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1) Member of armed gang killed in shootout in Timika, Papua

1) Member of armed gang killed in shootout in Timika, Papua
3) Three Nepalese deported from Indonesia


1) Member of armed gang killed in shootout in Timika, Papua

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Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA News) - A member of a gang of armed people was killed in a shootout with the military (TNI) in Timika, Papua, on Thursday. 

The military confiscated an M 16 weapon left by the gang believed to be separatists after the shootout at 6.00 p.m. local time, military source said.

Indonesia has yet to deal with separatists hiding in the Papua.

Last Saturday a group of armed people grabbed and took away 8 pieces of weapon from a police guard post at Kulirik, in the regency of Puncak Jaya, Papua.

Police said the group assisted by a number of local people attacked the guard post where there were only two officers on duty.

The officers tried to resist but seeing they were heavily outnumbered, ran away from the back door.(*)
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Vice Regent of Puncak Jaya, Justus Wonda (Jubi

Jayapura , 9/1 ( Jubi ) – The series of violent acts that occurred in Puncak Jaya in recent days made Puncak Jaya Legislative Council to speak up.
The chairman of Legislative Council in Puncak Jaya Regency , Nesco Wonda said , no doubt, there are armed groups in Puncak Jaya that has no clear purpose of their struggle .
” Currently, there are a number of armed groups appeared in Puncak Jaya , so what they fought becoming obscure , ” said Wonda Nesco , Thursday ( 9/1 ) .
He said in the Puncak Jaya region, there are now several armed groups that emerged, they are Yambi , Tingginambut , Illu , Peak Smile , Kalome , Mewoluk, and Kali Cement groups .
” Now many armed groups, but no clear direct  command. What they stand for is also not clear. Are they fighting for West Papua Independence, interest groups, personal interests or other parties who sent them for the sake of particular interest .” he said .
The same thing also stated by Vice Regent of Puncak Jaya, Justus Wonda. He said , in addition to many armed groups in Puncak Jaya that has no clear direct command.   Ironically, the group recruited under age- followers.
” There are so many armed groups now If there is an incident , a group will point out other groups or the other way, and these armed groups recruit children as their followers.  ” said Justus Wonda . (Jubi/Arjuna/Tina)


3) Three Nepalese deported from Indonesia

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Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA News) - The Immigration Office of the eastern Indonesian city of Jayapura in Papua province deported three Nepalese nationals on Thursday, stated spokesman Soenaryono.

"We have deported three immigrants from Nepal who allegedly wanted to seek asylum in Australia. They left Jayapura for Jakarta, on the Batik Air plane, at 8 a.m. this morning," noted Soenaryono on Thursday.

He explained that the three Nepalese nationals, identified as Prashain Prabhakar (19), Thapa Chhetri Rabindra (37) and Khadka Kama Kumar (30), were held on December 30, 2013 when they were about to have their visas extended at the Jayapura Immigration Office.

Soenaryono informed that they had told the immigration authorities that they wanted to make their way to Australia from Merauke on a motor boat, but had to get their visas extended in Jayapura before that.

"However, we have now deported them to Jakarta from where they will be flown to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and then to their country of origin, Nepal," he noted. 

Meanwhile, the immigration authorities in Batam, Riau Islands Province, deported 121 foreign nationals on various charges, last year.

"Most of the deportees were from Malaysia, Singapore and Myanmar," Head of the Batam Immigration Office Yudi Kurniadi stated in Batam recently.

He added that 36 foreign nationals were deported after their stay permits had expired, and 40 were deported after being caught for illegal fishing in the Indonesian waters.

Four of the deportees were involved in smuggling activities, while 26 others had abused their stay permits, he noted. 

Sixteen foreign nationals were deported after completing their respective jail terms for various criminal offenses, he remarked.

He noted that several foreign nationals had gained entry into Batam through the many illegal ports that are present.

Some of the foreign nationals used these illegal ports to smuggle drugs, he claimed.

"Some of the foreign nationals were directly deported to their countries, while others were sent to a detention facility in Tanjungpingan, prior to their deportation," he emphasized.

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