Sunday, March 29, 2015

1) Only 385 Health Centers recorded in Papua Health Department

1) Only 385 Health Centers recorded in Papua Health Department

Jayapura, Jubi – A total of 385 Community Health Centers in Papua are known to be the recipients of support from the Ministry of Health, said the Secretary of the Department of Health Papua Dr. Silvanus Sumule in Jayapura on Tuesday (24/03/2015).
“Health Centers which already have recorded significant and meaningful consent funded health source operational assistance from Ministry of Health,”Sumule said
According to him, there are other community health centers that receive support but are unknown by the Department of Health Papua because it has not been recorded and has not received permission.
He explained all registered health center have received operational permit which are issued by the Ministry of Health.
“If there is a health center that has not received the attention but not known by the Department of Health Papua because it has not been reported to the Health department,” he said.
“Primary health care at the health center must be registered and licensed,” Sumule added. (*/Tina)

2) Garuda Indonesia to Open Flights Serving Papua

Jayapura, Jubi/Antara – Garuda Indonesia will open new flight routes serving small cities in Papua.
Garuda sales and marketing manager in Jayapura Agunga Anugrah said the new routes would allow businessmen and government officials to travel more easily.
The communication between Garuda and the government continues intensely including with one of the regent in the mountainous region.
“So far the communication with the government is still going on, even recently there is a discussion with Yakuhimo regent for opening the route to Dekai, Yakuhimo, but it is merely a plan,” he said when met in Jayapura on Wednesday (03/25/2015).
He further said, Garuda Indonesia in choosing a flight route does not put the economic aspect first.
“Our decision to open flights are not solely based on market demand, the first thing to consider is the safety factor, then after the security aspect, and the last is a potential market. The third aspect that it is okay, then we can fly, “he said.
Garuda Indonesia is interested to open a flight route from Jayapura-Wamena, only because of technical factors such as the safety that makes it still can not be realized. (*)

3) Extra Pilot Regencies to be Introduced in Different Regencies

Jayapura, Jubi – Additional pilot regencies will be created from existing five regencies and this will be done after the results of Society Building Movement Evaluation have been submitted to the governor, the head of Papua’s Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda) Muh Musa’ad said t.
Currently, the five districts which represent the five cultural regions of Papua are Keerom, Lanny Jaya, Mappi, Deyai and Supiori.
“I will report the results to the governor to ensure where we should improve in the future. It is clear there will be additional regencies from the previous five regencies,” Muh Musa’ad told reporters in Jayapura, Papua on Wednesday ( 25.03.2015).
The pilot programs of additional regencies would be funded by the five regencies that has not been used 100 percent.
“So the funds will be budgeted based on the performance. If its performance is only 20 percent, means that next year we should give 20 percent. If its performance is 50 percent, means next year we will budget 50 percent. The rest of funds will be given to the new district, “he said.
Currently there are 15 districts in five indigenous Papuan regions which are two regencies in Central Memberamo, two regencies in Saireri, two regencies in Animha, six regencies Lapago and three regencies in Mepago.
“It has been planned. Gradually we will implement for five regencies first. We evaluate these five regencies to see how much budget that they use. If the use of funds is 50 perecent then next year we will only budget them 50 percent of it, “he said.
Previously, governor deputy of Papua, Klemen Tinal said the program is aimed to accelerate development in Papua. (Alexander Loen/ Tina)

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