Thursday, July 2, 2015

1) Freeport Islamic Foundation to Build Boarding School in Mimika

2) Jokowi signals approval  for Freeport continued  operation - 
3) Education improvement program  launched in W. Papua - 
4) Papua Not Hunting Ground Like East Timor, Aceh, Says Priest
5) Do Not Take Away Papua Wealth, Governor Warns

1) Freeport Islamic Foundation to Build Boarding School in Mimika
Timika, Jubi – The Muslim Community Foundation (YMM) of PT. Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) plans to build a modern Islamic boarding school and community empowerment center in Mimika, a foundation official.
The construction site would be located in Kampung Asri (SP5) that would be devoted to disadvantaged children, said chairman of the Zakat Collection Institute (LAZ) board for Community Empowerment of YMM lowland area, Yayan Taryana.
Yayan said currently YMM has seven hectares of land located in SP5 that intended for the construction of an Islamic school.
This week the foundation has begun clearing and preparing the location to build the prospect school consisting of kindergarten to polytechnic. “Actually this modern Islamic boarding school has been planning for long time ago, but it just could be implemented this year,” said Yayan Taryana in Timika on Tuesday (30/6/2015).
Of the seven hectares of land, only four hectares would be used for the boarding school, gym including swimming pool, football yard, multipurpose building and shopping center. “This modern boarding school would have support facilities such as gym and shopping center,” he said.
According to him, although the school would be devoted to deprived children but there are possibility for prosperous children to study at the modern Islamic boarding school. “There will be a cross-subsidy, therefore the wealthy children could cover the cost for the unfortunate children,” he said.
He further explained the foundation has a standard in categorizing the mustahiq or deprived group that is those who have a monthly income of 600 thousand rupiah or under the Regional Minimum Salary (UMR). “We will conduct a survey to applicants to avoid fraud and mistakes,” he said.
However, he admitted the foundation is not able to ensure the completion of this construction because they must still calculate the budget availability. “The construction work has been started for the first stage, so we targeted it would be completed in 2016,” he said.
Meanwhile, he could not reveal about the total estimated budget. But for the first stage, he said the foundation allocated 1.4 billion for the early stage to build the school, boardinghouse, teachers and janitor houses. It’s all from the community supporting funds through LAZ,” he said.
A Mimika resident, Husyen admitted this commitment could provide services and education of Islamic boarding school that improve the human resources. (Eveerth Joumilena/rom)

2) Jokowi signals approval  for Freeport continued  operation - 
President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has indicated that he will approve a plan to revise Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold. Inc.’s contract of work (COW), with a top minister conceding that it would be economically unfeasible for the government not to allow the US mining giant to continue its operations in Indonesia. 
The information was revealed after Freeport CEO James “Jim Bob” Moffett met Jokowi on Thursday morning at the State Palace, where executives from the Arizona-based firm stated their intention to continue investing in Indonesia.
The President has indicated that he will approve the conversion of the company’s COW into a special mining license (IUPK), according to Maroef Sjamsuddin, the president director of PT Freeport Indonesia, a local affiliate of the US miner.
“The President respects the investments that will be made by Freeport,” Maroef told reporters after the meeting.
When asked whether that meant the President had in principal agreed to the contract conversion for Freeport, Maroef said: "Yes, the signs are there. However, I don’t want to prematurely conclude that it has been approved.”  
Freeport’s current COW will expire in 2021 and, under current regulations, any request for an extension can only be made two years prior to its expiry, or in this case in 2019, when Jokowi’s current term as president will end. 
Changing the COW to an IUPK would allow the company to get an early extension. An IUPK contract has a maximum term of 20 years and can be extended twice for subsequent terms of 10 years each. 
When asked about the Freeport CEO’s statement, Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Sudirman Said confirmed that it would be economically “impossible” for the government to cut its investment relations with Freeport.
“In general, the message is that if we talk about investment, about the law on smelters, about electricity, it would be impossible to even consider breaking [Freeport’s contract],” he told reporters after the meeting. 
Freeport has operated the Grasberg mine in Mimika regency, Papua, since 1967, with the mining site being home to the largest gold mine and the third-largest copper mine in the world.
Despite the mine’s hefty contribution to Freeport’s financial performance, every year the firm only pays the government 1 percent in royalties for mining gold and 3.5 percent for copper. (hhr)

3) Education improvement program  launched in W. Papua - 
The Jakarta Post, Manokwari, West Papua | Archipelago | Thu, July 02 2015, 2:56 PM -
The Culture and Elementary and Secondary Education Ministry, the West Papua administration and the US Agency for International Development (USAID) launched on Wednesday the Prioritizing Reform, Innovation and Opportunities for Reaching Indonesia’s Teachers, Administrators and Students (Prioritas) program in West Papua, making it the ninth Indonesian province to partner with the program.
Ministry special staffer Ahmad Rizali said USAID’s Prioritas was in line with and could support strategic plans, including strengthening teachers’ skills to help students in their learning activities, as initiated by Culture and Elementary and Secondary Education Minister Anies Baswedan.
“On behalf of the culture and elementary and secondary education minister, I want to express our thanks for USAID Prioritas’ support in Indonesia,” he said in a statement on Thursday.
He said USAID’s Prioritas would give better learning opportunities to more than 2,500 elementary school students in Indonesia. 
West Papua Deputy Governor Irene Manibuy said the USAID Prioritas program was in line with educational needs in the province. She said the poor reading capacity of elementary school students in West Papua was among the biggest educational challenges that the provincial administration was facing. She said there should be a special effort to increase students’ reading abilities.
“One of the programs focused on by USAID Prioritas is to increase the reading capacity of students in early classes by using books, which offers reading strategies and benefits the Papua Contextual Book Packages [BPKP]. Thus, this program is in line with what we need,” said Irene.
In its implementation, the USAID Prioritas program will give technical support to Teacher Training College (STKIP) Muhammadiyah Manokwari and the South Manokwari administration.
“We will work with teachers, heads of schools, school committees and students to overcome the province’s biggest challenges, namely providing access to quality education to students and improving teachers’ professionalism,” said USAID Prioritas counselor for education management Mark Heyward at the West Papua governor’s office in Manokwari.
USAID Prioritas has been implemented in Aceh, Banten, Central Java, East Java, North Sumatra, South Sulawesi and West Java since 2012. In Papua, the program began in 2014, followed by West Papua this year. (ebf)(++++)
4) Papua Not Hunting Ground Like East Timor, Aceh, Says Priest
Jogyakarta, Jubi – The Chairman of Churches Communion in Indonesia (PGI) the Rev. Phil Karel Erari asked the Indonesian Human Right Commission thoroughly investigate the killings of four high school students on 8 December.
Meanwhile, one person was killed while seven others were wounded when some armed men attacked civilians at Ugapuga, Kamuu Timur, Dogiyai Regency on Thursday (25/6) at around 10:00 local time.
“Papua is not a hunting groundlike Timor and Aceh. In the name of humanity, I asked Mr. Abas, Mr. Natalis Pigai, Ms. Sandra Moniaga and other human right commissionaires to speak up and thoroughly investigate these two cases,” the Rev. Phil Karel Erari said as cited by Jubi from social media account uploaded on Monday (29/7/2015).
He said the most important point that should be responded and supported is the pressure to Jokowi, thus the National Human Right Commission could immediately investigate the Paniai Case on 8 December 2014 and Shooting Incident over six Junior High School students in Dogiyai in June 2015. “Whatever they did, there must be a legal process, not just shot them like that,” he said.
As previously reported, the dead victim in the last shooting incident in Ugapuga last week is Yoseni Agapa (15 years old) and those who injured are Melianus Mote (16 years old), Podepai Agapa (14 years old), Yulius Agapa (17 years old), Feri Goo (15 years old), Neles Douw and Menki Agapa.
According to the Chairman of West Papua National Committee Dogiyai Region, David Pigai, the shot was triggered by street blockage.
“Initially the victims came home from the school passing the Trans Road. Suddenly a car from Nabire to Enarotali crashed a dog. They wanted blocking the car and asking for their responsibility. But suddenly the uniformed man came out of the car and shot them,” he said.
Yoseni Agapa (15 years old) was killed on the scene after hit by a bullet on his chess. Yulius Mote (16 years old) injured by a knife on the left hand. Meanwhile, the injuries of other victims are not identified yet.(Arnold Belau/rom)
5) Do Not Take Away Papua Wealth, Governor Warns

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Governor Lukas Enembe urged the central government to stop exploiting Papuan wealth and involve Papuans in decision-making related to its resources.
“The stones, soils and gold: Do they belong to them? It belongs to the people of Papua. They cannot just come to claim and take it, and then talk about it in Jakarta,” Enembe told reporters in Jayapura on Tuesday (30/6/2015).
He said Papuans have a right to manage their natural resources on their own and this issue should not be brought to Jakarta into discussion without involving the local community and the authorized persons.
‘Where do you come from? Did your ancestors put all those things in here? It’s awkward. This mine and gold was a gift from God to the people of this land, Papuans,” he said.
The governor said anyone from outside of Papua would not be allowed to come and take the wealth of Papua.
“The existing natural resources in Papua should be used for the development of Papua. Everyone should say that, all natural resources in Papua must not take by others while people are still living in poverty,” said Enembe.
Meanwhile, the Head of Papua Energy and Mineral Resources Office Bangun Manurung separately admitted his office has sent a letter of complain to the Central Government, in particularly the discussion on the Contract of Work of PT Freeport that did not involve the governor and other regional authorities.
“We strongly refuse such a mechanism, because the governor expected the related issues to be discussed in Papua with the involvement of Papuan community and the governor as well,” he said.
For that reason, he said, he would continue sending the same letter until their aspiration is being heard by the Central Government. Because if talking about the mining without involved Papua would be wasted. “Is it proper if talking about the future of mining and Freeport without involving the local community and the governor? Is it proper? Off course not,” said Manurung. (Alexander Loen/rom)

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