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1) MSG Failed to Monitor West Papua

1) MSG Failed to Monitor West Papua
2) Timika action in place to address the arrival of Tim MSG

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1) MSG Failed to Monitor West Papua
January 13 , 2014 By : admin Category : News

Press Release KNPB

We honestly say that the mission of the MSG delegation led by the Foreign Minister of Fiji , Ratu Inoke Kubuabola not successfully monitor and look for the facts and the condition of human rights violations will of the people of West Papua in accordance with the Communiqué MSG Summit in Noumea , Kanaky last in June 2013 .

West Papuan People expressed disillusionment with the Government of Fiji and PNG which has been driving the suffering of the people of West Papua and also communique MSG to enhance economic cooperation with Indonesia's colonial rulers while being colonized us .

We consider the arrival of the brothers and sisters of MSG as a secret visit , due to the arrival schedule and meetings were held in secret . It was very hurt ethics and cultural fraternity in cultures of Melanesia Melanesia where it should be open and the arrival was greeted with Melanesian cultural dances that have been prepared by the people .

Therefore , we consider only successful delegation met representatives of Indonesian colonial power in the House , Governor and Chairman of the army / police that while our nation is invaded West Papua . They are not able to meet the people of West Papua are excited to welcome him , even if the action was dismissed by the power reception military / police and arrest 46 people of West Papua .

People want West Papua West Papua accepted as a permanent member of the MSG through WPNCL applications . We hope to be a member of West Papua can contribute in building and maintaining Melanesian brotherhood in accordance with the spirit of the formation of MSG .

Jayapura , January 14, 2014

Board KNPB

Victor Yeimo , Chairman

Ones Suhun , Secretary
2) Timika action in place to address the arrival of Tim MSG
January 13 , 2014 By : knpbtimika Category : News

Action in place , in the Office of KNPB / PRD Mimika

Timika - KNPBNews , To anticipate the MSG team arrived in Timika , the People's Parliament ( PRD ) and its Mimika Papua National Committee ( KNPB ) Timika region are also getting ready to pick up Tim MSG , there is a guard at the airport and there is Moses Kilangin wait office and there is a guard sten well in their respective sectors and rayon .

However the signs are not there for the MSG team arrived in Timika , Mimika the People's Parliament and the National Committee for West Papua ( KNPB ) Timika region are doing a press conference at the Office of the PRD and KNPB page Timika region .

Statement submitted by the Regional Parliament ( PRD ) Mimika and West Papua National Committee ( KNPB ) Timika region , represented by Mr. Steven Itlay is :

We the People of West Papua in Timika protested to the Government of the Republic of Indonesia which limits the team visits MSG in Papua , because MSG is not a Team came to visit the State visit to the Republic of Indonesia but to visit us as brothers and sisters as appropriate Malanesia Skin Decision MSG summit in Kanaky .
We the People of West Papua in Timika support for stopping the MSG team consists of 5 ( five ) State immediately review the situation and suffering Malanesia People in West Papua .
We the People of West Papua in Timika expect the MSG Leaders to register our Malanesia People in West Papua is also registered as an official member of the Forum of MSG .
We the People of West Papua in Timika appealed and appealed to the international community, the Forum MSG countries and countries in the region in the area of ​​FIF forum Fasifik that " Military Emergency Situations West Papua " to request the support of the National and International journalists .
After that they were also discussions about the charges leveled by the military through Print Media RADAR Timika Timika today's edition of 13 / 01 over the shooting of TPN members who were shot by the Indonesian military , that military alleges that they got the Operations Warrant was issued by the National Committee of Papua west ( KNPB ) , said the Indonesian military in Timika can also bring their letter when a firefight, Aneeeee ....... The usual means for the military claimed that the People's Armed Civilian ( RSB ) OTK terrorists and other names that do and do not acknowledge the TPN / OPM do mean KNPB and the People 's Civil dombakan pitted .

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