Sunday, July 19, 2015

1) No Plans To Burn Mosque: GIDI Tolikara President

2) Police Chief to Visit Papua, Following Unrest
3) Victims of Tolikara Unrest Still Displaced

SUNDAY, 19 JULY, 2015 | 08:26 WIB
1) No Plans To Burn Mosque: GIDI Tolikara President

TEMPO.COJakarta - President of the Evangelical Church in Inonesia (GIDI), Rev. Dorman Wandikmbo, said the unrest was initially caused by the police shooting indiscriminately at residents who asked Muslims practice Eid prayers without loudspeakers.
Unhappy with the drastic response, some people vented their anger by burning kiosks, which are located not far from the mosque.
"There was never any desire to burn the mosque. Some youths who annoyed anger lashed out to nearby stalls, to show resistance against the repressive attitude of the police. No one ever thought that the fire rapidly spread to the houses and mosque," said Dorman when contacted by Tempo on Saturday, July 18, 2015.
The incident began when GIDI initiated an international meeting near the location of the incident. Earlier, about three weeks before implementing the event, local church officials had issued a notification letter claimed to have been approved and recognized by the local government and local army and police.
"When the day came, we were surprised that the police and army allowed worship to carried out in the field and using loudspeakers. We have already conveyed (our plans) in the letter," he said.
Dorman said, the speakers made the seminar uncomfortable. The distance between the loudspeakers at the venue of the seminar is only about 250 meters, he said. Therefore, some youths took the initiative to ask the people to pray inside the mosque. But, he said, police dispersed the youths with gunfire.
After the shooting, the situation became chaotic and uncontrollable. "People at the seminar became involved and ran helter-skelter, leaving the location," he said. Upset with repressive treatment, they burned kiosks as a form of resistance.
"So it was not burning of the mosque. People need to know that even homes of non-Muslim Papuans also caught fire. No one thought the fire would quickly spread and burned the mosque," he said.
According to Dorman, the most responsible party in this incident was the police and military. "When we coordinate with the mosque staff, they said they never got a notice from the police and military that the field that will be used for the seminar," he said.
He also said that for Muslims in Tolikara are used to worshipping inside the mosque without loudspeakers. "They have understood and never protested. With the efforts of this provocation, we also pity them. However, we are more sorry that Papuans are considered anti-tolerant,” he said.


SUNDAY, 19 JULY, 2015 | 13:28 WIB
2) Police Chief to Visit Papua, Following Unrest

TEMPO.COJakarta - Indonesian Police Chief General Badrodin Haiti along with Papua Police Chief Inspector General Yotje Mende depart for Tolikara, Papua on Sunday, July 19, 2015 following reports of clashes between Muslims and Christians.
It was reported that eleven people were injured and one primary school student was killed in the incident.
The tension in Karubaga, the capital of Tolikara regency, Papua, on Friday, July 17, 2015, began when Eid prayers a number of people pelted worshipers and shouted for them to break up.
Security forces then issued warning shots to the attackers. The praying congregation decided to dissolve themselves.
The incident occurred at around 07.30 Eastern Indonesia Time causing Muslims to disperse and sought shelter at a local military command.
The Home Affairs Minister Tjahjo Kumolo was also scheduled to visit the troubled area and mediate the conflicting parties.  

SUNDAY, 19 JULY, 2015 | 10:52 WIB
3) Victims of Tolikara Unrest Still Displaced
TEMPO.COJakarta - A total of 153 victims in Tolikara, Karubaga, currently are still evacuated in a safe place, said Papua Police Chief Inspector General Yotje Mende.
"The victims were accommodated in a tent around Karubaga military resort command (Koramil)," he said in Jayapura late Saturday, July 18, 2015.
He said the victims currently are in need of assistance, especially clothes because they only have the clothes on their backs.
"We are still waiting for the complete data from the Tolikara Police on the victims, especially the gender and age because until now we have none," he said.
Based on the reports received during a meeting with the Tolikara Regent Wanimbo Usman, GIDI President Dorman Wandikbo, and regional leaders, as well as Papua Military Commander Major General Fransen Siahaan, fire had destroyed 53 kiosks which also used as homes and a mosque.
Papua Deputy Police Chief Rudollf Roja said two companies of armed forces consisting of police mobile brigade and army personnels have been deployed to Karubaga.
He said troops were sent to strengthen the limited local security personnel.

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