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1) TNI post Attacked , Two Injured Members

1) TNI post Attacked , Two Injured Members
4) Freeport Indonesia to Cut Copper Output After New Export Rules


A google translate of article in Majalah selangkah. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic. 

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1) TNI post Attacked , Two Injured Members

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Military forces on airport Mulia , Puncak Jaya , Papua . Photo :

Noble , STEP MAGAZINE - Tonight , Saturday ( 01/18/2014 ) at around 19:00 Mulia , Papua , Indonesian National Army Post Army ( TNI AD ) attacked .

As of this writing , not received official information from Kapendam XVII / of Paradise and of the National Liberation Army / Free Papua Movement ( TPN / OPM ) concerning perpetrators of the attack .

As a result of this attack , La Ode Armi and Adi Puronomo injured bullet fragments in the neck and arm . They rushed to the Hospital ( RS ) Majesty for treatment .

Known , some time ago , an unidentified group managed to take eight different types of weapons in the police station I glanced at , Your Honor . Also , a motorcycle taxi driver ( Muhammad Halil ) was shot to death in Majesty .

Puncak Jaya Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Sarimin Marcelis officially say , at this time there is Puncak Jaya auxiliaries . ( GE / MS )


A google translate of article in Jubi. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.

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Author : Indrayadi TH on January 18 , 2014 at 23:13:50 WP
Editor : Victor Mambor
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Illustration Shooting Papua

Jayapura 18/1 ( Jubi ) - Again, the shooting occurred in Puncak Jaya regency , this time in the Old City Majesty precisely at the Army Post . The shooting suspect committed by paramilitary groups that resulted in two members of the army personnel reportedly injured .

From the data gathered , shooting happened at about 18:50 time of Papua , on Saturday ( 18/1 ) night before, precisely in the District Military Command Post Kompas intelligence unit 1714/PJ Old City Mulia , Puncak Jaya regency . The shooting allegedly Civilian Armed groups resulted in falling victim of the Army . Respectively on behalf of Sergeant Laowe hit and PFC Adi left hand grazed in the shoulder ammunition .

Until now, victims have been evacuated to the Regional General Hospital (Hospital ) His Majesty in a state of unconsciousness . A member of the police on duty at the time His Majesty asked the media to justify the incident .
" Infonya so sir , we still standby at the police station , " said a member of the police in Puncak Jaya to the media , Saturday ( 18/1 ) .

Meanwhile , the current Head of the Papua Police spokesman confirmed the truth of this media -related shootings in the Old City Mulia , Puncak Jaya , refused to be confirmed and requested that confirmation to Kapendam XVII of Paradise .
" You asked me do the same , ask to Kapendam , " said Pudjo of end cell phone on Saturday ( 18/1 ) .

To reinforce this information , the media is trying to contact the Head of Information Funny Cenderawasih XVII military command , Colonel Infantry Lismer Siantar Lumban , but Kapendam cell phone is off or could not be contacted .

It is not known whether the gunman was the National Liberation Army / Free Papua Movement ( TPN / OPM ) or other groups such as the Civilian Armed offenders deprivation weapon some time ago called by the police chief of Puncak Jaya , AKBP . Aarhus as auxiliaries .

Previously , other paramilitary groups have shot dead a civilian in the name of a male who is sabagai Muhammad Halil motorcycle, Tuesday ( 07 / 01 ) morning at Wuyuneri village , Mulia district , Puncak Jaya regency . ( Jubi / Indrayadi TH )



                                                                         Papua Political Prisoners (Jubi)
Jayapura, 16/1 (Jubi) – Political prisoners in Biak for the case of raising the Morning Star on May 1, 2013 has been sentenced to prison respectively eighteen and fifteen years .
“In our view , the prosecution is extremely exaggerated and showing we are still living in the colonial era , not in the era of democracy” said Ivon Tetjuari , one of the lawyers of Biak political prisoners to tabloidjubi via cellular ,Thursday ( 16/1 ).
Prisoner, Oktovianus Warnares has been sentenced 18 years by Public Demand Prosecutor. While George Sinyapen, Josep Arwakon, Jantje Wamaer and Mark Sawias are sentenced 15 years in prison. Yohanes Boseren who mentally and physiologically ill, although not charged but remain detained in Biak prison. The trial itself was conducted in Biak Court on Monday (13/1).
According to Ivon, nowadays, this is the era of democracy and freedom of opinion and actually mind however it is controversial to the nation’s ideology . Thus, this coming Monday, January 1, we will conduct the defense requesting the sixth defendant released from all punishment.
Some time ago, an Urgent Alert from poltical prisoners received by via electronic mail urging Papua political prisoner, Yohanes Boseren who being prosecuted in Biak immediately released .The defendant is suffering a mental disorder as a result of the blow during the arrest.
Local human rights lawyers demanded to release him immediately as well as medical treatment is needed.
“John Boseren has been mentally ill since his arrest . Although he got treatment , his condition has not improved and he remains returned to Biak prison,” said Esther Cann from Tapol UK in electronic mail received by, Wednesday ago ( 4/12 ). (Jubi/Aprila Wayar/Tina)


4) Freeport Indonesia to Cut Copper Output After New Export Rules

Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold will slightly cut copper ore production at the world’s No.5 copper mine in Indonesia from Monday, according to an internal company memo, due to scheduled maintenance and uncertainty over new export rules.
Freeport has halted concentrate exports from its Grasberg complex in Papua since Dec. 15, and has yet to resume shipments as it waits for clarity on Indonesia’s controversial ore ban and export tax that came into effect on Sunday.
Freeport and fellow copper miner Newmont Mining are expected to meet with finance ministry officials on Friday.
“A previously scheduled maintenance period at the Gresik smelter and the uncertainty associated with new GoI [government of Indonesia] regulations related to exports require that we adjust our near-term operating plans,” the US mining giant said in an internal memo obtained by Reuters.
“The Big Gossan Mine will stop all ore production.”
The Big Gossan underground mine accounted for about 1 percent of the Grasberg complex’s output, or 2,000 tonnes per day, in the nine months ended Sept. 30, 2013, according to the Freeport website.
Total production at Grasberg open pit and DOZ mine will not be affected, the memo added.
Grasberg open pit produced 122,700 tonnes per day during the same period, with the DOZ underground mine output at 45,900 tonnes per day, according to the firm’s third-quarter results.

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