Friday, August 18, 2017

1) Papua to build prison for women, children

2) Police probe shooting at Freeport

3) Members of Free Papua Organization return to fold

1) Papua to build prison for women, children
Jakarta | Fri, August 18, 2017 | 04:36 pm

In celebration: Inmates sing and dance after receiving Independence Day sentence remissions at the Class II B Sorong Penitentiary in Sorong city, West Papua, on Aug.17. (Antara/Olha Mulalinda)
The Law and Human Rights Ministry’s Papua office has developed plans to build a penitentiary for women and children in Keerom regency.
“We have received the greenlight from the Keerom administration. We were provided with 5 hectares of land, the certificate of which will be finalized today [Friday],” head of the Law and Human Rights Ministry’s Papua office, Abner Banosro, said in Jayapura as quoted by Antara news agency.  
“We will submit the land certificate from the Keerom administration to the ministry, so that we can receive the funds to [build the penitentiary],” he went on.
Abner said his office would approach ministry officials in Jakarta to request for funds from the State Budget this year.
“Both construction and operation of the women and children’s penitentiary will start in 2018,” he added.
For the time being, his office is entrusting juvenile inmates with the Class II A Abepura Penitentiary in Jayapura city.
“For female prisoners, we have temporarily placed them in the Doyo Baru Narcotics Prison in Sentani, Jayapura,” he said. (yon/ebf)

2) Police probe shooting at Freeport
Jakarta | Fri, August 18, 2017 | 05:31 pm
The Mimika Police in Papua are investigating a shooting incident, which affected a long-wheel base (LWB) vehicle at gold and copper miner Freeport Indonesia’s mining area in Tembagapura district, on Thursday.
A member of the National Police’s Mobile Brigade (Brimob) was injured in the incident.
Mimika Police Adj. Sr. Comr. Dean Mackbon said the vehicle driven by Nikson Moningka was shot by an unidentified person as it passed Mile 60 in Tembagapura district, at around 1 p.m. local time on Thursday.
“We have examined the incident site and are investigating further,” said Victor as quoted by Antara.
He confirmed there were no fatalities from the attack. The police were also inventorying material losses caused by the incident.
Victor said the shooting at Mile 60, on a road connecting Timika to Tembagapura, had caused damage to the vehicle’s engine. Both rear tires were deflated while a Brimob personnel suffered injuries from shards of glass from the broken windows of the vehicle.  
Nikson was escorting a trailer truck passing from the lowlands to the Freeport mining area in the highlands when the incident occurred.
When he arrived at Mile 66, in an area called Hidden Valley, Nikson received a report that a surveillance vehicle belonging to marine fleet and port facility operator Kuala Pelabuhan Indonesia had suffered damage at around Mile 58.
Nikson decided to return to Mile 58 to pick up the two Brimob personnel operating the vehicle. When passing Mile 60, Nikson’s vehicle was suddenly shot from the left side of the road. (yon/ebf)
(Note. Another report about OPM members given up and returning to the Indonesian fold. Many of the reports in the past have been just propaganda stories).

3) Members of Free Papua Organization return to fold

20 hours ago | 853 Views
Serui, W Papua (ANTARA News) - Seventy-seven members of separatist group Free Papua Organizations (OPM) have returned to the countrys fold on Thursday, submitting 32 firearms.

They read their statement of allegiance, signed by their chief Kris Sineri, in the presence of local military, police, and administration officials.

In the statement, they pledged allegiance to the Unitary State of Indonesia, their support to the state ideology "Pancasila," and their refutation to anti-development groups, who have so far acted under the pretext of Papua independence struggle, making them common enemies, as well as stopping their armed actions and providing support to the development of Yapen Island district.

They also promised to appeal to their fellows who are still in the jungle, to come out and return to the countrys fold, and sought security assurance for them.

After reading the declaration, Sineri, who was the commander of South Yapen group, handed over a revolver and separatist Morning Star flag he had kept in his bag.

The chief of Biak Military resort 173, Brigadier General I Nyoman Chantiyasa, after receiving their weapons, appealed to them to ask their relatives to go down to participate in the development of the region.

"We will develop the eastern area and support it as we are all brothers. We are all Indonesians," he stated.

He called on former OPM members to stop the conflict and unite to develop Yapen so that people will be able to live in peace and not be afraid.(*)

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