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1) Mimika Police Stop Fundraising for Vanuatu and Capture 3 Activists

1) Mimika Police Stop Fundraising for Vanuatu and Capture 3 Activists
2) KNPB Reject Disbanded
3) Indonesian Army Claims OPM Leader Surrenders in Papua
4) A handful of OPM freedom  fighters want to give up  the fight 

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1) Mimika Police Stop Fundraising for Vanuatu and Capture 3 Activists
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                          The humanitarian activists in Timika when raising funds. Photo: Ist.

Timika, STEP MAGAZINE - Indonesian National Police (INP) in Timika, Papua, has stopped and arrested three people who coordinate the humanitarian activists Papuans, to raise funds for victims of Hurricane Pam (cyclones) with a speed of 340 kilometers per hour that hit Vanuatu in Friday (03/13/2015) night.

Steven Itlay, fundraising stunt coordinator also chairman KNPB Mimika region confirms this.

To note, those arrested are, Else Rumrawer, 39 years. Yuli Adokor, 38 years old, and Yuliana Inggobou, year. All three are ordinary people who are sympathetic to the suffering experienced by the people of Vanuatu and raise funds.

"Today they masi on hold in Mimika police station. Please support advocacy," said Itlay. (SAL / MS)

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2) KNPB Reject Disbanded

National Board spokesman KNPB bazooka Center Logo and General Secretary Ones Suhuniap, when a press conference in Abepura, Tuesday (24/3) regarding a proposed police chief disbanded KNPB.JAYAPURA - Governing Body Center West Papua National Committee (KNPB) balked at the proposal that KNPB dissolved , because the accused often do anarchy and also includes an unofficial organization, as presented Papua Police Chief Inspector (Pol) Yotje Mende.
"The existence of guaranteed KNPB 1945 and International Law, namely the freedom to express opinions and expression," said the spokesman of the National Governing Body Central West Papua National Committee (KNPB) bazooka Logo and General Secretary Ones Suhuniap giving a press conference in Abepura, Tuesday (24/3 ).
Logo bazooka said it balked attitude Papua Police who propose to the President to dissolve KNPB Joko Widodo. "If 1945 is removed automatically KNPB disperse," said bazooka.
Meanwhile, Ones Suhuniap told anyone not authorized to dissolve KNPB. Because the KNPB born since 1962 long before the Papua Police stand. For that he proposed to disband the police chief KNPB clearly violate the declaration of civil rights, political rights and freedom of expression, which guarantees every person in public expression, assembly and association. In fact, Article 28 of the 1945 Constitution guarantees it. But Indonesia has violated the rules of its own law.

KNPB dissolution proposal, according to a bazooka, it is blaming the police chief deliberately divert the alleged shooting by police forces in Dekai Papua Police, the capital Yakuhimo, Thursday (19/3) then. As a result, a civilian from Silimo District named Obangma Segenil (58) was killed, three others were critically civilians.
Each Titus Giban (39), Elementary School Principal Suru-Suru. The victim was hit in the ribs and stomach translucent. Samson Giban (32), Head of the Silicon Village, District Silimo critical experience to date. Inter Senegil (16), one-on-one high school students in Yakuhimo. Hit by a gunshot victim in the left hand and right hand.
KNPB dissolution proposal was also rejected commission of the House of Papua, Governance, Politics, Law and Human Rights, Ruben Magay. He stated, if the parties do not agree Papua Police statement proposes KNPB organization disbanded.
The reason, according to him, KNPB organization is an organization established to voice all the aspirations of the people of Papua, which has not distributed either by the government of Papua and the central government.
"This KNPB mouthpiece of all aspirations and forms of violence Papua. The extent to which organizations are already registered in Kesbangpol control the performance of the government. The organization just stay okay. While KNPB really criticize on development. So I do not agree that the KNPB dissolved, "said Ruben told reporters on Tuesday (24/3).
According to him, KNPB now being delivered all the problems in this land, and if they do not deliver what happened during this, then who else is going to speak it. "KNPB is formed community organizations and the youth in Papua to lift all the problems in this land, so that the state can take steps," said Ruben.
He said that the killing of Papuan everywhere, and political and other issues with the KNPB the problem that everyone knows, because it keeps calling for disclosure of who the real perpetrators.
"Now is not a problem KNPB dissolved or not, for me it does not matter, who will be responsible for all the violence in this land. So, if the police chief said KNPB dissolved, then the organization where else would criticize any policy in Papua, ".
"I want to say to the police chief that all that happened because they were deprived of their rights, their opportunity is taken over, natural resources are taken, they are marginalized, they were shot, all originated from ketindakbenaran in this land," he said again.
He continued, KNPB, OPM or whoever freedom was already attached to someone and if freedom bothered going to take the fight because they feel disturbed. "So the police chief do not always talk from a political standpoint. Everyone is entitled to express an opinion. What has been fought KNPB that fact. Many of the problems facing the people of Papua this time. Every moment there are shootings, killings, arrests. How is the performance of the security forces. Now people want to complain to the police, they no longer believe, "he concluded. (Mdc / loy / don / l03)


Note. It’s not unusual for the Indonesian military to claim OPM  members are surrendering as a propaganda exercise. (A case of wait and see). 

3) Indonesian Army Claims OPM Leader Surrenders in Papua

Jayapura. The Indonesian military has claimed a prominent leader of the pro-independence Free Papua Movement, or OPM, has turned himself in to authorities and renounced his struggle against Indonesian rule in Papua.
Goliat Tabuni, his family, and 23 followers surrendered to authorities on Sunday, according to Brig. Gen. Tatang Sulaiman, chief staff of Cendrawasih Military Command.
Tatang claimed on Monday that the group surrendered because they wanted to “live properly like other Indonesians.”
Goliat is a seasoned OPM leader who has claimed responsibility for killing troops from the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) in the past.
Tatang said Goliat had requested the military build him and his family a honai, or traditional Papuan home, in Tinginambut district, where the OPM leader has been operating. TNI representatives were still negotiating with Tabuni.
The veracity of the army’s claim has been questioned by other OPM commanders, however, who have challenged the TNI to prove it.
OPM Commander Puron Wenda said he was unsure about the military’s statement. He said he had not been in contact with Tabuni, who led his own fighting cell, for a long time.
“Goliat might feel he is already independent and that is why he used the title of general, but for us our fight has just been started,” he said.
Enden Wanimbo, another OPM military leader, challenged the TNI to show evidence.
“Where is the evidence? Is there any videos or pictures,” he asked.
Both military leaders said the OPM would not give up fighting for a free Papua.
“We are not asking for money, position, or a new district, we just want Papua to be independent,” Puron told the Jakarta Globe Tuesday.
The OPM has been waging a low-intensity guerilla war against Indonesia since Papua was annexed in 1969.

4) A handful of OPM freedom  fighters want to give up  the fight 
Members of the Free Papua Organization (OPM) in Tingginambut district, Puncak Jaya regency, Papua, had expressed their intentions to end their struggle, come down from the mountains and become Indonesian citizens again. They said they wanted to have normal lives together with their relatives.
This was announced by 23 people who acted as representatives of the OPM in Tingginambut areas in front of the Cendrawasih military command's chief of staff Brig. Gen. Tatang Sulaiman in Puncak Jaya on Monday.
According to Tatang, the followers of Goliat Tabuni wanted to come down from the mountainous areas because development programs had reached their areas. "Principally they long for normal and peaceful lives," Tatang said in Jayapura as quoted by kompas.com.

They hoped that they would be given local traditional houses called honai and they also hoped the local military district post head would pay attention to them. "They are given temporary accommodations, while their demand for residential sites will be communicated to the Puncak Jaya regent," Tatang added. (her)

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