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1) One Killed OPM

1) One Killed OPM
3) MSG mission to Indonesia imminent


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Friday , January 10, 2014 06:27

1) One Killed OPM

Jayapura - 
One of the TPN / OPM reported killed after an armed clash between joint military-police team and the TPN / OPM in the East Dike , Kali Coffee , Mimika regency , on Thursday ( 9/14 ) at around 17:30 pm CDT.

In Contact Weapons in Timika

Papua Police spokesman , Sr. ( Pol ) Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono , Sik . , As confirmed by Bintang Papua via his cell phone , confirmed the existence of an armed clash between the teams combined military-police and armed criminal groups .

" It is in the area of ​​East Levee Coffee time , Mimika Armed clashes have taken place , and one of their group was shot dead , while his identity is still unknown , " said Head of Public Relations night .

Besides killed one of the armed criminal groups , Head of Public Relations said, authorities also managed to secure some evidence , in the form of one long-barreled guns brand M - 16 , 3 pieces magazen M - 16 , while the group 's body has not been evacuated because of the condition of the night days .

Regarding the shooting chronologically , explains Head of Public Relations , the team initially a joint military-police forces were on patrol in an area frequented by criminal gangs allegedly unarmed . Arriving on the scene suddenly fired upon by the group .

When itupula , direct joint team returned fire in the direction of armed criminal groups for approximately 10 minutes , but it was not long before the group fled from the location to direct officers gave chase and check the location where he did the shooting.

" Having successfully mastered the scene , the joint team headed straight to the site and managed to find one of their group was shot dead by suspected arms secure the spoils belonged to the security forces , " he concluded

The gunfire also justified the Military Command XVII / Cenderawasih .

In a press release last night saying the military command , the TNI Battalion 754 successful joint police seize 1 M - 16 guns and shoot 1 KSB members to death .

The gun battle occurred after the soldiers of Battalion 754 of the Joint National Police carry out patrols and get information from the community that there is a group of people carrying firearms . After the Joint Team Force Police patrolling to where the public is informed of the levee toward the East , and that's where a shootout occurred between combined teams TNI Battalion 754 - Police with Armed Civil Group (BCC ) . After the team secure situation Combined Armed Forces - Police carry out sweeping and in dapati one person from the Armed civilian groups ( KSB ) was shot and killed on the spot and secure a rifle shoots 1 type M - 16 .

After the incident until tonight circumstances in Timika is back under control . ( Jir/loy/don/l03 )


A google translate of article in Jubi. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.

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Author : Victor Mambor on January 10 , 2014 at 09:09:47 WP
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Edward Natapei ( Jubi / Victor Mambor )

Jayapura , 10 / 01 ( Jubi ) - Delegation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs states Melanesian Spearhead Group ( MSG ) will reportedly make a visit to Indonesia in the next few days . This visit should have done years ago .

This delegation is the resolution of the MSG Summit in Noumea , which was decided in June last year after the West Papua National Coalition for Liberation ( WPNCL ) apply for membership in the MSG . MSG member countries were forced to postpone the discussion of the application WPNCL after Indonesia offers a visit to Jakarta and Papua for a closer look at the issues of human rights violations in Papua , allegedly committed by the Indonesian . The plan , this visit will be carried out between 11 to 15 January 2014. Representative kanaki People's Liberation Front ( FLNKS ) even reported to have flown to Jakarta last night ( 9/1 )

But beyond the expectations of many, the only delegation invited by the Government of Indonesia to visit Jakarta and Bali alone , without Papua . This triggered protests from Vanuatu , one of the countries members of the MSG lately very concerned with the issue of self-determination for the people of Papua . Deputy Prime Minister of Vanuatu who is also the Minister of Foreign Affairs , Edward Natapei , when contacted Jubi said Vanuatu has sent a letter of protest to the MSG Secretariat of the Indonesian government 's invitation .
" The invitation but does not include Papua Jakarta and Bali alone . We have asked the Chairman of the MSG ensure Jakarta agenda includes a visit to Papua , before Monday ( 13/1-red ) , " said Natapei when contacted Jubi , Friday ( 10/1 ) morning .

In pre MSG Summit meeting attended by foreign ministers of MSG in Lifou Island , Loyalty Islands New Caledonia , in June last year . Foreign Minister of Fiji , Ratu Inoke Kubuabola said MSG delegation to Indonesia is the Indonesian Government initiative .
" We all agreed that the mission would go to Jakarta at the invitation of the Government of Indonesia and then to West Papua . This year ( 2013 - ed ) , depending on the date agreed with the Indonesian government . " Kubuabola said at the time. Indonesian government 's invitation , said Kubuabola , presented by the Indonesian government on June 3 , during a meeting between Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama and Fiji Djoko Suyanto , Coordinating Minister of Indonesia.

The Indonesian government , through the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs , Vishnu Ward , MSG Summit plenary before June 21, says relations between Indonesia and MSG continue to be strengthened and improved . One way is to invite the Foreign Ministers of MSG countries to come to Indonesia .
" To strengthen relationships with MSG Indonesia , Indonesian Foreign Minister invited the MSG to come to Indonesia . To exchange experiences and provide an opportunity to see and better understand the development in Indonesia , including Papua and West Papua . " Said Wisnuwardhana .

Meanwhile , Filep Karma , Papuan political prisoners requesting a visit , MSG also visited Papua political prisoner who is currently scattered in several prisons in Papua .
"I ask , in the MSG leaders later visit to Papua in order to visit Papua Political Prisoners , " said Filep Karma told Jubi in Prison Class IIA , Abepura , Jayapura , on Thursday ( 9/1 ) .

The visit is meant , not only to the Penitentiary (Prison ) Class IIA Abepura in Jayapura but also to prisons in other cities in Papua are no political prisoners . Such as prisons Biak , Nabire , Manokwari , Sorong , Wamena and the consortium .
" I also hope , MSG is not only met with Papuans who had been prepared by the Government of Indonesia, but also anyone who wants to Papuans met with leaders of MSG , " please Filep Karma again .

While the West Papua National Committee ( KNPB ) asked the Indonesian government to open widely without isolating the reality of the problem that happened in Papua . MSG Leaders should be given the freedom to meet with anyone Papuan people to understand the problems facing Papua issue for integration with Indonesia .
" We welcome and look forward to welcoming MSG Leaders in Papua , " said the chairman of KNPB , Victor Yeimo the Jubi in Prison Class IIA Abepura , Jayapura . ( Jubi / Victor Mambor / Aprila )


3) MSG mission to Indonesia imminent

Updated at 4:28 pm on 9 January 2014
A Foreign Ministers' delegation of the Melanesia Spearhead Group is reportedly due to visit Indonesia within days to discuss and observe West Papua.
The delegation's visit stems from a resolution at last June's MSG leaders summit in Noumea to engage more closely with Jakarta over issues raised about extensive alleged human rights abuses in Indonesia's Papua region.
The visit by the MSG is to commence on Sunday, taking in legs in Jakarta and in Papua province, according to the West Papua National Coalition for Liberation.
The trip was originally planned for late last year.
The Coalition's formal bid to become a full member of the MSG had been deferred by member governments pending the outcome of the mission to Indonesia.
The MSG is split over the Papua issue, with Vanuatu pushing for the former Dutch colony's right to self-determination while Fiji acknowledging Indonesia's control of the area as legitimate.

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