Thursday, March 12, 2015

1) DPRP Urges President to Hold Dialogue between Jakarta, Papua

2) Depapre Seaport Construction in Ground Breaking Phase
3) Military’s Shooting Victim Transported to Cikini Hospital
4) Councillors Urged to Review Plans to Build Police Base

5) Government allocates 10.33 trillion Rupiah for Trans Papua Railway

1) DPRP Urges President to Hold Dialogue between Jakarta, Papua

Jayapura, Jubi – A member of the Papua Legislative Council ( DPRP) again questioned the commitment of President Joko Widodo to hold a peaceful dialogue between Jakarta and Papua.
Commission I member Ruben Magay said Jokowi needed to immediately hold a dialogue like his promise to the people of Papua as he celebrated Christmas in Papua last December.
“We question it. Jokowi should immediately keep his promise. Do not let the Papuan people lose trust in him, ” Ruben Magay said this week.
I hoped Jokowi would not be the same as the previous President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono who did not keep his promise until the end of his term.
“Dialogue is important to solve all the problems in Papua, If Jokowi is really serious about the dialogue, he should have a general picture of it like who would be invited and is there a third party? “he said.
Previously, member of DPRP Nioluen Kotouki also said the same thing. He said, President Jokowi has said it will implement a peace dialogue yet until now, there is no certainty when the agenda was done.
“Now the real question, when its implementation . There have been many Papuans arrested for being part of the armed groups, ” Kotouki said at that time. (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina)


2) Depapre Seaport Construction in Ground Breaking Phase

Sentani, Jubi/Antara – The construction of a cargo seaport in Depapre, Jayapura district, Papua province is now entering the ground breaking phase, a local official said here Wednesday (11/03/2015).
The Deputy II of Jayapura district’s house of representatives, Kornelis Yanuaring, said that the land reclamation has been completed.
“The construction of Depapre cargo seaport is one of the government’s development priorities. It is expected that the seaport will be operated next year,” he said.
According to Yanuaring, the land clearing is still being completed by giving compensation to the local owners.
The construction is financed by sharing funding between the central government and the local administration.
“The construction of Depapre cargo seaport was started in 2011,” Yanuaring said.
He hoped that the seaport will be beneficial for the communities in the surrounding areas of Jayapura district.
“Working fields will be widely provided through the opening of the seaport, the administration will get more income and the people’s welfare will increase,” Yanuaring added (*)

3) Military’s Shooting Victim Transported to Cikini Hospital

Merauke, Jubi – Merauke resident Sugiono, 32, was in critical condition after being shot accidentally by a soldier at Mopah Airport on Monday morning (10/3/2015) was transferred to Cikini Hospital for further treatment.
His relatives and wife accompanied him flying to Jakarta on last Tuesday while his son Novan who was killed in the incident was already buried.
The Merauke Public Hospital Person-in-Charge dr. Petrus Paulus Tiniyab said at his office on Tuesday (10/3/2015) that Sugiono was immediately treated after he arrived at the hospital yesterday and had surgery to remove blood clots in his lungs. The surgery was successful.
He had an x-ray and his condition was improving. Even he was able to communicate. Then the doctor wrote the recommendation letter to refer his treatment to Cikini Hospital for further treatment.
“I don’t know how many people will accompany him to the hospital in Jakarta. But of course there will be a medical staff. His condition was much better now and he could take airplane,” he said.
Related to the autopsy result on Novan’s body, Tiniyab admitted he didn’t know in detail because he was already buried after being taken to hospital but they couldn’t rescue him.
“The medical staffs indeed have made their efforts to help that kid but he might be dead on the scene or on the way,” he said.
Meanwhile the Merauke Regional Military Commander Brigadier General Supartodi confirmed Sugiono was evacuated to Cikini Hospital. The Indonesian Military will cover all travel expenses and his recovery cost at hospital. “We are fully responsible to the Novan’s dead and his father. Now, his father is gradually recovered to be transferred to Cikini Hospital for further treatment,” he said.
Earlier as released by media, both father and son were shot when Military Officer Eko Dedi Purwanto pull the trigger of gun belong to Lieutenant Colonel Joko Pitoyo who will board to the airplane. Unfortunately it still had the bullet left. It barked and hit both father and son who were been at the airport waiting room to depart to Yogyakarta.(Frans L Kobun/rom)

4) Councillors Urged to Review Plans to Build Police Base

Jayapura, Jubi- Dozens of students from Youth and Student Solidarity of Papua (SMPASP) held a peaceful demonstration at the parliament’s office this week.
The protestors demanded that local legislators immediately facilitate a meeting with Jayawijaya regency, Papua province, and the Papua Police, to look for solutions to the controversy over plans to build a Mobile Brigade base in Wamena. They also want to know the reason for the local government to build the mobile brigade base in the Central Mountains of Papua.
The coordinator of demonstration Soleman Itlay stated that it rejects the presence of Mako Brimob in Jayawijaya, because the local community and Papua in general are still traumatized. They also asked Papua province, and MRP to immediately invite Jayawijaya regent, John Wempi Wetipo and Papua Police in order to explain the draft study on the establishment of Mako Brimob in Wamena.
“We urge the Papua Police to stop development plans, as there are some cases of violence in Wamane have not been accounted for. President Jokowi, please instruct the police force to stop the plan,” Soleman Itlay hoped.
Continued, Jayawijaya regent should stop to use the fake tribal leader as on behalf of the ownership chiefs to release the customary land.
“Jayawijaya regent, Wempi Wetipo, stops shifting corruption indication with development issues of Mako Brimob. Papua government, the legislative and regency to immediately open a dialogue and accommodate all stakeholders to find the best solution, “he added.
Protesters were received by chairman deputy III , Yanni, along with several other legislators such as Maria Dwitauw, Tan Wie Long, Emus Gwijangge, Laurenzus Kadepa, Nioulen Kotouki, and Radius Simbolon.
“We received this aspiration and will facilitate you to sit together with local government, provincial government, the parliament, and the Police to discuss this issue “Yanni said. (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina )


5) Government allocates 10.33 trillion Rupiah for Trans Papua Railway

Jakarta, Jubi/Antara – The Indonesian government is planning to build railways in four islands within next five years, an official said. The project is estimated to cost about 105.6 trillion rupiahs, 10.33 trillion of which has been allocated for Trans Papua Railway.
The government’s plan was included in the Railways Strategic Plan 2015-2019, which compiled by Directorate of Railway at the Transportation Ministry.
“Train is a cheap, safe and eco-friendly mode of transportation. It should not be developed only in Java Island but also in other islands in Indonesia,” Director General of Railways of Transportation Ministry Hermanto Dwiatmoko said at his office this week.
He further said currently the railways are only provided for Java and Sumatra Islands while half of those railways are not being operated. Within five years, he further said, his office will accelerate the development of railways in Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua.
In Sumatra Island, the government will accelerate the railway construction to connect the North Sumatra, West Sumatra and South Sumatra and to continue the railway construction in Aceh, in particularly Lhokseumawe – Bireun route. To materialize the planning, the Directorate of Railway will revitalize the former line and build a new line of 1,399 km as well as double line of 80 km.
Meanwhile in Sulawesi, the government will accelerate the railway construction of trans Sulawesi by developing new railway of 1,772 km at South Sulawesi, West Sulawesi, Gorontalo and North Sulawesi.
Further in Kalimantan Island, the government is also planning to build a trans Kalimantan railway of 2,248 km to connect East Kalimantan, South Kalimantan and Central as well as West Kalimantan.
At last, the government will also accelerate the trans Papua railway construction by growing new railway of 390 km at West Papua Province.
“The railways development at Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua Islands which expected to be completed within next five years needs support from all related stakeholders at national and regional levels,” said Hermanto.
Here is the detail of the Acceleration Railway Construction Budget 2005 – 2019 for outside Java Island:
Trans Sumatra Railway : Rp 41.12 trillion.
Trans Sulawesi Railway : Rp 31.25 trillion.
Trans Kalimantan Railway: Rp 22.9 trillion.
Trans Papua Railway: Rp 10,33 trillion.

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