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1) Infrastructure development in Papua needs good approach: LIPI

2) Child mortality in Mbua Continues, Papua Provincial Health Director Apologizes

1) Infrastructure development in Papua needs good approach: LIPI

Senin, 11 Januari 2016 16:41 WIB | 647 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Infrastructure development and connectivity in Papua and West Papua needs good approach and communication with the local people, according to an Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) official.

"The government should approach the people of Papua and West Papua and communicate the issue of infrastructure development and connectivity with them. Otherwise, it is feared that they would reject the development and consequently they would accused of being anti government," Adriana Elisabeth, the Papua Study Team Coordinator at LIPI, remarked here on Monday.

Moreover, she noted that Papua was a conflict-prone region, with several remote villages that were yet to be connected through means of land transportation.

Elisabeth stated that infrastructure development and connectivity in Papua and West Papua should not raise suspicions among members of the local community that it was solely intended to benefit Jakarta.

"The approach needs to be taken to avoid raising suspicions among Papuans over the construction of roads in the interior areas. The local people need to be provided a clear understanding that connectivity is intended to boost the economy of Papua and West Papua," she affirmed.

According to Elisabeth, the Papuan people must be convinced that if connectivity improved, more investors would come to invest in Papua and West Papua, and the results would be experienced and enjoyed by them.

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has affirmed that the improvement in connectivity and land transport infrastructure development in Papua and West Papua was aimed at boosting economic growth and welfare of the local communities.

During a visit to West Papua on December 31, 2015, the head of state noted that all districts and cities in Papua and West Papua will be connected through land transport by 2018.
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2) Child mortality in Mbua Continues, Papua Provincial Health Director Apologizes

By: Elisa Sekenyap | Monday, January 11, 2016 - 12:48 pm | 
Wamena, --- Papua Provincial Health Director, drg. Aloysius Giyai openly stated very saddened and concerned about the cases of child deaths in the region Mbua, nduga regency, Papua, which has not ended to this day.
"On this condition, we are so sorry, but we also regret. If that failure and also we do not carry out our duties well, then our Papua Provincial Health Office or the District Health Office Nduga'm sorry, "said Giyai to recently in Wamena.

As an indigenous child, he felt should deliver it because of the death of the children hope for the future of Papua was classified as Extraordinary Events (KLB).

According to doctors Allo, with this outbreak provide a valuable lesson for everyone to interpret it. And, in the future have to do an action that does not happen again.

"I said that to do preventive measures as it is not only a factor of health workers, but need a healthy housing, clean water, provision of food with good nutrition."

"With the assistance of the Parliament of Papua, we've been thrust to the Government of Papua to immediately do the recovery in the region Mbua and the Central Mountains of Papua in general," he said.

In addition, Giyai said, "We are also waiting for help medical personnel of the Provincial Government of Papua to routinely perform services in the region."

Former Director of the Abepura Hospital also questioned the President's visit to Nduga Jokowi recently.

According to him, the president not only melakan visit, the apparatus must be commanded to do something with real action for people Mbua and Nduga general.

"I also do not know his actions after he made a visit there, because I am also not a committee in the president's visit. But this outbreak, so there must be a direct order from the center to do and say these funds and this stuff, not just talk about it, "he said.

Meanwhile, the Coordinator of Solidarity Fatalities Mbua (SKJM), Arim Tabuni was deeply upset over poor conditions that continue to occur in Mbua.

Arim hope, soon there is concern of the Central Government, and the Government of Papua Province nduga regency.

"Nowadays people have no hope of living longer, they just missed how to get good health care and ongoing. If left 1 to 5 months, this condition will worsen the survival of communities in the region Mbua, "Arim said.

To get the health support and other assistance from the international and national levels and in Papua, said Tabuni, SKJM has opened several shelters humanity, including in Wamena and Jayapura City.

Another thing delivered Emat Ngwijangge, one of the representatives of the District Health Office Nduga. He said, so far it in Mbua have difficulty in many ways, including geographical factors, as well as medical personnel in the field.

"The difficulties we experienced there are health personnel and supporting equipment. That there is only one health center nurse Mbua former first mission and two midwives. Because of the conditions, we of services that handle, especially me and some of my colleagues, "said Emat to in Wamena.

The last death rate delivered Nduga District Health Office until January 2016 as many as 55 people. Meanwhile, the number of deaths recorded SKJM many as 54 children.


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