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1) Indonesia spying on West Papua supporters overseas: activists

2) Reject PT. New Nabire, Governor Must Accept Responsibility
3) Coalition Urges Care for Victims of Oil Nabire PT. Nabire Soon 'Out'!

4) Three fishermen from Jayapura held in PNG


1) Indonesia spying on West Papua supporters overseas: activists

Updated Fri at 9:55am
West Papuan independence activists say Indonesia's state intelligence agency is spying on them in other countries, including Australia.
ABC TV's 7.30 program has uncovered evidence of Indonesia actively monitoring West Papuan activists, including students and church leaders.
Eric Tlozek reports.

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2) Reject PT. New Nabire, Governor Must Accept Responsibility

Oleh : Redaksi | Kamis, 28 Januari 2016 - 15.31 WIB

Oil palm plantations PT. New Nabire (Foto: Ist).

JAYAPURA, --- Assertion Tribal Big Yerisiam Caves refused the operation of PT. New Nabire, continued by convening several times demonstrations in the yard of the State Administrative Court (Administrative Court) Jayapura.
The same action was again held Victim Care Coalition of Palm Nabire on page PTUN Jayapura, Waena, Wednesday (27/01/2016), during a hearing with the agenda the examination of witnesses.

At the hearing yesterday, the Governor of Papua Province as a defendant is not present.

It is regrettable the applicant, as disclosed Gunawan Inggeruhi.

"We regret very much to the governor as a defendant one that is not present in the court today," he said when interviewed after the support for action in the Administrative Court Waena page.

"During the hearing they do not attend, even though they're the original source of the problem by betraying our traditional lands to the PT. New Nabire, "said Inggeruhi.

Meanwhile, PT Nabire Just as the two defendants were present in court yesterday. While providing their witness of the indigenous peoples.

"But we were very disappointed with the actions of PT. New Nabire which makes communities as mere objects, "he said.

In addition, during two hearings in the Administrative Court, dated January 18, 2016 and January 27, 2016, the defendant two did not submit evidence.

"It's that hinder the trial process," said Inggeruhi.

Gunawan Inggeruhi also expect support from all parties in the lawsuit process.

"We look forward to all parties in order to support our tribal communities Yerisiam cave," he said.

After the hearing yesterday, the next on the agenda next week hearing witnesses examination of the applicant.

"Our society has been set up witness Yerisiam Caves indigenous and expert witnesses at a hearing next week. Session on Tuesday, February 2, 2016, "said Gunawan Inggeruhi.

He emphasized that the process aimed at the Administrative Court suing Papua Governor Decree No. 142 of 2008 on Issuance of Plantation Business Permit To PT. New Nabire.

The decree was given to PT. New Nabire without going through the correct process. "We see this decree is ambiguous because of the procedural and legal order, was wrong."

"Moreover, SK come out ahead of the EIA document. When it should berututan, no EIA had only then can IUP. But this is the opposite. IUP new EIA given out in 2013, this means about the spatial and environmental analysis does not exist, "he said.

In that case, expressly Inggeruhi, there are a handful of party games to the exclusion of the rule of law in the country of Indonesia.

The following issues, the people themselves know that the company went to timber extraction activities. But over time, it is converted into oil palm plantations.

"The release of indigenous lands is also not according to customary rules, because the company only met a few families only. And they do it secretly, "said Inggeruhi.

Editor: Mary

Harun Rumbarar

A google translate of article in Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
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3) Coalition Urges Care for Victims of Oil Nabire PT. Nabire Soon 'Out'!

By: Editor | Friday, January 29, 2016 - 20:05 pm
JAYAPURA, --- Oil Palm PT. New Nabire urged immediate 'out' of customary land Yerisiam ethnic group in Kampung Gua Sima, District Yaur, Nabire, Papua.

"There is no reason, there is no legal basis for PT Nabire Baru. The company had to leave from customary land Yerisiam, right now, "said Melianus Duwitau, Victim Care Coalition members Sawit Nabire (KPKSN), Friday (01/29/2016).

Independent Student Activists Forum (FIM) is also incorporated in this KPKSN states, legal facts prove, PT. New Nabire operates without a legal basis. (Read: Reject PT. Nabire New Governor Must Accept Responsibility).

Issuance of Papua's Governor Decree No. 142 of 2008 on the Granting of Plantation Business Permit To PT. New Nabire allegedly conspiratorial few groups by ignoring the rules of procedure applicable law in Indonesia.

Allegedly, the investors obtained permits on "merit" some government officials and staff of the local government and the provincial government of Papua Nabire.

Conspiracy intended, SK IUP was issued without Amdal documents from investors. This procedural error rated bumping rule that normally SK IUP will be given after the study of the environmental impact assessment of all activities of the company.

"However Papua Governor Decree No. 142 of 2008 shall be revoked. Administrative Court in its decision shall be canceled because it was against the rules, "he said.

Decree dated December 30, 2008 was published in the era of Barnabas Suebu.

KPKSN Coordinator, John NR Gobai asserted legal force to the PT. New Nabire very weak. The legal basis of the company held is not strong. SK IUP issued without the procedure, also violates the administrative authority.

Therefore, the company is considered illegal, although this is backed up during the security forces "fee". (Read: This demands Victim Care Coalition of Palm Nabire).

There is no other purpose of the lawsuit filed to the administrative court of Jayapura, in addition to the final conclusion is unplug SK IUP.

"In the trial we already submit a number of documents as evidence strengthens the lawsuit to revoke SK IUP for PT. New Nabire. We also lay out the facts on the ground, "said Eliezer Murafer, the plaintiff's attorney.

Youth leaders of Tribal Big Yerisiam Caves, Gunawan Inggeruhi also matching that the decree should be revoked.

With the revocation of SK IUP through administrative court ruling Jayapura, the company is obliged to leave the location of oil palm plantations which for eight years has been destroyed overlay indigenous forests, gardens and ecosystems even run over by a succession sacred area.

Gunawan confirmed, it sued SK Papua Governor Number 142 Year 2008 was for allegedly without following the correct procedure. According to him, the decree is ambiguous because there is a conflict of procedural and process aspects of the legal system in this country.

In addition to violating procedures, SK published without Amdal document. "How could the government would assess feasible and whether or not permission is granted to a company, if the EIA course not. This is very strange, "he questioned.

It is known, there is a new EIA documents in 2013, while the Government of Papua Province SK IUP first published it in 2008. Nor has Hak Guna Usaha (HGU) from the competent authority.


4) Three fishermen from Jayapura held in PNG
Minggu, 31 Januari 2016 20:52 WIB | 457 Views

Jayapura (ANTARA News) - Three fishermen from Jayapura, Papua, are held in Papua New Guinea (PNG) for allegedly poaching fish, according to head of foreign and border affairs of Papua provincial administration, Suzanna Wanggai.

She told Antara on Sunday the three fishermen known as Umar, Sandi and Bakri were reported to have been held since December 10, 2015.

The Indonesian embassy in Papua New Guinea is still striving to reduce their punishment, she said.

She said she did not know how much was the punishment as she had not yet received a full report about the case.

She said based on reports so far the three fishermen actually did not conduct illegal fishing but they had stranded to Wewak waters in Papua New Guinea after they had trouble in the engine of their motor boat.

"I hope the punishment for the three will be reduced and they will immediately be allowed to return home," she said.

(Reporting by Evarukdijati/Uu.H-YH/A014)

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