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2) Eight police firearms seized  by armed Papuan group 
3) Police and Company Security Guard beat a man to Death while in Police Detention.



Jayapura, 5/1 (Jubi) – The police station attacked by Unknown Troupe in Kulirik, PuncakJayapura, Papua on Saturday (4/1) around 15:45 Papua time got some attentions from Imparsial, the human rights NGO.
Executive Director of Imparsial, PoengkiIndarti, via email stated that it is obviously dangerous if this attack was related with the execution of the future legislative and president elections. Since the armed group has been exploited by certain of political elites for their interest.
“If this group attacked by order for certain interest, it suspected that they did it for a reward. The attacking action in exchange for the political purposes is the act of gangster. If they were the true freedom warriors, they would not work for money and for the winning of certain elites. The action of the armed group was no longer the action of Independence’ fighters, they are not different with the gangsters,” said Indarti through her email, Sunday (5/1).
According to her, to uncover the violence actions in Papua, the police must pursue and arrest the armed group but still respect on the civil rights of people who live around their hiding location.
“It is a dilemma, there are crime suspects, but there are also people who live around their location. Thus people would experience the double traumatic. The intelligent service should more proactive to alert the police in order to prevent the violence when withdraw the weapons. Their role should be much larger in providing the information,” further she said.
After gun attacked by armed troupe toward the police station at KampungKulirik, Sub-district Kulirik, Puncak Jaya, Papua, a number of guns and ammunitions taken away by this troupe.
Kombes Pol PudjoSulistyo, the spokesman of Papua Police Office, said that the attackers were successfully seizing a number of weapons and ammunition. “During the attack, eight weapons type AK 47 Mouser single grain, five packs of SS1 and ammunition taken away by the attackers,” he said.
According to him, while another member of police was on patrol, one member was cooking in the kitchen, and the other one was stand by at the post.  The attackers broke the front door, but then there are the tug-war between the guard and the attacker who take the weapons.
“But having less in number, these two members run through the back door to the river and then report to the Police Office. The Police and the Indonesian Army still pursue the attackers,” he said.
The shootings in the area of Freeport Indonesia are to destabilize the security of Papua
Meanwhile, the series of shooting in the area of PT. Freeport Indonesia in the last year made Yan Mandenas, the chairman of Papuan Parliament from Fraction Pikiran Rakyat, speaks.
He said the Police Officers should find out who the brains behind those actions, who is the intellectual actor behind the shooting actions in the area of PT. FI.
“Itwas not just happen, there must be another indication behind. There are certain parties who want to continue to destabilize the security in Papua. I suspect the shooting is a systematic scenario creates by certain groups. They are looking for the strategic location to get attention from the central government as well as from the world, “ said Yan Mandenas, Sunday (5/1).
According to him, it the shooting actions still continuously occurred, it will possible to make the investors not feeling secured to invest in Papua, and it could be the disadvantaged for the government and specially for the people of Papua.
“ We do not want this conflict will be prolong. The Police are expected to strengthen the investigation and arrest the actors for trial and punishment. Do not let the cases continue to drag on before causing the fatalities,” he said.(Jubi/Arjuna/P Maizier)
2) Eight police firearms seized  by armed Papuan group   
Nethy Dharma Somba, The Jakarta Post, Jayapura | Archipelago | Sun, January 05 2014, 9:57 PM
Eight firearms belonging to police officers on duty at Kulirik Police post in Mulia district, Puncak Jaya regency, Papua, were seized by a group of armed civilians at around 4 p.m. local time on Saturday.
The seized firearms comprise two Kalashnikov (AK) rifles, one Mauser rifle, and five pieces of Assault Rifle 1 (SS1).
Papua Police spokesperson Sr.Comr. Pudjo Sulistio said an armed civilian group consisting of 20 people attacked the Kulirik Police post in Mulia, Puncak Jaya, on Saturday. He said that there were only two police personnel on guard at the post when the incident occurred.
“A violent struggle over the firearms took place but because the two police officers were outnumbered, they ran away and reported the incident to the Puncak Jaya Police precinct in Mulia,” Pudjo told The Jakarta Post on Sunday.
Together, with several Indonesian Military (TNI) personnel, the police’s Mobile Brigade (Brimob) members pursued the armed group who ran to the mountainous area. No fatalities were reported in the incident.
Separately, Puncak Jaya Police precinct chief Adj.Sr.Comr. Marselis said the carelessness of the police officers could not be ignored. Eight police personnel had been deployed to the Kulirik post. There should have be seven officers at the post as one police personnel had to leave for Jayapura because his mother had passed away.
“But during the incident, there were only two officers while the remainder left the post for unclear reasons,” said Marselis, adding that the attack was allegedly perpetrated by Goliat Tabuni’s men, popularly known as the Yambi group.
He said the police were working with local leaders to persuade the group’s members to return the firearms. (ebf)


3) Police and Company Security Guard beat a man to Death while in Police Detention.

A man was beaten to death while in police detention by a local police officer and a man working for the Astra Group as head of security. The assault took place on New Year’s Eve in Okaba near Merauke. The Astra Group has plans for a massive sugar cane plantation which has met with opposition from local residents.
Papuan news website reported that as a result of being beaten by police and security guards, the victim, a local resident known as Roby, suffered severe head trauma and his body was covered with blood. He died on the spot. This news was communicated by a local resident, Simon P, through Facebook.
In the Umaginews article Simon expressed the hope that NGOs, Human Rights Defenders, the National Human Rights Commission, Church Organisations, Journalists, and Papuan Activists would support efforts to advocate for this case in which a local resident had been killed by law enforcement officers, members of the Indonesian Police Force.
“The community need support if we are to bring accusations in this case”, Simon’s message continued.
Later communication with residents of Okaba confirmed the incident and offered some additional details:
Roby was originally from Sanggase village, and was being detained at Okaba police station because he was drunk, when he was set upon and beaten until black and blue by a local police officer called Max and an Astra security guard called Andri Paat. The victim was rushed to the local clinic, but his life could not be saved.
It is still not clear what was the cause of the assault, but it is plausible that this violence has some connection with the presence of a sugar plantation company in the area. PT Dharma Agro Lestari, a subsidiary of the Astra Group, is currently engaged in negotiations with local people to use their customary land. The victim was one of those opposing Astra’s operations, while Andri Paat, a local resident who had previously deserted the army, was employed to support the company.
As of Saturday afternoon, the community in Okaba remained anxious. The victim’s family had still not initiated any steps towards obtaining legal redress, possibly due to fear.
If  a full chronology of events that evening can be obtained it will be posted here.
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