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1) Critics AMP inconsistent Motivation Delegation Arrival MSG

1) Critics AMP inconsistent Motivation Delegation Arrival MSG
2) Papuans Behind Bars: December 2013
3) One shot dead during trouble makers-joint forces shoot out in Papua

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1) Critics AMP inconsistent Motivation Delegation Arrival MSG
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MSG region . Photo : .

Yogyakarta, STEP MAGAZINE - In a written statement received on Friday ( 01.10.14 ) , Andy Ayamiseba explained , the visit has now been given the theme , "Promoting & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION TIES . " With the schedule listed , MSG just met the governor and regional parliament .

Andy said , " After meeting with the Government of Vanuatu represented , Hon Joe Natuman ( special envoy for decolonisation Vanuatu ) and the West Papua National Coalition for Liberation ( WPNCL ) , Otto Ondawame ( Waket ) , and Andy Ayamiseba ( Head of Mission in Vanuatu ) with adviser , Mr Barak Sope we diberitau that the visit program has been offered by Indonesia , " he said .

In connection with this , which changes the core motivation MSG arrival of reception problems for Papua WPNCL application is accepted as a member of the MSG , become a matter of business and economic cooperation , Papua Student Alliance ( AMP ) Committee Yogyakarta states do not agree and do not accept this .

MSG AMP wants to meet political leaders of the nation of Papua , and not only met with Indonesian accomplice in Papua . AMP Indonesia and several foreign minister accused of playing MSG member countries of interest, where they do not want to bring up issues that actually occurred in Papua , to the point , the application WPNCL wants to be defeated .

" It's part of the Indonesian political effort to conceal what really happened in Papua . Moreover, the ministers of the member countries should be invited RI MSG together , never individually invited , and given the money , " said Jeffrey, chairman of the committee AMP Yogyakarta to this afternoon .

AMP did not expressly agree to schedule a meeting in Papua 's MSG , if only with hands and feet in Papua Indonesia . AMP is requested MSG visit of political leaders of the nation of Papua in Papua , for example, that while being held in Abepura Prison and other prisons , to support what is said Filep Karma .

Known , Filep Karma , Papuan political prisoners have also been asked , in his visit , the MSG should visit Papua political prisoner who is currently scattered in several prisons in Papua .

"I ask , in the MSG leaders later visit to Papua in order to visit Papua Political Prisoners , " said Filep Karma told Jubi in Prison Class IIA , Abepura , Jayapura , on Thursday ( 9/1 ) .

AMP also appealed to the people of Papua and WPNCL to protest the MSG officials , because the goal was not pure MSG arrival , unlike the original purpose , in accordance with the agreement on the MSG summit in Noumea , June 2013 .

West Papua National Committee ( KNPB ) hope , MSG also intends either to visit the political leaders of the nation of Papua , and not only to Indonesia in Papua accomplice who would talk like what Jakarta said .

" We welcome and look forward to welcoming MSG Leaders in Papua , " said the chairman of KNPB , Victor Yeimo the Jubi in Prison Class IIA Abepura , Jayapura . ( Topilus B. Tebai / MS )
2) Papuans Behind Bars: December 2013
At the end of December 2013, there were at least 70 political prisoners in Papuan jails. After a period of sustained demonstrations and 112 political arrests in November, this month saw fewer demonstrations and no political arrests.
As reported in our November update, on 1 December 2013, two Papua New Guinea nationals and one West Papuan were arrested in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, during a ceremony raising the Papuan Morning Star flag, held to commemorate the date which West Papuans consider to be their national day. The three men have been released on bail. The arrests show the curbing of free expression extending beyond Indonesia’s borders, and a PNG civil society group has criticised Indonesia’s alleged interference.
While the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention declared in November 2011 that detaining people for raising the Morning Star flag is a violation of international law, there has been an increase in the number of detentions relating to the Morning Star flag in 2013.
Six detainees in the Aimas 1 May case were sentenced to 1.5 years’ imprisonment for conspiracy to commit treason under Articles 106 and 110 of the Indonesian Criminal Code. Isak Klaibin, who the court considered to be the leader of the gathering on 30 April, was sentenced to 3.5 years’ imprisonment under the same charges and an additional charge under the Emergency Law 12/1951. Yan Christian Warinussey, the Executive Director of LP3BH (Institute for Research, Investigation and Development of Legal Aid in Manokwari, Lembaga Penelitian, Pengkajian dan Pengembangan Bantuan Hukum), stated that the sentencing reflected poorly on the situation of human rights in Papua, particularly with regards to freedom of expression. 
Despite attempts by the Provost and vice-Provost of Cenderawasih University (Universitas Cenderawasih, UNCEN) in November 2013 to suppress political activity on campus, students continued to protest against the detention of student leader Yason Ngelia, holding a further demonstration on 12 December.
West Papua attracted further international attention, with the completion of the ‘Pedalling for Papua’ campaign at Abepura prison, Jayapura, where human rights activist Jeremy Bally delivered global messages of support to the prisoners. There were concerns over distorted media coverage of his visit and Indonesian news outlets were criticised as misrepresentative. 
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3) One shot dead during trouble makers-joint forces shoot out in Papua

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Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA News) - A member of the trouble maker group "Jhon Beanal" was shot dead during a shootout by the joint forces of Indonesian Military and Police at PT Freeports east embankment operational area, Papua.

Vice Head of Papua Police Brigadier General Paulus Waterpauw informed ANTARA News in Papua, on Friday, that the victim could be ascertained as a member of Jhon Beanal AKA Jhon Botak Group since the east embankment of PT Freeport area was known to be their hideout.

"The shooting took place on the night of Thursday, January 9, during the joint forces regular patrol in that area," he explained. 

According to Waterpauw, the current situation post the shooting remained conducive and the deceased was being sought to be evacuated.

"Now, we are still waiting for the last of the process to identify the deceased," Waterpauw explained.

Besides, it was raining during the shootout, and that had caused the process of the evacuation even more difficult.

The joint forces found an M-16 gun on the victim and saved it as evidence.

During the ten minute shooting, the police estimated, the Jhon Beanal group had ten to twenty members and possessed around four guns, Waterpauw explained.

The current report stated that the operational work of PT Freeport is still on and the residents who lived around the location are all safe.

"The shooting location was far away from the PT Freeport and the residential area," Waterpauw pointed out. (Uu.A060/INE/KR-BSR/H-YH)
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