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Problem Dialog Jakarta - Papua, KNPB: ULMWP Not Fighting For Dialogue

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Problem Dialog Jakarta - Papua, KNPB: ULMWP Not Fighting For Dialogue
By Arnold Belau - August 30, 2017

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JAYAPURA, - In response to the ongoing issue of the Jakarta - Papua dialogue, the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) strongly declared the rejected Jakarta - Papua dialogue to be conducted with the ULMP.

This strong rejection came after President Jokowi entrusted Father Dr. Nele Tebay, Pr as the coordinator of the Papua Peace Network to prepare for dialogue between Jakarta and Papua after several Papuan leaders met with President Joko Widodo at the presidential palace some time ago.

Victor Yeimo, chairman of KNPB Pusat to, said that the KNPB's 7th KNPB meeting discussed the issue of dialogue between Jakarta and Papua.

"In response, we agreed to reject any dialogue with the colonial effort within the framework of NKRI, as the concept pursued by the Papua Peace Network (JDP)," he affirmed to in Jayapura, Wednesday (08/30/2017).

Yeimo said, it affirmed that United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) did not fight for dialogue, as prepared by JDP. However, he said, it remains consistent to solve the problems of Papua and Jakarta through the international mechanism of the struggle for self-determination by referendum.

According to Yeimo, there is no other way to resolve the issue of Papua other than through a referendum which he thinks is more democratic, fair and final.

"We convey that ULMWP does not strive for dialogue, but encourages the right of self-determination. We reject unilateral compromise in the name of conflict and the struggle of the Papuan people. We urge Jakarta and all parties to push for resolution of the West Papua issue through a just, democratic and final referendum, "he said.

Melkias Beanal, chairman of I KNPB Mnukwar region to added, Papuans are forced into the frame of NKRI brought pressure of the Indonesian Military on
1969. He said, Papuans are aware and understand when they get the entrance to NKRI so that they are also struggling to get out of the exit

"Under the leadership of the Colonial President whoever in the NKRI Papuans will not accept any offer of a referendum kecute in accordance with Indonesia who feel the value
democracy. We Papuan west Papua feel 14 Papuan people who meet with the president of Indonesia and form a team for dialogue Jakarta - Papua need to be aware that
People of Papua are the same as other humans in the World, "said Beanal.

According to Beanal, 14 Papuan Papuans asked for a Jakarta-Papua dialogue to foster human rights abuses and increase injuries to the hearts of the West Papuan masses and to foster new violations for the destruction of ethnic Melanesians in the land of Papua.

"So We the people of west Papua in Manokwari, through the media of West Papuan People, KNPB Mnukwar refused any dialogue in any form and immediately gave the opportunity
To Papuans from Sorong to Merauke to determine the future of Papuan Papuans themselves through a referendum as a democratic solution, "he said.

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