Monday, February 5, 2018

1) BEM UI Responds to Jokowi's Plan to Send Students to Papua

2) Indonesia to deal with last part of One Map Policy
MONDAY, 05 FEBRUARY, 2018 | 21:20 WIB
1) BEM UI Responds to Jokowi's Plan to Send Students to Papua  
TEMPO.COJakarta - President Joko Widodo or Jokowi announced his plan to send the University of Indonesia’s students to Asmat Regency, Papua, following a theatrical protest several days ago. During the protest, University of Indonesia’s Student Executive Board (BEM UI) president Zaadit Taqwa handed the President a yellow card to express a protest against the government’s method of handling a humanitarian tragedy in Asmat, Papua.
“Before Jokowi suggested that, BEM UI already devised a plan to take concrete actions to help our brothers and sisters in Papua,” said BEM UI vice president Idmand Perdina during a press conference on Sunday, February 4.
Idmand explained that his organization had already planned to raise funds to assist Asmat residents before President Jokowi invited BEM UI members to Papua.
Earlier, President Jokowi attended the 68th Dies Natalis of the University of Indonesia in Depok on Friday, February 2. When President Jokowi was at the podium, a student blew a whistle while holding a yellow card. The president’s security service quickly escorted the student away from the event.
The student was identified as M. Zaadit Taqwa, an eighth-semester student from the Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty of UI. During the protest, Zaadit was only able to shout several sentences before he was escorted out of the event area.
“I would like to convey three matters that the president needs to take notice,” said Zaadit.
The BEM UI president intended to highlight the malnutrition problem faced by Asmat tribe in Papua.


2) Indonesia to deal with last part of One Map Policy

Anton Hermansyah The Jakarta Post
Jakarta | Mon, February 5, 2018 | 08:30 pm
President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo said on Monday that the Indonesian government was now dealing with the last part of One Map Policy by focusing on mapping Papua, Maluku and Java in 2018.
In 2016, the government started work on the Kalimantan map, and the following year, started to deal with the Sumatra, Sulawesi, Bali and Nusa Tenggara map.
The President said the map reference was expected to be completed in 2019.
"In 2018, we will focus on the map of Papua, Maluku and Java so the One Map Policy is expected to be completed in 2019," he said during a Cabinet meeting at the Presidential Palace.
He said the work to arrange the program started in Kalimantan due to severe land problems on the island.
On the island, there were 4 million hectares of oil palm plantations that were believed to occupy forest land, making it difficult for the government to issue the permit, the President said.
For Papua, the President gave guidance that the map should consider ancestral land precisely, as it frequently sparked problems in the province.
The program refers to Presidential Regulation No. 9/2016 on the acceleration for the implementation of the One Map Policy.
Among expected benefits of the program include facilitating the creation of the spatial policy, the resolution of land disputes, the acceleration of development in the regions and the acceleration of land permit issuance for businesses. (bbn) 

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