Sunday, September 3, 2017

1) Eastern Indonesian KADIN on Freeport 51 Percent Share Divestment

2) Government praised for successfully dealing with PT Freeport

3) Four Augustinian priests ordained in West Papua’s ‘Bible City’

1) Eastern Indonesian KADIN on Freeport 51 Percent Share Divestment
Sunday, 03 September 2017 | 08:18 WI
JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The government's success in the agreement with PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) on 51 percent share divestment was assessed because of strong lobbying.
Vice Chairman of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Eastern Indonesia Area (KTI) Andi Rukman Karumpa said that by controlling the majority of PT Freeport's shares, the government should encourage the construction of smelters in Papua.
"The position of the government is very strong and persistent to build KTI, it is better for smelter [construction] in Papua," said Andi Rukman in a publication, Saturday (9/2/2017).
Mining Law Number 4 Year 2009 does not mention the location of the smelter has to be at the mine site. However, smelter development in Papua is expected to encourage equity of industry and economic prosperity to the eastern region.
"So, we in the eastern region also need industrialization. So that not all come to the island of Java, "he said.
Furthermore, Andi said by controlling most of Freeport's shares, the government can control the company's strategic policy, including smelter development.
He said that the attention of President Joko Widodo is very big to Papua and eastern Indonesia.
Therefore, he requested that the relevant ministries encourage the Freeport smelter to be built in Papua to stimulate industrialization in the region. The smelter development is also expected to be integrated with infrastructure development in Papua.
"The infrastructure connectivity must be filled with the development of new industrial and economic areas in Papua, so the Freeport smelter is highly relevant."
Currently as much as 40 percent of PT Freeport Indonesia concentrate is shipped and consumed by smelters in Gresik, East Java. (*)


2) Government praised for successfully dealing with PT Freeport

5 hours ago | 699 Views

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - A parliamentary leader has praised the government of President Joko Widodo for having successfully secured a deal to own 51 percent of shares of US mining giant PT Freeport Indonesia. 

"We praised Jokowi for his policy to successfully secure 51 percent of Freeport shares, while the governments tax receipt would not decline, and to impose a special mining business permit (IUPK) instead working contract on PT Freeport," the deputy chairman of House of Representatives Commission VII on energy and mineral resources, Satya Widya Yudha, said in a press release received here on Saturday.

The politician from the countrys second biggest political party Golkar stated that Freeport has been ready to invest US$20 billion in additional business, including building a smelter.

In view of that, he hoped that all national elements, especially the people of Papua where the mining operation is located, would fight together for an eventual 100 percent shareholding.

Commission VII member Kurtubi shared his view that the government deserved praise for its successful negotiation.

The politician from Nasdem party especially underlined the governments success in persuading Freeport to leave the working contract used so far and switch to IUPK for its operation. 

A member of the Regional Representatives Council (DPD) from Papua, Charles Simare Mare, thanked Jokowi for his success in securing 51 percent of PT Freeport Indonesia shares and hoped that the central government would involve more Papuans in the business.

PT Freeport Indonesia has announced its long-term plan after reaching a deal with the Indonesian government through negotiations so far.

"We would like to gladly announce that an agreement on framework to support the operation and investment has now been implemented in Papua. The achievement for an understanding on the structure of common agreement is significant and positive for all stakeholders," PT Freeport Indonesias president and chief executive officer Richard C Adkerson said in a written statement received by Antara on Wednesday (Aug 30).

According to it, PT Freeport Indonesia would change its working contract into IUPK that will give long-term operation right for the company until 2041.

The Indonesian government would give guarantee on fiscal and legal certainty during the IUPK tenure, while PT FI would be committed to build a new smelter in Indonesia within a five-year period.

Freeport-McMoran has agreed to divest its shares in PT FI based on a reasonable market price to make Indonesias holding of PT FI shares reach 51 percent.(*)


3) Four Augustinian priests ordained in West Papua’s ‘Bible City’

Sep 02, 2017

The Order of St Augustine (OSA) celebrated four new ordinations in the Diocese of Manokwari-Sorong, West Papua.
SORONG: The Order of St Augustine (OSA) celebrated four new ordinations in the Diocese of Manokwari-Sorong, West Papua.

Given that the number of Augustinians in Indonesia has greatly dropped in the past few years, this represents an extraordinary event for the local congregation, which falls within the Philippines province.

The ordination ceremony took place last Monday, 28 August, feast day of Saint Augustine, in the faraway island region, in the presence of 50 priests, two retired Indonesian bishops, and the provincial superior of the Order.

Archbishop Datus Hilarion Lega, bishop of Manokwari-Sorong, led the service with Mgr Alfred Gonti Pius Datubara, archbishop emeritus of Manado (North Sumatera), and Mgr Joseph Theodorus Suwatan, Bishop Emeritus of Manado (North Sulawesi).

Father Istoto Raharjo, a Java priest in "home mission" in the diocese, told AsiaNews that the four newly ordained priests are Frs Athanasius Bame, Philip Sedik, Stevanus Alo, and Mikael Janggu.

"Fr Atan Bame and Fr Philip Sedik are native to Papua,” said the priest. “Fr Mikael and Fr Stefanus Alo come from Manggarai and Sikka Maumere, East Nusa Tenggara province."

During the homily, Mgr Lega invited the new priests to remain faithful to Christ and his Church in their pastoral mission.

"Remain humble," said the bishop. "Being faithful to the Church means that priests are spiritually linked to their commitment to prayer and the safe-keeping of their consecrated lives, despite their pastoral work and activities."

The prelate reiterated that priests are called to pursue a pastoral, not a political mission. In memory of Saint Augustine, every priest and seminarian in the order is required to follow the path of the saint's life, marked by two aspects: simplicity and consecrated life.

The previous day, a new church dedicated to Saint Augustine was consecrated in Manokwari. The city is known in Indonesia as "Bible City " because the majority of its population is Christian, particularly Catholic.--Asianews

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