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1) Papua liberation movement commends Vanuatu government

1) Papua liberation movement commends Vanuatu government
2) Setback for admission of West Papuan group into MSG
5) Freeport Indonesia ready to build smelter
6)  Papua separatists say MSG ministers witnessed repression


1) Papua liberation movement commends Vanuatu government
Updated 15 January 2014, 8:09 AEST
A Vanuatu based West Papua Liberation movement has commended the decision of the Vanuatu government to boycott the Melanesian Spearhead Group ministerial visit to Indonesia.
The trip was agreed to at last year's MSG leaders summit in New Caledonia, with the purpose of assessing the situation on the ground in the Indonesian Province of Papua, and what support there was from indigenous groups there for the West Papua Liberation Movement to be given MSG membership. But soon after that reports appeared that some MSG member governments, in particular the military backed regime in Fiji, were backing away from that agreement and were pushing for a change in the purpose of that mission. Just days before the mission was set to leave its agenda was released, and when Vanuatu's Foreign Minister Edward Natapei saw its purpose had been changed to attend meetings with the government in Jakarta, including the signing of a trade agreement, with less than a day to be spent in Papua, he announced he would not be going. That decision has been commended by the West Papua National Coalition for Liberation, which is based in Vanuatu. The Vanuatu government has said any agreement signed in Jakarta by the delegation will be on an individual basis rather than on behalf of the MSG. The MSG Secretariat has also refused to comment on Vanuatu's dismissal of the Indonesian trip, saying it does not comment on the positions or policies of its members.
Presenter: Hilaire Bule
John Ondowame, Vice Chairman of the West Papua National Coalition for Liberation


2) Setback for admission of West Papuan group into MSG

Updated about 1 hour ago
Vanuatu's Foreign Minister Edward Natapei believes recent events will make it more difficult to push for the admission of a West Papuan group into the Melanesian Spearhead Group.
The Vanuatu government pulled out of an MSG Foreign Ministers delegation to Indonesia this week to discuss and visit West Papua because it believes the trip is being used by Indonesia to promote economic ties.
Mr Natapei says the visit was supposed to assist leaders in making a decision about whether the West Papuan National Coalition for Liberation, based in Vanuatu, should become a full member.
He says trips to Indonesia by the heads of government of Fiji, PNG, and the Solomon Islands, in the past few months, is sending the wrong message.
"Considering that three of the leaders of MSG have been in Indonesia and they have entered into some agreements with the government of Indonesia I believe it's going to be a lot more difficult this time to try and push this agenda forward."
Edward Natapei says he's concerned about reports of protesters being arrested in West Papua this week during the visit of the MSG group.


3) MSG West Papua visit under armed guard

WEDNESDAY, 15 JANUARY 2014 12:36
A DELEGATION of Foreign Ministers of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) visiting the troubled province of Papua were met and escorted under heavy guard by the Joint Indonesian Military (TNI) and Indonesian Police (POLRI).
Even peaceful demonstrations were banned by the Police.

Around 46 indigenous Papuan activists were arrested in Jayapura for attempting to demonstrate, including well known figures Markus Haluk and Yusak Pakage.

All are believed to have been released. 

The MSG delegation’s visit is in response to an invitation from Indonesia in mid 2013 prompted by the MSG 19th Summit’s consideration of an application for membership by Papua in June 2013.

An application which caused significant debate within the Summit at the time and since and which has seen ceaseless efforts during the last 6 months by Indonesia to undermine the application.

Members of the Indigenous Papuan community were not given even the slightest space to be able to access let alone meet with members of the MSG Delegation, who were heavily guarded every moment of their time in Papua.

The delegation met only with Government Officials from the Provincial level of Government.

The Indonesian Government’s attitude was that they invited the MSG delegation so it was the Government that would meet with them.

Students responded by blockading the main road leading from Jayapura city to the airport by burning tyres on the road.

As there was no other road route to escort the MSG delegation back to the airport so they were taken instead by Helicopter from the Military Headquarters.

“By these means Indonesia has isolated Papua yet again. The Government has silenced the indigenous population of Papua and closed down any possible space for democracy.

The MSG delegation wanted to visit Papua to see the situation for themselves first-hand yet they have not been able to access the people.

“The MSG Delegation was escorted by the Indonesian Armed Forces as if indigenous Papuans wanted to kill their fellow Melanesian brothers and sisters.

“Indigenous Papuans know and live by what is required by their culture and their religion and it’s absolutely absurd to even consider that they would harm or make things difficult for their “Melanesian brothers and sisters visiting Papua.

“The culture of terrorists in this region is the culture of others and not of Papuans,” a statement said.

“The events of this date in Papua tell the world that the State of Indonesia is still hiding something in Papua from the rest of the world.

“That something is the humanitarian evil that is being committed by the State of Indonesia against Indigenous Papuans.

“The events of this date in Papua also tell the world that the State of Indonesia is not yet mature in its practice of democracy.”

Yan Ciristian Warinusy, a human rights activist in Papua, said the visit was in line with the preliminary agenda of the MSG summit held in June 2013 in Noumea, Kanaky-New Caledonia.

“This is an important matter, a prerequisite for them to determine how they will consider the membership of Papua into the MSG membership,” he said, “as based on the application by the West Papua National Coalition for Liberation (WPNCL).”


Delegation of MSG at Vocational Scholl of Jayapura (Jubi)

Jayapura , 13/1 (Jubi) – Delegation of Melanesian Spearhead Group countries invited by Indonesia government made a visit to SMK 1 Jayapura.
As Jubi’s observations, SMKN 1 Jayapura did not get any notification about this visit. The Head of the Border and International Cooperation ( BPKLN ) Papua province, Suzana D. Wanggai refused to be interviewed about their arrival.
Jihar Gultom, Head of the Indonesian Consulate, in Vanimo when questioned related to the arrival and names of MSG ministers visiting Papua as well as their goal, confirmed that this program is designed by Central Government and refused to talk further.
“I do not know. You may ask to the group leader, he is a project leader.” stated to tabloidjubi.com, on a visit at SMK 1 Jayapura, Monday (13/1).
The Head of High School and Vocational Education Office of Jayapura, Cliford Korwa briefly said, “In this case, I have no comment.”
Meantime, when interviewing the Principal of SMKN 1 Jayapura, Elisabeth Paksoal, she said that the results of this visit gives a great opportunity in the future.
“We have discussed and will be followed up by the Consulate. We are hoping not only a visit but there will be students who are learning.” she said simply.
Name list of the group of MSG countries are :
1 . Ratu Inoke Kabuabola ( Secretary of Fiji )
2 . Hon Rimbink Pato MPA ( PNG Foreign Minister )
3 . Soalaoi Hon Clay Forau ( Solomon Foreign Minister )
4 . Joe Natuman
5 . Yvon Faua ( FLNKS )
6 . Kaliopate Tavola
7 . Queen Seremaia ( Fiji Ambassador)
8 . Peter Ilau ( PNG Ambassador)

5) Freeport Indonesia ready to build smelter

Tue, January 14 2014 21:39 | 420 Views

Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA News) - PT Freeport Indonesia, one of the major mining companies in the country, is ready to build a smelter in response to the implementation of the mining law, its spokesperson, Daisy Primayanti, stated.

On Tuesday, she reported to Antara that in principle, PT Freeport is ready to build a smelter, but a study is still on-going in order to determine the best location for it.

She added that three proposed locations that are still being evaluated are Gresik, East Java, and Timika, in Papua.

She admitted that it would take three to four years to build the plant. 

Actually, PT Freeport has already commenced construction work on one smelter in Gresik, but it will still take time for it to become operational, she claimed.

When questioned about the impact of the law on the operations of the company, she replied by saying that she was unsure, though the most likely impact will perhaps be a decrease in production.

"Probably, the production capacity will be reduced and if it continues, then a reduction in workforce is also likely to happen," she added. 

She stated that, as of now, there are no plans of reducing the workforce.

Chairman of Commission A of the Papua Legislative Council Ruberin Magay remarked on a separate occasion that he fully supported the implementation of the Law Number 4 of 2009, which requires the mining companies in Indonesia to build smelters in the country.

He reported that a lot of natural resources in the country have so far been exported, and thus the development of smelters in the country will offer employment opportunities to more workers. 

Magay explained that the mining companies will possibly cut production and workforce following the implementation of the law. However, he hoped that PT Freeport will not follow suit.

He was also hopeful that the company will build a smelter in Papua. 


Editor: Suryanto

6) Papua separatists say MSG ministers witnessed repression

Updated at 11:10 am today
The West Papua National Coalition for Liberation says foreign ministers from the Melanesian Spearhead Group have been able to see first hand Indonesia's suppression of the Papuans.
Papua has seen an insurgency since Indonesia took control of the former Dutch colony in the 1960s.
On Monday, Indonesian police arrested dozens of people in Jayapura when the MSG ministers briefly visited on a mission to vet a formal application by the Coalition to become an MSG member.
Papua police are quoted as saying there were no arrests, beatings or intimidation, adding that some people were taken in for questioning.
The Coalition's Vanuatu-based vice-chairman, Otto Ondawame, says while Indonesia shifted the purpose of the visit to one about economic co-operation, the ministers' lack of access to Papuan civil society was obvious.
"It has become clear that Indonesia kills or suppresses the people on the ground for demanding political change. So they are very happy they witness the true colour of the Indonesian government as the colonial master."
Otto Ondawame says he appreciates the stance of Vanuatu, which pulled out of the visit just days before it was to go ahead.

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