Monday, October 22, 2018

1) Police declare completion of Skrzypski’s trial documents

Madang and West Papua leaders will meet this morning to look at direct business opportunities including trade and SME investments for the province and Momase region.
Madang governor Peter Yama last night met with West Papua Governor Lukas Enembe for a province to province meeting.
Mr Yama said Papua is just like Madang and there are opportunities available for trade and business investment which will be addressed further when the two leaders meet today.
Yama and team will meet with the Papua Chamber of Commerce and Industry to see which business or trade opportunities they can tap into.
Mr Enembe on the other hand, while welcoming Yama and team, said Papua must open a better relationship with PNG, and Madang especially to see if they can have an understanding on trade investments.
“We must join together economically, politically, culturally. It’s good for our people, good for our government, and good for Madang,” Mr Enembe said last night.
“We need to be closer with PNG. They’re very important in the Pacific Islands. That’s why we must join together with them and we will do just that with Madang.”
Mr Enembe said for years, links between the people of PNG and Indonesia especially Papua have been limited, singling out a mixture of issues including transport links and other restrictions which he wants addressed.
He said now that the Indonesian national government also encouraged province to province ties and especially a closer relationship with PNG, he wants Madang and Papua to have more trading opportunities and business investment.
“My government said ‘you go, this is very important’, because it’s good to build the relationship with PNG. They’re not afraid of that and I am not afraid of that too, I want to have a better business relationship with Madang, “ he said.


4) Indonesian rights body says Widodo failing Papua promises

3:14 pm today 

Indonesia's leading human rights organisation says president Joko Widodo has failed to honour human rights commitments including in Papua.

In a report released on Friday, the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence, or Kontras, 
evaluated promises made by Mr Widodo.
In its report, Kontras said there was no evidence human rights conditions in Papua region had improved since Joko Widodo took office in 2014.
It said there were nearly 70 cases of extrajudicial killings in Papua by security forces between January 2010 and February 2018.
Kontras identified land conflicts between indigenous people and corporations as an ongoing problem.
It said foreign media continued to face problems getting access to the region, noting nine arrests since 2015.
A member of Mr Widodo's campaign team, Arsul Sani, told CNN the President was giving special attention to human rights this year and it was unfair to pin the problems on him.
"So this is not just the responsibility of the government, because law enforcement on the one hand forms part of the government apparatus, but on the other has its independence", said Mr Sani.
In its report, Kontras noted a visit to Papua by a United Nations Special Rapporteur was a promising move.
But the group said Mr Widodo had failed to carry out most of the 17 human rights programs his government had prioritised.
"His administration failed to accomplish most of its initial commitments about human rights," Kontras commissioner Yati Andriyani told the Jakarta Post.
The report comes ahead of April 2019 elections, where Mr Widodo will face off against Prabowo Subianto in a repeat of the 2014 election race.
5) Indonesia requesting for Lae to supply cattle
INDONESIA has firmed up its request for Papua New Guinea specifically Lae, to supply 20,000 to 50,000 cattle when they host weeks National and International Sports event in 2020.
Papua Province will host this one week event where more than 70,000 sporting athletes and teams will participate. Because of Papua hosting, Governor for Papua Province Lukas Enembe has asked Lae, Morobe Province to supply 20,000 cattle for food in 2020 and another province will supply the remaining.
“But if Lae can give us the whole stock of 50,000 in 2020 than we do not need to ask our other suppliers in the province,” Mr Enembe said.
“In my last visit to PNG, Momase region, Lae to be specific, I made an undertaking that our government will purchase 20,000 cattle from Lae, to boost Lae economy and buy these cattle for our big sports event that we will be hosting in 2020. I said if Lae or Madang can supply the whole 50,000 cattle which will be eaten for a week then we don’t need to have our other Province provide, “he said.
“There will be more than 70,000 people participating, so we want to foster that business deal, and maybe right into the future for more prosperous economic and Trade business engagements, “Enembe said.

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