Tuesday, August 8, 2017

1) Local police chief in Papua loses stripes after fatal shooting

1) Local police chief in Papua loses stripes after fatal shooting
2) Officials meet to prepare for Pacific Forum summit


1) Local police chief in Papua loses stripes after fatal shooting
A local police chief in Indonesia's Papua has been stripped of his position following last week's fatal shooting in Deiyai Regency.
Yulianus Pigai died and and up to 16 others were injured when police tried to disperse an angry crowd that had destroyed a construction camp in the area.
The incident followed the death of a local villager who had needed help from the construction firm to get to hospital.
The Jakarta Post reported the Tigi Police chief N. Raini had been stripped of his position and Mobile Brigade personnel had been recalled from the area.
The paper reported an investigation team led by Papua Police's internal affairs division head was investigating with the National Commission for Human Rights.
According to the Jayapura-based news agency Tabloid Jubi the police have apologised and weapons of the officers involved have been confiscated.
"Papua Police apologized for the incident in Deiyai, we apologize to the people of Papua, especially the families of the people who were hit by officers," Papua Police Chief Inspector General Boy Rafli Amar told the agency.
Civil society groups and activists held a candle light vigil in Jayapura on Sunday night to express concern over the incident.
The Jakarta Post reported Timika Bishop John Saklil also condemned the shooting, calling it an abuse of state apparatus to attack civilians and a cruel crime against humanity.
"All perpetrators must be held to account and tried in the human rights court," he said.


2) Officials meet to prepare for Pacific Forum summit
The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat is counting down to its 48th leaders' summit next month in Apia with a series of meetings for government officials this week in Samoa.
The two-day Forum Officials Committee meeting begins on Tuesday, which sets the agenda for the leaders to discuss.
Officials from the Small Island States are also meeting to look at progress on the five priority areas identified at last year's leaders' meeting in Palau.
There'll also be a meeting of the Forum's 14 countries who are members of the African Caribbean and Pacific group of nations that receives aid and development assistance from the European Union.
A key matter for that group to discuss is the establishment of a new deal to succeed the Cotonou Agreement, the funding arrangement which expires in 2020.
Foreign ministers will also meet to discuss working together to advance the Forum's foreign policy priorities and to strengthen the voice of the Pacific in international affairs.



Sentani, Jubi – One of the 10 recipients of Kalpataru’s top award of fighter and environmentalist 2017, Alex Waisimon, emphasized that saving the cenderawasih is directly related to forest protection.
Alex Waisimon is the driving force of the Isyo Hills Nature Lover Group of Repang Muaif Village in Nimbokrang District of Jayapura Regency, which protects the forest area around Isyo’s of 19 Ha.
“Endemic animals such as Cenderawasih (bird of paradise) are in this guarded forest, (because) it has been around for so long that we have to protect them from irresponsible hands,” Alex Waisimon told Jubi on Thursday (August 3) and explained that within the forest there are tens to hundreds of endemic Papuan animals.

Alex received the award directly from President Joko Widodo in Jakarta (2/8).
Alex admitted he deeply moved by the award given by the President of the Republic of Indonesia.
“In the future there will be more Papuan people who have to get this award … and for that it needs hard work,” he said, hoping that what he received would becomes the motivation for all people in Papua, specifically Jayapura Regency.(*)


Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Regional Police pledged to guard the completion of the shooting incident case in Kampung Oneibo, Deiyai ​​Regency Papua and to settle the case according to legal procedure.
This was conveyed by criminal investigation directorate of Papua Police, Kombes Pol Henri Simanjuntak before conducted crime scene in Kampung Oneibo, Saturday (August 5).
“Brimob (police mobile brigade squad) has also claimed that the gunmen are their members, this mean that they are open. So let’s work together to get the process done,” he said.
He claimed that the police did not conceal the embarrassing event, let alone the incident happened with many people witnesses.
Deiyai ​​parliament member Alfred Pakage on the occasion asserted that for the future there could be no more shooting of his people, because God created man in the world to protect and care for each other.
“My people should not be killed. There should be no shooting instructions. I am very sad; my people were killed like animals,” he said.
He warned Human right commission (komnas ham) of Papuan Representatives who conduct investigation to be serious about handling the case until it goes to the court.
Brimob firing within 15 meters
On a separate occasion, Head of Oneibo Village, Marius Pakage told Jubi that the Brimob officers who shot civilians in Deiyai ​​shot them within 15 meters.
“After shooting dead, the Brimob says ‘where do your weapons?’ Brimob fired at a distance of 15 meters. When the shootings, I stand in between the children (shooting casualties) and Brimob then I lift my hands as a peace sign. At that time I wear my clothing complete with Garuda (Indonesia official symbol of state),” explained Marius Pakage who is also one of the victim witnesses in the incident.
He recounted, the Brimob who were then using the complete attribute (black shirt) came from the side of PT. Dewa corporate camp. Then, they turned back with patrol vehicles (four cars), one truck, one Hilux double gardan car owned by the company.
Shortly thereafter, the shooting took place. The shooting did not aimed to the air because he felt some guns pointing at him. So did the children standing around him.
“Suddenly I see the children were falling, some of them ran to the water to col their wounded bodies from  the heat out of the bullets,” he explained. (*)

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