himbaunya .

Also it confirms that there should be no carry sharp tools and the Morning Star flag , and forbidden to come join the action in a drunken state .

" We unequivocally requested that no action period which brought a sharp tool , the Morning Star flag and come in drunk . If we later found to submit to security , "said Medlama .


4) Again , 16 KNPB Member Arrested
Author : Hendrikus Yeimo | Viewed 141 times | Monday, November 25, 2013 21:53

Wim Rocky Medlama , KNPB spokesman . Photo : Ist .

Jayapura , STEP MAGAZINE - The security forces of the State Police ( Police ) Jayapura arresting 16 members of the West Papua National Committee ( KNPB ) and brought to the Jayapura Police Station for interrogation .

KNPB activists were arrested in front of the gate of Paradise University ( Uncen ) , Abepura , Jayapura , on Monday ( 25/11/2013 ) afternoon , when it was handing out leaflets on an action plan to provide support for meetings and ILWP IPWP in PNG and Sorong to Samarai campaign that will held tomorrow at Imbi park Jayapura city .

The arrest was regrettable KNPB spokesman , Wim Rocky Medlama . He says police do not have a strong legal basis because members do not KNPB anarchy before being arrested , but they only distribute flyers to the public notification of Papua .

" We deplore the arrest earlier , they only recently caught distributing leaflets . What legal basis ? There are no laws that prohibit the distribution of leaflets , " says Wim .

He said , what was done by the police is an act of silencing the democratic space in the land of Papua and it is very regrettable because it has been without a strong legal basis .

Wim judge no plans to interfere with the action of forces that will be held tomorrow . However , he said , catching the spirit that will not fade for peaceful protest .

" This arrest is an act of pre- psychology , but we are not afraid of the police , we were there for it and we keep going down tomorrow , " he said .

Jayapura police chief , Chief . Alfred Papare , when it was confirmed he did not know no action against members KNPB arrest .

" I do not know about that , there are no arrests , " he wrote via text message .

Reportedly , KNPB members arrested were discharged after being questioned at the Jayapura Police Station for about 4 hours . While they were carrying confiscated leaflets apparatus before discharged . ( MS / Hendrikus Yeimo )
5) For Flyers Demo , 16 Activists Arrested KNPB
November 25, 2013 By : admin Category : News

Jayapura , KNPBnews - As many as 16 activists KNPB Indonesian Police arrested while spreading leaflets call for a peaceful demonstration . They were arrested and beaten in front Uncen , Padang Bulan , Abepura at 02.00 hours this afternoon ( 25/11 ) and taken to the Jayapura Police headquarters and interrogated .

Ogram Wanimbo , one of the activists KNPB Center said that he was beaten and interrogated . " They came out in full force , and without compromising our catch . Another hit . Police got hold they threatened us with incitement article , and Kurnia, Kiki Wakapolresta threatened us not to do the Akai peaceful tomorrow , " said ogram after being released .

Keenambekas activists detained for 4 hours . KNPB action leaflets were distributed to the people of Papua to go down a peaceful demonstration demanding self-determination and welcomed the opening of the Free Papua Kompanye office in Port Moreby , PNG . Akai peaceful demonstration will be conducted in all regions of West Papua .


Author : Jubi Admin on November 25, 2013 at 19:11:09 WP
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Fred Mambrasar & Benny Wenda , two prominent campaign " Sorong - Samarai " ( IST )

media Release

Port Moresby , 25/11 ( Jubi ) - On December 1, 1961 , West Papuans were given the status of freedom and their nationality by the Dutch colonial power prepares to leave West Papua . On this historic occasion , the Morning Star ( West Papua flag ) was hoisted for the first time , the formation of West Papuan legislature is held , the people of West Papua national anthem was sung for the first time and all the attributes of West Papua as a legitimate nation is indicated by the " community of nations " .

However , a year later , in 1962 , the Indonesian military invaded and annexed parts of the Melanesian people of West Papua are inhabited . This illegal action is well documented and is the subject of growing demands for revisitation of the Indonesian criminal offense . In a collective resistance against colonial rule of Indonesia in West Papua , Papua New Guinea will join his brothers of West Papua on Sunday, December 1, 2013 to raise the Morning Star flag in various locations across the country .

As part of the campaign " Sorong to Samarai " , December 1, will be remembered as the injustices committed against the people of West Papua and the urgent need for Papua New Guinea and Melanesian solidarity in raising the profile of self-determination of West Papua on the international stage . PNG media will participate in this effort .

During the last week of November 2013 , which leads to the main event will be held December 1, 2013 a series of activities the Free West Papua campaign . Some of these activities are :

1 . Thursday, November 28 - A regional meeting of members of the Melanesian and the International Parliamentarians for West Papua ( IPWP ) in the Pacific islands . An expert in international law , Ms. Jennifer Robinson will have a meeting with regional parliaments with a view for the purpose of providing legal practitioners in the area of legal justification to support the rights of the West Papuan self-determination of colonial Indonesia

2 . Sunday, December 1 - Action " Freedom Walk " in Port Moresby , and in PNG . This action was done in solidarity with the citizens of other countries globally , " Freedom Walk " will take place in Port Moresby . The procession will start at 06:00 from the Unagi Oval ( in Gordons ) to City Hall NCDC . Women and Church groups will also participate in this event and sang along with cultural groups . At City Hall , the Morning Star will be flown . The event was organized by the Women's Ecumenical PNG under the leadership of Mrs. Emma Sevea and the Free West Papua Campaign . Activity December 1, 2013 will also include the official launch and opening of the campaign office of West Papua ( PNG Chapter ) in Port Moresby .

All watga Papua New Guinea and Melanesia has a moral obligation to speak out against injustices committed against our brothers and sisters in West Papua . ( Jubi / Adm )

media Contact
Fred Mambrasar +67573338259

7) IPAC: Otsus Plus: The Debate over Enhanced Special Autonomy for Papua 25 November 2013 11:08am WIB (JoyoNews3)

Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict

A draft bill containing some of the most interesting policy prescriptions on Papua in years emerged from Manokwari, Papua Barat province last week.

An analysis of that bill and the prospects for its adoption comes in a new IPAC report, Otsus Plus: The Debate over Enhanced Special Autonomy for Papua. The report explores how a controversial proposal to amend a 2001 law on special autonomy, that until mid-November seemed to be getting nowhere, was suddenly transformed into a detailed, practical program for improving the lives of indigenous Papuans.

„Finally there are some useful ideas about Papua on the table,‰ says Sidney Jones, IPAC director. „The question now is whether anyone will buy them.‰

The idea of enhanced special autonomy (otonomi khusus plus or otsus plus) emerged from discussions between President Yudhoyono and newly elected Papuan governor Lukas Enembe in April 2013. The president wanted a positive legacy on Papua as he prepared to leave office; the governor wanted a milestone for his first 100 days in office.

The result six months later was a draft produced for Enembe by a team in Jayapura that focused almost exclusively on increasing provincial revenue and the governor‚s power. Because any amendments to the 2001 law must cover both Papuan provinces, though, the Papua Barat governor wanted a chance to weigh in.

The result, sent back to Enembe last week, is no longer just about more money. It is a plan for protecting and mapping indigenous land, providing incentives to get teachers to remote areas, improving maternal and child healthcare, controlling in-migration from other areas of Indonesia, establishing local political parties and protecting human rights.

The problem is that very few people have seen the draft and there has been no public debate. Governor Enembe was hoping to get a draft to Jakarta this month so that the president could fast-track it in the Indonesian parliament before the end of the year. That seems impossible now, but even had it happened, it would have been without any input from civil society. Now there is time for broad consultation across both provinces on a consolidated draft.

„No one should underestimate the obstacles to making this work,‰ says Cillian Nolan, deputy director of IPAC. „Getting a consensus in Papua to give special autonomy another chance will be difficult enough, let alone getting a new draft through parliament. But there are too many useful provisions in the Manokwari draft to reject it out of hand before there has been serious discussion of the contents‰.

Read Full Report: here.

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