Sunday, July 19, 2015

1) Food Crisis After Extreme Weather Hits Papua

2) GIDI Apologizes to Moslems for Tolikara Incident  
3) They were shot because they pelt stones at congregation: Police Chief
4) There must be no more conflict over religions: Nahdlatul Ulama
5) Hundred victims of Tolikara conflict evacuated

6) Police Suspect Mastermind Behind Tolikara Case


SUNDAY, 19 JULY, 2015 | 17:20 WIB
1) Food Crisis After Extreme Weather Hits Papua  
TEMPO.COJakarta - Lani Jaya Regency in Papua was hit by hail and snow for the first ten days of July, said the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB). The extreme weather had claimed seven lives – five children and two infants.
BNPB Head of Public Relations and Information Data Center of Sutopo Purwo Nugroho on Sunday, July 19, said due to the extreme weather, some parts of Papua have been hit by drought after snow hit several areas.
"Between 1 and 6 July, there was light hail, between 7 and 10 July, there was snowfall," said Sutopo.
The agency also reported that the snowfall covered potato plants and once the snow melted, potato foliage dried up and the tubers became poisonous and was not edible.
"Tubers and garden produce could not be consumed. Cold weather has also killed livestock and made several residents ill,” he added.
Three regencies that were hit by the snow were Nduga regency, Puncak regency, and Lani Jaya regency, covering 21 villages in 6 districts and 20,160 households.
SUNDAY, 19 JULY, 2015 | 20:02 WIB
2) GIDI Apologizes to Moslems for Tolikara Incident  

TEMPO.COJakarta - President of the Evangelical Church of Indonesia (GIDI) Rev Dorman Wandikmbo apologized to all Moslems in Indonesia on Saturday, Julu 19, especially Moslems in Tolikara, Papua, who were affected by an incident .
He also said that there was a misunderstanding in perceiving the incident.
"We would like to extend our apology to all Moslems in Indonesia, especially in Tolikara Regency for the burning of kiosks there that also caused a mushalla (small mosque) caught on fire,” Dorman said on Saturday.
He also said the burning of the mushalla was not a deliberate action.
"The action as a spontaneous action from Tolikara residents after security officers in Tolikara who brutally shot at the residents there,” he said.
In the meantime, former Chairman of the Ansor Youth Movement of the Nahdhatul Ulama, Khatibul Umam Wiranu said that both the Ansor member and the civilian security guards (Banser) have been too busy safeguarding churches during religious service there.
Because of that, he said, they have forgot their main duties: safeguarding mosques and mushallas.
"I don’t mind at all if the Banser safeguards places of worship of other faiths but they must not forget to safeguard mosques and mushallas,” he said in a press release on Sunday, July 19.
Wiranu also said that the Tolikara incident Papua has served as an introspection for both the Ansor Youth Movement and the Banser so that they do not forget the main goal of their establishment," he added.


3) They were shot because they pelt stones at congregation: Police Chief

Minggu, 19 Juli 2015 19:50 WIB | 623 Views
Jayapura (ANTARA News) - National police chief General Badrodin Haiti admitted here on Sunday that the police had opened fire in the incident in Tolikara, Papua, on Friday.

"The victims were shot because they were pelting stones at Muslims who were just performing Eid prayers," he said after visiting Karubaga, the capital of the Tolikara district.

General Badrodin Haiti said the police were still investigating the incident with regard to processing the case including the shooting and the torching incidents.

One was killed and 11 others who were all from among the attackers had been wounded in the incident.

He reiterated that Indonesia is a lawful country and so every violation of the law would be processed.

In connection with that he called on all parties including community members, religious figures and administrative officials to help unveil the root cause of the incident.

He said the police would question the intellectual actors including the signatories of the circular dated on July 11.

Based on reports that had been received the chief of the Tolikara resort police command had communicated with the district head on July 15 regarding the circular and the district head had later communicated it with the church officials that had produced the letter.

Because of miss-communication the incident happened while clarification had not yet been done, General Badrodin Haiti said.

General Badrodin Haiti admitted he had come to Tolikara to personally inspect the situation in Karubaga with regard to law enforcement process of the case.

He said President Joko Widodo had asked for a report about the circular.

During the visit General Badrodin Haiti was flanked by operations director Inspector General Unggung Cahyono.

(Reporting by Evarukdijati/Uu.H-YH)


4) There must be no more conflict over religions: Nahdlatul Ulama

Minggu, 19 Juli 2015 19:20 WIB | 691 Views

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - An Indonesan Islamic leader has expressed disappointment over and deplored the incident in Tolikara, Papua, that happened on Friday hoping that it would be the last to happen in the country.

KH Said Aqil Siradj, the general chairman of the executive board of Nahdlatul Ulama (PBNU), which is one of the largest Islamic organizations in Indonesia, said in a statement received here on Sunday he hoped there would no longer be conflicts between different tribes, religions, races and groups known locally as "SARA" issues in the country. 

"I hope this will be the last and will not recur in the future," he said.

A group of people believed to come from the Evangelical Church in Indonesia (GIDI) came to the Baitul Mustaqin mosque in Tolikara, while Muslims were performing an Eid prayer on Friday to protest the use of a loudspeaker in the prayer they considered disturbing an event being held by GIDI at the same time.

According to the chairman of the Communion of Evangelical Churches and Institutions in Indonesia (PGLII), Roni Mandang, shots fired by police officers at them had created a chaos leading to torching of kiosks the flame of which later engulfed the Islamic house of prayer after it was known that one of the people was shot to death.

National Police Public Information Division spokesman Senior Commissioner Suharsono has said that police opened fire to order the people to stay away from the mosque.

Later it was confirmed one of the people was killed while 11 others were wounded in the incident.

KH Said Aqil Siradj said no riot should happen again because of religious or tribal differences, adding Indonesia in the current global era needed strong unity.

He said all people regardless of their religions, tribes, political parties or ideologies must unite so that the nation would not be eroded in the current challenging era.

"Strong unity and cohesiveness are needed to meet the challenge," he said.

Regarding possible intellectual actor playing behind the incident Said Aqil Siradj said if it was true whoever he was must be a really very cruel man.

He reminded that the Indonesian people are civilized people while "religious differences are not new to them."  

He said before the country declared independence all parties had agreed that the country would be a nation state, a unitary state that would embrace all national components.

(Reporting by Budi Setiawanto & Sigit Pinardi/Uu.H-YH)


5) Hundred victims of Tolikara conflict evacuated

Minggu, 19 Juli 2015 19:14 WIB | 726 Views

Jayapura (ANTARA News) - At least 153 victims of conflict that occurred in Karubaga Village, Tolikara District, Papua, were evacuated to several tents set up at the Karubaga Military Headquarter on Saturday (July 18, 2015).

The people had lost their houses and stores after being burnt by a group of people during an Idul Fitri prayer on Friday (July 17, 2015).

The Papua Regional Police chief, Inspector General Yotje Mende, said the victims needed assistance, particularly clothes, since their belongings had all been razed by the fire.

"We are still waiting for complete data from the Tolikara police relating to the gender and age of the victims. The officers are collecting the data," Mende said here.

According to a report from Tolikara Regent Usman Wanimbo, GIDI (Communion of Evangelical Churches in Indonesia) President Dorman Wandikbo and Papua Military Chief Major General Fransen Siahaan, at least 53 stores which were also used as houses had been burnt and the fire later spread to a mosque near the stores.

Dorman and Mende stated people did not burn the mosque. However, because the mosque and the stores were located closely the fire later engulfed the mosque.

Security officers from police Mobile Brigade (Brimob) and the Indonesian Army have arrived in the district.

Mende said the additional troops are needed due to a lack of Tolikara Police personnel stationed in the district who only number 100.

SUNDAY, 19 JULY, 2015 | 19:04 WIB
6) Police Suspect Mastermind Behind Tolikara Case
TEMPO.COJayapura - National Police chief Gen. Badrodin Haiti said that there might be intellectual masterminds behind the conflict that broke out in Tolikara, Papua, involving Muslims celebrating Eid and Christians of the Evangelical Church of Indonesia (GIDI), on July 17, 2015.
“This must be processed under the law,” Badrodin said at Sentani Airport on Sunday, July 19, 2015.
According to Badrodin, no suspects have been named yet in this case. However, Badridin promised that both arsonists and shooters will be brought before justice. Badrodin added that 11 wounded victims could be involved in the stone throwing against Muslims who were conducting the Eid prayer.
“We have identified a group of people. We will conduct an investigation into them, and name them suspects if they were involved in the incident,” he said.
Badrodin revealed that Police would also probe two persons who signed the circular letter banning Muslims from conducting the Eid prayer in Tolikara.
Badrodin explained that the National Police would work with the Religious Affairs Ministry, the National Intelligence Agency (BIN), and other agencies.
“We’re making endeavors to address the issue in Tolikara. We will also build permanent stalls to replace those that are burned down [during the incident]. They have also agreed to maintain peace in the future,” Badrodin said.

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