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1) Free Papua Activists Arrested During Demonstration

1) Free Papua Activists Arrested During Demonstration
3) NPB : Failed MSG MSG Run Mandate Summit in Noumea
4) Indigenous People Demand Companies Give Work to Papuans.
5) Arrests during MSG visit to Papua capital
6) Update: Chronology of Okaba Death in Police Custody


TUESDAY, 14 JANUARY, 2014 | 11:38 WIB
1) Free Papua Activists Arrested During Demonstration
TEMPO.COJayapura - As many as 30 Free Papua activists were arrested during a demonstration before the West Papua Provincial Legislative Council (DPRP) in Jayapura, Papua. They were requesting delegates of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) to support Papua’s membership in the Asia-Pacific block.
The police clarified that the arrest was because the activists had no permits for demonstration. "We only require information. No detainment, beating, or intimidation," said Jayapura Chief of Police Senior Commissioner Alfred Papare.
On the other hand, one of the activists, Elias, protested the arrest and said, "We conducted a non-anarchist demonstration." He added that they chose the DPRP office so that the Council members can help facilitate dialogues with MSG delegates. "Before entering the building, the police intercepted. The police took our cameras and erased the photographs," he said.
In response to the arrest, Papua Governor Lukas Enembe suggested that his people not focus on past events and the alleged human rights violations. "I understand that the New Order gave rise to various human rights violations. However, the Reformation has given birth to [Papua’s] Special Autonomy. We endorse development in Papua with all its potential for the welfare of Papuans," said the governor.


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Andreas Harsono , Indonesian researcher from Human Rights Watch ( )

Jayapura , 13/1 ( Jubi ) - The arrest of Markus Haluk , secretary general AMPTPI and Papuan activists by the authorities when they want to pick up delegates MSG demonstration in front of the Papuan Legislative Council ( DPRP ) is proof that Indonesia does not respect the freedom of expression .

" These arrests reflect a violation of freedom of expression guaranteed in Papua by Indonesian law and international conventions . " Said Andreas Harsono , Indonesian researchers from Human Rights Watch on Monday ( 13/1 ) .

According to Andrew , this would be evidence of arrest for MSG delegation that rights are often violated Papuans by Indonesian security forces .

As long as there is no anarchy , further Andreas , freedom and the right of people to believe must be respected .
" The authorities should respect the right person . As long as they do not do violence , as long as there is no fuel or fuel - o'clock people , during which there should be no arrests , "said a senior journalist in Indonesia.

"The Indonesian government must respect the rights of the Papuan people . MSG reason for the government to come to Jayapura offer MSG see the situation in the field . Why people protest even arrested ? This is a bad advertisement for Indonesia , " he added .

In different places , the Chairman of Fellowship Baptist Churches in Papua ( PGBP ) , Reverend Socrates Sofyan Yoman argued in Papua is no longer freedom . Papuan People really oppressed , completely colonized , space for freedom of expression Papuans completely silenced , and the dignity of the people of Papua crushed and trampled by the Indonesian government .

" From the positive side of the arrest of dozens of activists through arrests earlier that Indonesia is already showing his ignorance that Indonesia is no longer a democracy but a country that uses the power of the state to oppress the people of Papua , " said Socratez .. ( Jubi / Arnold Belau )

A google translate of article in Majalahselangkah. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.

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3) NPB : Failed MSG MSG Run Mandate Summit in Noumea
 Author : Topilus B. Tebai | Tuesday, January 14, 2014 09:29 Read: 266 Comments : 0

KNPB mass action when it comes down to the street , a peaceful demonstration . Ist .

Jayapura , STEP MAGAZINE - West Papua National Committee ( KNPB ) rate , mission MSG delegation led by Ratu Inoke Kubuabola , Minister of Foreign Affairs of Fiji , failed in its mandate as monitoring and fact-finding mission to Papua , find out up close in person , the condition about violations of human rights and the will and desire of people of West Papua for independence from Indonesian occupation , as stated in the final communique MSG summit in Noumea , Kanaky , in June 2013 ago .

Through a press release received KNPB this morning , Tuesday ( 14.01.14 ) , KNPB confirmed this .

"The people of West Papua, expressed disillusionment with the Government of Fiji and PNG which has been driving the suffering of the people of West Papua and also communique MSG to enhance economic cooperation with Indonesia's colonial rulers while being colonized us . , " Wrote KNPB in releasenya .

According KNPB , when MSG really have a willingness to review the Papuan people as allied brothers , brothers representatives of MSG will meet with leaders of the people of Papua in Papua , not the accomplice of Indonesian Papuans in Papua is considered invaders .

" We consider the arrival of the brothers and sisters of MSG as a secret visit , due to the arrival schedule and meetings were held in secret . Thing that really hurt ethics and cultural fraternity in cultures of Melanesia Melanesia where it should be open and the arrival was greeted with Melanesian cultural dances that have been prepared by the people . " KNPB write .

Therefore , the delegation considers KNPB only able to meet with representatives from Indonesian colonial powers present in the House , the Governor , and the leadership of the military / police , all of which are the extension of the invaders in the land of Papua .

" They ( MSG ) is not able to meet with the people of West Papua who have been anticipating their arrival with great joy , to dance . Yet Indonesian security forces brutally disperse the Papuan people have the pickup , and 46 people were arrested , " wrote KNPB .

KNPB still hoping , West Papua is accepted as a permanent member of MSG through a petition filed by WPNCL .

" We hope to be a member of West Papua can contribute in building and maintaining Melanesian brotherhood in accordance with the spirit of the formation of MSG , " wrote KNPB in releasenya signed Victor Yeimo , Chairman KNPB KNPB with the Secretary General , Suhun Ones . ( Topilus B. Tebai / MS )


4) Indigenous People Demand Companies Give Work to Papuans.

Four companies in Muting and Ulilin Districts of Merauke Regency have been asked to give work to indigenous Papuans, and especially holders of customary rights over the land the companies are using. The four companies that are operating in the two districts are PT Bio Inti Agrindo, PT Cahaya Bone Lestari, PT Agrinusa Cipta Persada and PT Berkat Cipta Abadi. All four companies are involved in the oil palm sector.
Imanuel Basik-Basik, the Traditional Chief of the Malind Bianim in Muting, said that these four companies had been in operation for two years but were still not recruiting indigenous Papuans to their workforce, in particular the customary rights holders. This is despite a written agreement between the companies and the customary land rights holders to recruit local Papuan labour, said Imanuel Basik-Basik.
“Documents exist in which all four companies promise to recruit local Papuan labour once the company started operations, but until now there has been no follow-up on this”, said Imanuel Basik-Basik.
Based on data from the Merauke forestry and plantation service, these four oil palm companies are operating on customary land belonging to the Malind Bianim indigenous people of Muting, with respective operational areas of: PT Bio Inti Agrindo 40,000 hectares, PT Cahaya Bone Lestari 403 hectares (under a self-management scheme), PT Agrinusa Cipta Persada 33,540 hectares, and PT Berkat Cipta Abadi 14,525 hectares.
Efendy Kanan, the head of the Forestry and Plantation service pointed out that of the four companies operating in the two districts, one was self-managed. “PT Cahaya Bone Lestari is a self-management corporation where the profits from the production are shared with 30 going to the customary rights holders and 70% to the company. This is because about 363 hectares of the land worked by the corporation belongs to local residents, while 60 hectares belongs to the local government,” revealed Efendy Kanaan.
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5) Arrests during MSG visit to Papua capital

Updated at 2:55 pm today
Reports from Indonesia's Papua region say more than 40 West Papuans were arrested during the visit by foreign ministers of the Melanesian Spearhead Group in Jayapura.
The ministers visited to vet a formal bid for MSG membership by the West Papua National Coalition for Liberation.
Walter Zweifel reports.
"Dozens of Papuan activists were arrested by Indonesian police outside the legislature for demonstrating against the lack of access to the MSG. This appears to confirm concern by Vanuatu, which pulled out of the long-planned visit at the weekend, saying it felt Indonesia was not allowing the ministers access to the people who they sought to meet. Papua, which has seen a low-level separatist rebellion since it was taken over by Indonesia in the 1960s, is closed to foreign media. The head of the MSG delegation, Fiji's foreign minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, has rebuffed the separatists' aspirations, saying the ministers fully respect Indonesia's sovereignty and territorial integrity and further recognise that West Papua is an integral part of Indonesia."

6) Update: Chronology of Okaba Death in Police Custody

Further details of the police brutality that resulted in the death of Roni, a man from Sanggase Village, Merauke Regency, after he was arrested on New Year’s Eve:
31st December (evening)
The victim and residents of Sanggase were holding a New Year’s Eve party with music and alcohol, when an alcohol-influenced quarrel broke out between the victim and the DJ. Others stepped in and calmed the situation down.
1st January 2014 (morning)
The victim was still angry with the DJ and several other people. He hit someone with a coconut branch, at which point a fight broke out, involving several people.
Police arrived on the scene and arrested five people who they brought to the Okaba police station. Once at the station they were struck and whipped with rope that had been wound around itself.
Afterwards, the victim was brought into a room and was heard to scream, thought to be because he was being tortured by a police officer named Markus or Max and one of Astra’s security guards, named Andre Paat. People outside the room could only hear the victim groaning in pain, until later no more sound could be heard.
Night of January 1st.
The arrested villagers spent the night in separate rooms, four people were placed in one room and the victim in another.
2nd January
When the four others woke up they couldn’t hear their friend’s voice, so they looked into the room where he was being held and saw that he was not moving. They reported this to the guard and they were asked to bring their friend to the Okaba hospital.
The officials at the hospital examined the victim and pronounced that he had died before arriving at the hospital. As they were bringing the victim back to the police station, the local priest (Beni Marko) told them otherwise, that they should just bring the victim back to his village using a district official’s vehicle.
3rd January
The victim was buried in Sanggase Village.
This is an update on previous news about this incident, which can be read here:
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