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1) Papuan leader wants thorough investigation of tolikara incident

2) Papua Governor Urges Media Stop Exaggerating Tolikara Incident
3) Indonesian minister oversees evacuees in Tolikara
4) Police opens four different cases in Tolikara incident

5) Indonesian Minister to visit hailstorm-hit district in Papua


1) papuan leader wants thorough investigation of tolikara incident - (d)

Selasa, 21 Juli 2015 21:48 WIB |

Jayapura, Papua, July 21 (Antara) - Pater Neles Tebay, Coordinator of Papua Peace Networks (JDP) calls for sympathy and serious attention to solving the problem of intolerance in Karubaga, regency of Tolikara, Papua.

"The Tolikara incident has drawn wide reactions from all over the country. My hope is that all of us take part in preventing undesired excess of the reactions," Pater Neles Tebay said here on Tuesday.

The celebration of Ied-ul fitr in Karubaga had been marred by an attack with one reported killed and kiosks and mosque (Islamic house of worship) set on fire.

The reactions via social media , newspapers and televisions were appreciable as it indicated an extraordinary concern for religious diversity in Papua, he said.

In order to prevent undesired effect, all Indonesians should pray for peace and harmony in the district of Tolikara and in all Papua," Pater Neles Tebay, the winner of a citation from the Tji Hak-soon Justice and Peace Foundation in South Korea in 2013, said.

"Please dont pray to God for the safety of one community and curse for other group. we should pray for all not only for certain group of Papuans. 

"Please embrace us all in your pray . No one should rejoice over the suffering of others," he said. 

He said peace would not come by itself , but it needs support from all through dialogs and with wisdom. 

He called for support for police and the human right commission in their investigations to reveal facts that triggered the incident.

"Hopefully the investigations could make thing clear, whether the mosque caught fire or it was deliberately set on fire," he said.

It is also necessary to investigate the shooting of civilians and the motive promoting people to set kiosks on fire, he said.

Therefore, thorough investigations by police and the human right commission are important, he said. 

"Only genuine information could help us to understand and see thing clearly what really had taken place at Tolikara," he said.

Understanding would help the people of Papua to develop and maintain peace together not only in Tolikara but in all Papua and Indonesia, he said.

Muslims performing Idul Fitri prayers were attacked and a number of kiosks and houses belonging to Muslims were set on fire on the first day of Idul Fitri celebration in Tolikara, on July 17, 2015.

The local Evangelical Christians in Indonesia (GIDI) on July 11, 2015, issued a letter banning Muslim minorities in Tolikara from performing Idul Fitri prayers.

The GIDI president later said the letter was wrong and the attack was caused by misunderstanding and communication.

2) Papua Governor Urges Media Stop Exaggerating Tolikara Incident

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Governor Lukas Enembe urged the media and the public to stop exaggerating the Tolikara incident because Papua was built in spirit of religious tolerance and harmony in line with its slogan ‘Love Through Differences’.
In addition, the governor asked the Christians and Muslims in Tolikara Regency and Papua and Indonesia to maintain peace and not to be provoked by provocative issues or imbalance coverage.
“Tolikara incident was an isolated case. It occurred because of  misunderstanding between religious communities, residents and security forces as well. It shouldn’t be exaggerated as if we are in Papua are intolerance. I firmly said that for decades people in Papua are very tolerance and maintain the harmony among religious communities. Let us continue to build Papua in the diversity and love penetrating difference. Make this case as lesson learned,” Lukas Enembe stated in the press release received by Jubi on Monday (20/7/2015).
According to him, he was invited by the committee of Seminar and Church Devotion of International GIDI Youth to give presentation about the role of Papua Provincial Government in supporting the Church on 15 July 2015 at Karubaga, the capital city of Tolikara Regency. The day after, he and his family flight from Karubaga to his hometown Mamit where located at Kembu Sub-district, Tolikara Regency for vacation.
“In the seminar, I also said to the GIDI Youth in Papua and Indonesia about the importance of building the tolerance, peace and security in supporting the development. This incident was extremely out of my imagination. I see it as minor misunderstanding and temporarily anger of both sides,” Enembe said.
The governor also asked the Tolikara Regional Government, security forces and religious leaders to continue building the sincere commucation and persuasive approach that the current conducive atmosphere would continuously be maintained and improved.
Meanwhile, the First Assistant for Papua Regional Secretariat, Doren Wakerkwa said the Papua Provincial Government regretted this incident. He also regretted the provocative coverage by national media and social media to spread the issue of religious and race conflict in this incident.
“I was confirmed that it wasn’t a mosque that burned but mushola (little mosque). And it wasn’t deliberately burned. It was accidently burned because it was located near to stalls that burned by the crowd. There’s no intention to burn the mushola. Put it on your note. I must stress this incident should be a lesson for security forces to restraint and do a persuasive approach,” Wakerkwa said at VIP Room of Sentani Airport.
According to him who also accompanied the governor in the Seminar and Church Devotion of GIDI Youth at Karubaga and Mamit said learning from Tolikara incident, all parties in Papua should maintain the inter-religious harmony and peaceful as a pillar of development. Since decades Papua is very opened to people of different religion, ethnic and culture to build Papua.
Meanwhile the First Assistant of Tolikara Regional Government, Emi Enembe when meeting Mamit villagers at Kembu Sub-district, Tolikara on Sunday said the situation in Karubaga-Tolikara is now under control. Therefore, Emi Enembe asked the entire parties especially youths in Kembu Sub-district for not being provoked and keep maintaining the security.
“Do not create any further acts.  If we want to be advanced in development, the first thing that we should do is to maintain the security,” Emi Enembe said. Enembe further gave appreciation to Dok II Jayapura Public Hospital that represented by dr. Anton Mote who also attended the Bakar Batu ceremony at Mamit Vilage. “We will continue to control and I hope our children who become the victims that currently treated in Dok II Public Hospital can have good service to immediately recover.  And I say my condolence to whom have passed away,” Emi said. (Alexander Loen/rom)


3) Indonesian minister oversees evacuees in Tolikara

Selasa, 21 Juli 2015 21:16 WIB | 547 Views
Tolikara (ANTARA News) - Social Affairs Minister Khofifah Indar Parawansa visited and reviewed the condition of the evacuees in Karubaga District, Tolikara Regency, Papua Province.

The social affairs minister, accompanied by Womens Empowerment and Child Protection Minister Yohana Yembise, visited the shops and a mosque that had been set afire and oversaw the condition of the evacuees in the district.

She noted that some logistics, mainly basic supplies, had been distributed to the evacuees.

"We ascertain that the logistic needs of the evacuees have been met," Parawansa remarked.

The minister also handed out head scarfs to the refugees and met a victim, who was suffering from bullet wounds, at Karubaga hospital.

The minister handed over compensation in the form of government care to the victim.

In addition, the social affairs minister has assigned social workers to provide treatments, especially for children and the elderly, to overcome trauma suffered during the incident.

She will also review data on the shops that were burnt down in the Papuan district.

According to standard operating procedure, the shops, which were set on fire during the rioting, are eligible for a renovation.

According to data received by her office, a total of 63 shops, houses, and a mosque had been set afire, while 38 families, or 153 people, have been evacuated.

Earlier, the incident in Karubaga, the capital of Tolikara district, Papua province, on Friday, was not triggered by different tribes, races, religions and groups (SARA), according to Home Affairs Minister Tjahjo Kumolo.

"The Tolikara incident was not a SARA issue but an expression of discontent by an emotional group of people," he explained.

Therefore, the minister urged the members of the interfaith society in Tolikara to work in tandem to rebuild the mosque that was burnt down during the attack by members of the Evangelical Christians in Indonesia (GIDI) against Muslims performing Eid Fitr prayers on Friday (July 17, 2015).

Minister Kumolo left for Papua on Monday to hold a dialog with local communication forums as well as local and religious leaders in Tolikara following the incident.

He also provided assistance to reconstruct the burned mosque.

The minister had appealed to the people of Tolikara to not be provoked by the incident on Friday.

"There is no need for the people to become emotional, but they should be alert about provocateurs. The home affairs ministry is confident that the police will be able to solve the issue soon," Kumolo affirmed.

In addition, it was reported that the situation in the Karubaga region of Tolikara district, Papua province, has returned to normal, but security personnel remain posted there to maintain law and order following the sectarian attack.
Selasa, 21 Juli 2015 20:54 WIB 
4) Police opens four different cases in Tolikara incident
Jayapura (ANTARA News) - Papua Police Command has opened four different cases in connection with the Tolikara incident that occurred in Karubaga district, Tolikara, Papua, on Friday morning, July 17, Head Public Relations Papua Police Senior Commissioner Patrige stated.

The four cases were related to alleged incitement, assault, arson, and the misuse of firearms by security officers on duty when the incident occurred, Patrige stated here on Tuesday.

"Until now, we have investigated 31 witnesses, 22 of which are civilians, and nine are the witnesses from the police," he remarked.

Former chief of Merauke Police Resort Station later revealed that Papua Polices investigators will continue to collect evidence and statements from the five other witnesses in connection with the Tolikara incident in four separate cases.

Patrige noted that the police will continue its investigations and has appealed to all parties to exercise restraint and cooperate with the police to ensure that the investigation process runs smoothly.

Meanwhile, Pater Neles Tebay, a public figure in Papua who is also the coordinator of the Papua Peace Network (JDP), assessed that the response to the issue of intolerance in Karubaga, Tolikara, Papua, proves that all empathize and are sentient to the religious life in Papua.

"The Tolikara incident has triggered several reactions and responses from across the nation. It all shows the publics sympathy and attention, and in this regard, I hope that the attention would help prevent such unfavorable incidents from recurring in future and would encourage peace," Tebay urged.

Tebay, who is the chairman of Jayapuras Fajar Timur School of Philosophy and Theology (STFT), commended the various responses being widely circulated through news and social media, as it shows increasing concern for the religious life in the land of Papua.

In order to prevent the recurrence of unfavorable incidents, he hoped that all Indonesians will pray for the peace and safety of the people in Tolikara and throughout Papua.

"Do not forget to pray for peace for all people in Tolikara and Papua," he added. 

(Reported by Alfian Rumagit/Uu.INE/KR-BSR/F001)



5) Indonesian Minister to visit hailstorm-hit district in Papua

Selasa, 21 Juli 2015 19:56 WIB 

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Social Affairs Minister Khofifah Indar Parawansa will visit the hailstorm-hit Lani Jaya District in Papua in a bid to ensure the adequacy of food supplies until October this year.

"I will visit Lani Jaya District tomorrow, as it has the highest number of residents affected by the hailstorms. Some five thousand people affected by the hailstorms live in this district, so I will ensure that the stock of logistics is sufficient until October," the minister noted here on Tuesday.

The temperature in the hailstorm-hit area reportedly reached between 0 and -2 degrees Celsius that resulted in the deaths of several cattle and 11 people.

The hailstorms occurred in Lani Jaya on July 3 to 5, 2015.

Earlier, a team of the social affairs ministry handed over assistance for the victims of hailstorms in Papua Province.

The aid comprised 15 tons of rice, 300 blankets, 600 boxes of instant noodles, 600 packs of side dish, and 600 others for Duga and Lani Jaya districts.

Hailstorms also hit the districts of Nduga and Puncak in Papua Province and caused a failure in the paddy harvest.

The natural disaster affected six sub-districts and 21 kampongs in three districts, with a total population of 20,160 families.

The residents living in regions located at 2.7 thousand meters above sea level are in need of food and medicines, including for infants.

(Reported by Desi Purnamawati/Uu.B003/INE/KR-BSR)

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