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3) As 2013 ends, the human rights situation continue unabated in Papua


Jayapura, 08/01 (Jubi) – The Police Office of Papua showed their strict reaction on the shooting action towards the civilian in District of Puncak Jaya by the armed civilian group called the West Papua Liberation Army/West Papua Freedom Movement. As a reaction, they sent a squad of police brigadiers under BKO (-under operations order) from Jayapura Papua a few days ago.
The Head of Public Relations Division of the Police Office Papua, Kombes (Pol) Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono
, to the reporters, stated that besides sending a squad of the police brigadiers, the Police Office Papua also has sent a number of the police officers to Mulia for investigating the shooting case at that area.
“We have sent a squad of police brigadiers in one aircraft yesterday and after that, the police officers to Mulia, Puncak Jaya,” said Pudjo (08/01).
Pudjo said even though they have conducted several steps of security procedures, his party hopes to get the support from the local community as it would be helped in reveal the shooting actions that have been disturbed the community in Puncak Jaya.
“It’s a lot of input from the public to the police related to the presence of the armed criminal groups that often disturbing. We have already knew the names of the gunman and the group of executors and currently we are thinking about the execution strategy,” he said.
Regarding to the activity of the Mulia Airport after the shooting of the Susi Air plane while trying to land in Mulia, Pudjo admitted that currently the activity at the Mulia airport is back to normal, in favor of the actions of the local security forces.
Previously, as reported by Jubi, Tuesday (07/01), the West Papua Freedom Movement would not be never give up as easy as to make a statement. The issue of West Papua Freedom is about the struggle of the nation’s dignity and it’s not about the matter of getting food or drink. If the government decided for taking violence in order to end the struggle of the West Papua Freedom Movement, it would never be succeed. Then many victims will fall. Therefore, according to the General Secretary of Central Highland Student Association of Papua (Asosiasi Mahasiswa Pegunungan Tengah Papua Se-Indonesia), Markus Haluk, the Government of Indonesia should conduct the peaceful option. “Dialogue is one way that we should be conducted, however, if the government does not want this option, the way towards the Freedom Papua will be widely open for the Papuans, “he said. (Jubi/Indrayadi TH/P. Maizier)


Jayapura, 08/001 (Jubi) – National Human Rights Commission of Indonesian Republic asked the police to investigate the shooting towards the civilian and not to politicize this case.
The Commissionaire of the National Human Rights Commission of Indonesian Republic, Mr. Natalius Pigay, emphasized this statement to the reporters via his cellphone. Further he said the investigation must be investigated completely in order to find the intellectual actor behind the shooting and also the executor. He also regrets about the shooting as the victim was also looking for a decent life and then being ruined.
“This case was purely a case of criminal, so it is the police’s responsible and they must to make a complete investigation on this case.  Do not politicize the case. If it were politicized it would be difficult to find the actor, and it’s not fair to the victim’s family,” said Pigay, Wednesday (08/01).
In line with this statement, the Chairman of KKSS (Kerukunan Keluarga Sulawesi Selatan / Communion of South Sulawesi) of Province Papua, DR. Mansur, questioned about the repeated cases of shooting in District of Puncak Jaya, where the victims mostly were the civilians. He condemned those shooting that taking many lives of the civilians and asked for the firmly act from the police.
“Let us not be considered that it is the negligent of the police officers or the ignorance of the local government. Therefore, up to now we need to act decisively to take a legal action. I think that is our goal as a state of law,” said Mansur.
If it could not be resolved, continued Mansur, he will meet the police chief and commander for questioning what the problem is so it can nor be resolved. He kept wondering that every time there is no solution for every victim.
“We have a commitment to resolve this issue. And this is not a new issue, cause it drags on. Whether the victims are the army, police officer or the civilians. And the saddest thing is that the civilian who does not know anything turns to be a victim,” he said.
When it is mentioned about the human rights violation, Mansur stated that it is the human rights violation. “Yes, it the human rights violation. The National Human Right Commission should be speak not only for the Papuans. The citizens of this republic should be treated in the same way. In the near future we will send a letter to the National Human Rights Commission. If there was a death victim like this, who should be responsible?” he complained. (Jubi / Indrayadi TH/P. Maizier)
3) As 2013 ends, the human rights situation continue unabated in Papua
Comment by Yan Christian Warinussy, Executive-Director of LP3BH

During the past fifteen years, from 1999 - 2013, the human rights situation in the Land of Papua has continued to be very bad. Why is this so?

This is because acts of violence perpetrated against the civilian population by the military and the police continue to increase  ...... [line missing] according to information obtained by the LP3BH - Manokwari as one of the civil society organisations functioning in the Land of Papua and has continued to intensify along with the violence perpetrated by the security forces and the State against the civilian population.

All the activities perpetrated  by the State apparatus are taken as part the militaristic approach which is used to resolve any problems and eventually result in violations of the principles human rights  as stipulated in Law 26/2000 about Human Rights Courts and Law  39/1999 on Human Rights. 

Such activities go back to the killing of  Theys 
Hiyo Eluay on 10 November 2001 by members of the security forces known as Kopassus. Then came the crime against humanity which occurred during the sweepings and clampdown in Wasior early in October 2001. None of these incident have been resolved by Komnas HAM, the National Human Rights Commission or the Attorney-General who is  authorised to investigate such incidents in accordance with Law 26/2000.

During the Wasior incident, human rights were violated in violation of human rights such as arbitrary detention and torture, extra-judicial killings, enforced disappearances  as well as rape that all of which were perpetrated against the civilian population in Wasior, Wondiway, Rasiei, Rakwa, Dotir and Yopanggar.

There have been more recent incidents such as the murder of Mako Tabuni, the Aimas Case and other incidents in various parts of the Land of Papua none of which have been resolved in accordance with the laws in force. Nor have those personally responsible been brought to justice. In our opinion, grave human rights have been occurring in the Land of Papua ever since 1963 and will continue to occur because Papua is treated as a region of conflict while the number of troops here continue to increase endlessly.

There is further evidence of this, following recent operations by the army and  police around the island Mansiman by troops of the military command in Manokwari.

Moreover, the churches in Papua seem to be incapable of exerting pressure to end the military approach being operated by the security forces.

Human rights violations have been occurring in Papua for fifty years in violation of the laws in force, as mentioned above.

As the year ends, the LP3BH wishes to remind the  government of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to treat this serious human rights situation as its priority, as his government comes to the end of its second term.

Translated by Carmel Budiardjo with slight abridgements.

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