Monday, July 27, 2015

1) 20th MSG Leaders Summit - Communique

2) Papua Police Look for More Suspects of Tolikara Incident
3) Islands in focus: Authorities on alert after Tolikara incident - 
4) Government Has Three Scenarios to Cut High Cost in Papua
5) Governor Supports Proposal for Money Changer in Border Region
6) Biak Regency Allocates Rp 4 Billion for Biak Students
7) UPDATE 1-Indonesia Freeport agree 6-month export permit extension



MONDAY, 27 JULY, 2015 | 19:04 WIB
2) Papua Police Look for More Suspects of Tolikara Incident
TEMPO.COJakarta - Head of Public Relation Division of Papua Police, Senior Commissioner Rudolf Patrige, said that AK (26) and JW (31), suspects of the Tolikara incident, claimed to have carried out the attack against Muslims conducting their Eid prayer with four other suspects.
Patrige added that the police have interrogated 68 witnesses including 11 civilians, 31 police, and 24 victims. "In the investigation, all witnesses will be repositioned to see their perspective role," said Patrige.
"[The Papua Police] are taking over this case because it is a major case. In the investigation, we received help from the Police HQ," said Papua Chief of Police, Yotje Mende on Friday, July 24, 2015.
The clash took place on Friday, July 17, 2015, when dozens of people, identified as members of the Gereja Injili di Indonesia (GIDI), came to protest the Eid prayer conducted at the Karubaga Military Command Base. Police officers guarding the site fired several rounds to disperse the crowd, resulting in an impending riot. The clash ended with one people dead and dozen others injured.
3) Islands in focus: Authorities on alert after Tolikara incident - 
The Jakarta Post, Palu | Archipelago | Mon, July 27 2015, 8:51 AM - 
The Palu Police in Central Sulawesi said on Saturday that at least 300 police and military personnel had been deployed to secure 78 churches and four Buddhist viharas in the city in anticipation of potential attacks to houses of worship following the recent deadly brawl involving Muslims and Christians in Tolikara, Papua. 

Palu Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Basya Radyananda said such preventive measures were needed to make sure that the Tolikara incident, which took place on July 17 on the celebration of the Islamic holiday of Idul Fitri, did not trigger religion-based clashes from occurring in the region. 

“On early Sunday, July 19, an arson attack was committed at a local church, burning down the church’s guard post. We, however, must not speculate [about the motive behind the attack]. [The case] is still under police investigation. The suspect was drunk,” he said. - 

4) Government Has Three Scenarios to Cut High Cost in Papua
Jayapura, Jubi – Minister of Public Works and Public Housing M. Basuki Hadimuldjono said the primary issue that needs to be solved in Papua Island is to cut the high cost, in particular in the Central Highlands.
The high price of basic goods in the Central Highlands such as cement that sell for Rp 2 million per sack has hampered development access to local communities in remote areas.
In order reduce prices, Basuki said the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing have three plans: accelerating the availability of basic regional infrastructure, bringing the production centers on agriculture, forestry and mining downstream base, and formulating affirmative regulation on infrastructure development in Papua.
In order to fulfill its commitment, the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing allocates Rp 9.5 trillion from National Budget and 3.9 trillion from Special Allocation Budget for Papua and West Papua within 2015 Annual Budget.
“It is allocated for roads and bridges, drinking water, sanitation, irrigation and public settlements,” the minister stated in the ministry’s press conference on Thursday (23/7/2015).
Meanwhile for second scenario namely the ministry’s infrastructure development strategy is aimed to support the food production and husbandry centers as well as industrial and tourism center areas. “It is according to regional design of Papua Island that has been designed in National Medium Planning 2015-2019,” he said.
And for third scenario, the Minister of Public Works and Public Housing formulate regulation on multi-years contract budget to support the acceleration of Trans-Papua development.
Moreover, the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing would continue to provide space for native Papuan entrepreneurs to participate in projects implementation according to President Regulation No. 84/2012 about Special Goods and Services Procurement in Papua and West Papua Region. “It is a commitment to empower the indigenous Papuans,” Haidmuldjono said.
Further the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing expects these three scenarios would able to cut the price and mobilize the Papua regional economic as well as a symbol of State’s existence in the remote areas in Indonesia. (*/rom)

5) Governor Supports Proposal for Money Changer in Border Region

Jayapura, Jubi – The Border Agency and Foreign Cooperation (BPKLN) said Papua Governor Lukas Enembe had given his support for the establishment of a “money changer” in the border area between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea (PNG).
“When we submitted directly to the Governor of Papua about the plans of a money changer at the border, he responded positively,” said BPKLN head Suzana Wanggai in Jayapura on Thursday (23/7 / 2015).
She admitted currently BPKLN is preparing the documents related to the foreign exchange point in the border region. “The impetus for the spot foreign exchange aims to prevent the practice of illegal money exchange in border areas,” she added.
She said during this time transaction of buying and selling currencies of Indonesia and PNG currency in the border region is irregular, so the determination of the exchange rate is done at will by the merchant.
“Economic activity is increasing since PNG community often buy their basic needs at border markets,” she said again.
Earlier, the governor of Papua Lukas Enembe said to overcome the existing problems in the border region, it takes the seriousness of all stakeholders.
In connection with these problems, the coordination is a key element in building a future border, so it is no longer found any development program overlapping between agencies.
“The problem in the border region is very diverse, ranging from the issue of state borders, the effectiveness of border crossings, the interconnection between the border regions, up to the level of welfare of the people who are still lagging behind and Spatial Planning that takes the seriousness of the various parties in building the border region,” said Lukas Enembe on Thursday (28/05/2015). (Alexander Loen/ Tina)
6) Biak Regency Allocates Rp 4 Billion for Biak Students
Biak, Jubi – Chairman of the Biak Young Intellectual Forum (FIMB), Markus Komboy, expressed gratitude to Biak Numfor regent Thomas Alfa Edison Ondi for his policy of earmarking 4 billion rupiah in student funding.
“By allocating a budget of 4 billion rupiah of Biak Numfor budget to help Biak students who are studying at higher education in various public and private universities in Papua, West Papua and outside Papua this year and in the future,” Komboi said when Jubi met in Biak on Thursday (23/07/2015).
However, only students who are now at the end of the semester and permanently live in Biak are eligible for the funding, by producing their identity card (KTP) as evidence.
He said he hoped Biak government to realize it in early August 2015 that the Biak students who want to complete their studies this year can be helped and graduated on time.
Frits Msiren, a student who are now ate the end of semester on Governance Studies Program Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at University of Cendrawasih to Jubi also hoped that this program can be realized in order to help him to complete his education. (Marten Boseren/ Tina)
Markets Mon Jul 27, 2015 9:15am EDT
7) UPDATE 1-Indonesia Freeport agree 6-month export permit extension
By Wilda Asmarini
(Reuters) - Indonesia and Freeport-McMoRan reached a deal on Monday that will allow the U.S. mining giant to export up to 775,000 tonnes of copper over the next six months.
The agreement is a relief for the Phoenix, Arizona-based company, which saw its stock sink last week due to uncertainty over its mining contract at the Indonesian mine in West Papua.
"Freeport principally has fulfilled the requirements, so tomorrow the government can issue export approval for the next six months," Coal and Minerals Director General Bambang Gatot told reporters.
As part of the deal, the company agreed to deposit the last $20 million installment into an escrow account for the building of a second copper smelting facility.
A Freeport official said the company expected copper shipments from one of the world's largest copper mines to take place this weekend.
The government may also lower Freeport's export tax to 5 percent from 7.5 percent, as it progresses in building smelters in the Southeast Asian nation.
The two sides also continue to negotiate terms of a contract or license that could extend to 2041.
A current contract of work expires in 2021, but by law in Indonesia they cannot extend this contract until 2019 at the soonest.
Contract certainty is crucial, Freeport has said, because it will spend $15 billion on an underground expansion at its Grasberg copper and gold mine, and must commit to a new smelter, estimated at $2 billion-$2.5 billion. (Writing by Randy Fabi; Editing by Louise Heavens)

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