Tuesday, March 10, 2015

1) Plight Of West Papuan Women Forgotten

2) We Are Not Terrorists, Says Marind Tribe at Mopah Airport
3) Minister of Transportation Get ‘shouted’
4) Freeport Refused to Pay Surface Water Tax of 360 Billion Rupiahs
5) Presidential Decree “Killing” Fishermen in Papua

1) Plight Of West Papuan Women Forgotten
“There are a group of women that have been forgotten in this 2015 PNG National Womens Forum, women of whom 10, 000 plus are refugees from West Papua under Indonesian rule.”
“We are one people, one island, and we must stand up for the rights of these women, our sisters from West Papua.”
This was the moving and heartfelt call made earlier today by a local women’s leader Dorothy Tekwie during the PNG National Women’s Forum in Port Moresby.
“Many of these women are under oppression facing abuse, and even rape at this time and we are guilty of leaving them behind and forgetting about them.”
“This is the issue I wish to bring to the table, let us not forget the plight of West Papua and the women who suffer there.”
“How can we sit here and say we are talking about national issues affecting our women when there are refuges living in the country that are still yet to be acknowledged and receive assistance.”
Ms Tekwie further called on the PNG Government, leaders, Melanesian countries and the United Nations to remember the West Papua women, especially in such a high level forum.

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2) We Are Not Terrorists, Says Marind Tribe at Mopah Airport

Merauke, Jubi – Five clans from the Marind tribe rallied demanding compensation and against the presence of Marine officers at Mopah Airport in the recent weeks.
The protestors on Sunday (8/3/2015) displayed banners incluiding ones that declared ”We are not terrorists,” “Marine no need to for guards, we already have the Police and Air Force.”
Other banner read: “Stop the military. It’s not a war situation. Papuan are not at war.”
Those writings were to highlight the policy of Mopah Airport Director Rajoki Aritonang who assigned Marine officers as airport’s security guards.
In the meeting with the Regional Commander Brigadier General Supartodi some times ago, Aritonang said his apologize for lack of communication with other military institution before hiring the Marine officers in the airport area.
“What I have done was merely to give a shock therapy to residents and passengers due to some blunders, including haphazard parking and vandalism over the airport facilities by irresponsible people” he said.
On the other hand, the Merauke Legislative Council Deputy Chairman Benny Latumahina actually questioned the status of Mopah Airport, whether it was a public or military airport because a lot of complaints from public related to the presence of Marine officers in the airport area.
“It seems the activities of people and passengers were limited, including those who entered the airport area were freaking out with this treatment,” he said. (Frans L Kobun/rom)


3) Minister of Transportation Get ‘shouted’

Merauke, Jubi- Minister of Transportation Ignatius Jonan conducted his working visit in Merauke and was welcomed by Merauke regent, Romanus Mbaraka and chairman of Merauke Legislative Council Kanizia Mekiuw as well as the officials.
The ministry arrived on Sunday (08/03/2015) at around 15:00 p.m by using a special aircraft. His coming was used by dozens of Marind communityof five clans that Gebze, Basik-Basik, Mahuze, Samkakai and Ndiken which is customary rights demanded for compensation of Airpor and Seaport in Merauke.
However, they were not allowed to enter the area of Mopah Airport in order to convey their demands. They then lined up outside the airport fence with unfurled banners on demand payment of land compensation from the government.
This action was escorted by dozens of security forces from Merauke police. When the minister and team got on the vehicles heading to the port, dozens of protesters were shouting, “Pay us our rights, because the government has not been resolved.” Knowing that, the minister and his team headed straight to the port.
Chairman of the Institute of Indigenous Peoples (LMA) Merauke, Ignatius Ndiken said, claims for compensation of indigenous peoples to the harbor is about Rp 3 trillion. While Mopah Airport is Rp 800 billion.
Especially for Merauke port, since utilized in 1962, until now, there has been no settlement of compensation from the government. In fact, the land area of ​​20 hectares has been used for public purposes.
“We have the right to sue. Becasue of that, the central government should provide a definitive answer about the settlement. Yes, people need an official explanation from the Minister of Transportation, “he said.
In response, the minister of Transportation, Ignatius Jonan asserted, it would be reviewed and if it is unpaid, must still be settled. If the government can not pay, it is advisable to take to the court. (Frans L Kobun/Tina)

4) Freeport Refused to Pay Surface Water Tax of 360 Billion Rupiahs

Jayapura, Jubi – The Head of Energy, Mineral and Natural Resources of Papua Province, Bangun Manurung said PT Freeport Indonesia had never fully paid surface water taxs since it started operations. The surface water is used by PT Freeport Indonesia to dispose of its tailing.
“Every year, PT. Freeport should pay about 360 billion rupiahs, but up to now it usually only paid about 1.5 billion rupiahs,” Manurung said as speaker in a book review by Markus Haluk at STT GKI Abepura on Saturday (7/2/2015).
He revealed this US-base company had obligation to pay the huge surface water taxes since the beginning. But it never happened. According to him, PT Freeport actually had a lot of commitment of work with the government but it often broke these commitments.
“Freeport often exploited the five years rotation in the government to violate the commitments that have been made. And the government didn’t notice it. But clearly it must pay 360 billion rupiah per year,” he said.
He further said talking with Freeport wasn’t easy because it needs a convinced data because it cheated a lot. What was happening now is it wants to be extended until 2014, while it was refusing to build a smelter in Papua.
“Therefore, the government is struggling to build its own smelter with other investor, not involving Freeport to learn more about the ingredients; whether it used only taking copper and gold or other ingredients,” he said.
Meanwhile, the Papuan human right activist Dominikus Sorabut said the government should offer the option of referendum to review the agreement and contract of work. And the government must unite to against PT Freeport.
“Everyone should open their eyes to safe Papuans. The Papua’s Parliament, Papuan People Assembly and the governor must commit to fight PT Freeport. Do not afraid because people are behind you,” he said.
In addition, Markus Halus said PT Freeport is one of ten actors who continue doing the systematic crimes in Papua and the fight had began since ten last years ago against it.
“No we did it another strategy: writing a book. It was a method we used to communicate to Freeport and the entire world about the crimes committed by Freeport,” he said.
The book is to politely reveal its crime to let everyone know about it. “Recently it looked just like an angel but for Papuans, it was a ghost,” he said. (Arnold Belau/rom)


5) Presidential Decree “Killing” Fishermen in Papua

Sorong, Jubi – Thousands of fishermen in Sorong, Papua rallied to protest a presidential decree regulating the supply and retail price of fuel.
The protestors demanded the return of subsidized fuel for fishing vessels over 30 GT especially tuna vessels Huhate Pole and Line.
Pertamina should provide a reasonable price and do not turn off fishing. And They hoped that legislators t and the municipal government must find a solution for traditional fishermen.
“Fishermen have contributed to development of the city through the payment of taxes, the fish caught that are consumed by all citizens. If our aspiration is not heard, we, fishermen will occupy Pertamina office and legislative Council with a larger mass so that all parties know how miserable fishermen, “Hasan Suneth said in a speech.
Chairman deputy I of Sorong City Legislative Council Peter Fatlolon, accompanied by a number of other Council members said, the action that was taken by the fishermen was appropriate. He hoped they would maintain security so that the community activities could run well.
Initially Peter Fatlolon asked protesters to go home but because the protesters refused to move from the legislative office so the councilors then held a closed meeting to discuss it.
From the results of the meeting, it was decided the price of diesel fuel for fishermen reduced to Rp 500 per liter. Next, we will form consisting related parties to resolve the problems. (Nees Makuba/Tina)

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