Wednesday, March 18, 2015

1) Papua Police Arrest Suspected Armed Group Member

2) Freeport Indonesia workers block Grasberg access road for 3rd day
3) Recommendation on Freeport and Mahakam in a Month
4) Indonesian Diplomat: West Papua Issue on International Spotlight
5) West Papuan Organizes Humanitarian Aid for Vanuatu
6) Japan plans to build 50-MW power plant in Papua


1) Papua Police Arrest Suspected Armed Group Member

Jayapura, Jubi – A Papua Police Special force reportedly arrested a suspected member of an armed group based at Papua Central Highlands on Monday (16/3/2015).
A source at the Papua police said officers arrested the man identified as KW at a hotel in Wamena, the capital of Jayawijaya Regency.
“That hotel is located near to Wamena Airport. They took him to the local police office. It is said he will transfer to Papua Police Office for further question on Tuesday (17/03/2015),” he said.
The Papua Police Spokesperson Commissionaire Senior Patrige Renwarin confirmed about the arrest. According to him the suspect is now already in the custody of Papua Police’s Crime and Investigation Unit.
“He’s been taken from Wamena. Actually Mobile Brigade officer had arrested him and his two colleagues during security operation in Lani Jaya on suspicion of firearm possession at the end of January,” Renwarin said on Tuesday afternoon (17/3/2015). He was released for the lack of evidence, but an investigation on his two friends who are now jailed at Papua Police’s custody pointed him as the gun owner.
“Finally the Special Force caught him back. Now the three suspects are jailed due to the possession of firearm. The Police also seized a number of other evidence including Nokia mobile phone, black waist pack and wallet,” he said. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)


2) Freeport Indonesia workers block Grasberg access road for 3rd day

JAKARTA, March 18 Tue Mar 17, 2015 11:38pm EDT

Freeport runs the huge Grasberg complex on remote Papua and workers began blocking a road to the site on Monday to protest against a settlement reached with other employees at the end of a previous dispute, a senior mines ministry official has said.
The union official Albar Sabang, however, has told Reuters that the protest had not been arranged by unions so the exact reasons behind it were not known.
Any disruption to copper supplies from Grasberg could support benchmark metal prices that have dropped more than 8 percent so far this year.
While workers have been hindered from accessing Grasberg, no details were available on whether production had been hit.
Freeport Indonesia, which employs around 24,000 workers and is expected to produce 43 percent more copper concentrate this year at 2 million tonnes, said it was working with protestors to resolve the situation.
"We believe this matter can be resolved with limited impact to production," Freeport spokesman Eric Kinneberg said.
Relations between Freeport and the workers' unions have been strained in recent years. Late in 2014, a planned one-month strike following the death of four workers was cancelled at the 11th hour. (Reporting by Dennys Kapa in JAKARTA and Susan Taylor in TORONTO; Writing by Randy Fabi; Editing by Himani Sarkar


3) Recommendation on Freeport and Mahakam in a Month

Jakarta, Jubi/Antara – Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Minister Sudirman Said has said he would submit recommendations on the operations of the Mahakam gas block and copper and gold mining PT Freeport Indonesia to President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) in April, 2015.
“In line with the instruction of the president, as this involves large investment, the decisions on the Mahakam block and Freeport have to be made faster with detailed studies. We are set to submit the recommendations to the president in a month from now,” Sudirman said here on Monday (16/3/2015).
He said state oil company PT Pertamina is ready to invest US$25.2 billion in the Mahakam block and Freeport to make new investment of around US$17.3 billion in its copper and gold mines in Papua.
He said he would continue coordination with the chief economics minister and other related agencies in drafting the recommendations.
As for Mahakam, he said, he was confident there would be no problem in the transitional period ahead of the handing over of the operation of the gas block in 2017 from the present operator Total E&P Indonesie to PT Pertamina.
“So far talks have been progressing well since November, 2014. The government has decided and all parties are required to be cooperative. I am confident the transition would be progressing smoothly . There is no hard feelings,” he said.
He said the government wants Pertamina to be involved immediately in Mahakam operations.
“Pertamina is ready so is Total,” he said.
As for Freeport, the government is studying decision to be made to ensure operation of its mines after 2021, he said He said the government wants Freeport to give greater benefit for the state and Papua after extension of contract.
“Decision on the continuation of the operation becomes difficult as it could only be made in 2019. Therefore, other ways would be sought whether to use the IUPK (special mining business license ) system,” he said.
The contract of PT Freeport for its mining operation in Papua will expire in 2021.
The government has made a final decision on Mahakam block but extension is being studied for Freeport contract after 2021.  (*)


4) Indonesian Diplomat: West Papua Issue on International Spotlight

Jayapura, Jubi – A former Indonesian diplomat, Frederik Kamu, said that the world is spotlighting Indonesia’s human rights record in Papua.
Kambu, who was assigned at the Indonesian embassy in Brazil and Netherlands, said the military’s abuses in Papua often made headlines in the foreign media, especially in countries that have close relations with Papua.
“A lot of international media wrote negative stories about Papua. So they are so negative in their judgment, but we can’t deny it because this issue had been written everyday, ” he said.
“Armed clashes don’t happen in other Indonesian regions, but it is happening everyday in Papua,” Kambu said during the breaking time of meeting between the Jayapura Mayor Tommy Mano, related stakeholders and Indonesian Foreign Ministry at Jayapura Mayor Office on Tuesday afternoon (17/3/2015).
He admitted as many as 1,500 NGO’s abroad concerned about the humanity crime against Papuan people.
“So they gave their support, not only towards Papua but also to other movements in the world. For example in Europe, there are Germany and Netherlands. Even the England showed its support by offering a house to Papua Independence Leader in London. But until now they are still waiting and looking for who the leader is. So they could provide their suggestion, input and support to the leader,” he said.
He cited the case of Theys Eluay. According to him, European countries are very familiar with the late Theys Eluay. He added the international media’s publications in the countries he had been visited usually thought Papua got lack of attention from Indonesia therefore it remains isolated. He further said the Jayapura Mayor’s presentation about Papua Development would be translated in many languages and would be distributed to other countries for they recognize the Indonesian Government never ignored Papua.
“Please take a look at the list at our office. Many had negative thinking. Therefore we are trying to answer the negative highlight. If we didn’t do it, people might be thought Papua is always left behind though many things have been achieved,” he said.(Sindung Sukoco/rom)


5) West Papuan Organizes Humanitarian Aid for Vanuatu

Jayapura, Jubi – The cyclone Pam which reportedly killed eight people and forty-four people reported missing in Vanuatu drew attention from various groups including civilians, NGOs, students, churches and youths in West Papua.
Together they are organizing a humanitarian solidarity campaign to raise funds.
The campaign called “West Papua Humanitarian Solidarity Week for Vanuatu” would be held on 18 to 28 March 2015.
The Solidarity Team Coordinator Daniel Randongkir in press conference held at Elsham Papua Office, Padang Bulan – Jayapura said they have set several agenda including fundraising organized by students and youths at some city spots located in Sentani, Waena, Abepura, Kotaraja and Kota Jayapura.
“We will conduct a communal worship and fundraising at church in which organized by all local churches in Papua. Rasta Kribo Community will also conduct a reggae music concert for fundraising for the natural disaster’s victims,” Randongkir said on Tuesday (17/3/2015).
He further said the NGOs activists in Kota Jayapura would be continued this action with a night reflection to light the ‘solidarity candles’ representing the solidarity towards Vanuatu’s people.
Meanwhile the Solidarity Team Secretary Markus Haluk said they set a station of West Papua Humanitarian Solidary for Vanuatu in front of Cenderawih University Auditorium at Abepura as the central of coordination.
“The station will be coordinated under the Student Executive Body of Cenderawasih University and other student organizations. We will also open a bank account to collect and distribute funds for the victims in Vanuatu,” Markus Haluk said. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)


6) Japan plans to build 50-MW power plant in Papua

Rabu, 18 Maret 2015 19:43 WIB | 340 Views
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Japan Gas Corporation (JGC), a global engineering company headquartered in Yokohama, plans to build a 50-megawatt power plant in the Indonesian easternmost province of Papua, according to JGC President Director Tetsuo Fujita.

"We will gradually build a thousand-megawatt power plant. Our first step is to build a 50-megawatt one, which requires an investment of at least US$300 million," Fujita stated after meeting Vice President M. Jusuf Kalla here on Wednesday.

The thousand-megawatt power plant is part of Indonesias mega project to build power plants in the country, with a total generation capacity of 35 thousand megawatts.

"I hope we can build a thousand-megawatt project out of the required 35 thousand-megawatt generation capacity, with all the materials being sourced from Indonesia," according to JGC Director Emeritus Yoshihiro Shigehisa.

He noted that the power plant development plan will fully utilize Indonesias natural and human resources.

"All the technicians will be from Indonesia, but they will be trained in Japan for a one-year period and will then return to Indonesia. More than 700 technicians from Indonesia, who have been trained in Japan by JGC, can work very well," he remarked.

Sofjan Wanandi, a member of the vice presidents expert team for economy, explained that the 50-megawatt power plant will be built in Papua.

He pointed out that Sorong, Biak, Fakfak, Timika, Kaimana, Merauke, Sarmi, and Serui are among the 15 locations in Papua where the power plants will be built.


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