Tuesday, March 3, 2015

1) PNG confirms school children shooting not raised with Indonesia

2) PNG media watchdog queries 'gagging' order over West Papua issue during Indonesian minister's visit
3) Families and Victims of Paniai Shooting Case Must Get Justice
4) Papuan Women Traders Ask for Their Protection
5) Papuans Await Jokowi’s Promise for Dialogue, Willem Wandik Says
6) Conflict Resolution Budget Axed, Other Funds Trimmed

7) Wamena-Kuring Road Badly Damaged



1) PNG confirms school children shooting not raised with Indonesia

Updated at 9:33 pm on 3 March 2015

The Papua New Guinea Foreign Minister has confirmed that he did not raise with his Indonesian counterpart the specific issue of a shooting of school students in December.

Rimbink Pato last month reaffirmed PNG's stance that it respects Indonesia's sovereignty over the provinces of Papua and West Papua.
The comments came after the Prime Minister, Peter O'Neill, made his strongest statements yet about human rights abuses in the Indonesian provinces.
Mr Pato says both countries are members of international rights bodies and issues are raised if and when they occur, but he confirmed he has not raised the controversial killing of students in uniforms in Papua in December.
"Human rights is clearly a concern to all of us but as to the specifics, it's a matter that we have to deal with case by case. During the meeting I had that was not one of the specific matters that was not one of the matters that was raised on our part, and neither was it raised on the part of the Indonesians, because I did not receive a brief in relation to it."
Late last week Indonesia's Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi visited PNG, Solomon Islands and Fiji.
The Minister's visit to these Melanesian countries comes as the Melanesian Spearhead group considers a membership bid by West Papuans, the indigenous people of Indonesia's troubled eastern region.



2) PNG media watchdog queries 'gagging' order over West Papua issue during Indonesian minister's visit

Papua New Guinea's media watchdog has demanded an explanation for why local journalists were blocked from asking questions about West Papua during an official visit by Indonesia's foreign minister, Retno Marsudi.
Ms Marsudi has just wrapped up a three-country tour through the Pacific aimed at strengthening relations with PNG, Solomon Islands and Fiji.
Journalists in Port Moresby were told by PNG officials they were not to raise the sensitive issue of the Indonesian province, where a pro-independence movement has existed for decades.
Alexander Rheeney, the president of the Media Council of Papua New Guinea, has demanded clarification from PNG's foreign ministry.
"We are concerned local reporters were actually gagged from asking any questions relating to the issue," he told Radio Australia's Pacific Beat.
"The West Papua issue will continue to be a story of interest not just to ordinary Papua New Guineans but to the region and the world as well.
"The fact that the department did give out instructions asking reporters not to ask questions is unfortunate.
"I would welcome an opportunity to sit down with the PNG department of foreign affairs to look for a way forward."

Solomons reporters also silenced on West Papua

Ofani Eremae, a senior journalist at the Solomon Star newspaper, said the media had initially been allowed to attend a session with Ms Marsudi but the invitation was withdrawn at the last minute.
"West Papua is a human tragedy; it is a human rights issue that Indonesia can no longer keep secret," he said

"When you look at how both the Indonesian and Solomons government kept the media from engaging in this visit, it is something that is quite sad especially when it comes to freedom of the press.
"I'd like to think that if Indonesia really wants to get engaged with Melanesia and with the Pacific, they should open up to the media, take questions from the media, because I think that is the right thing to do."
PNG prime minister Peter O'Neill said the issue of West Papua had been discussed during Sunday's meeting with Ms Marsudi and PNG foreign minister Rimbink Pato.
"After many years of bilateral engagement, ours is a relationship where we can express our views in an open and honest dialogue," Mr O'Neill said in a statement.
"We appreciate Indonesia's understanding that our concern on this issue relates to human rights, and this is not linked to issues of sovereignty.
"I further expressed my desire for Indonesia to support the application of the Papua provinces to have membership in the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG)."
The MSG leaders are expected to meet to make a decision in the middle of the year.
Apart from Vanuatu, governments in the Pacific in the past have been reluctant to raise human rights issues or speak on behalf of Melanesian separatists.
Last month, Mr O'Neill told a PNG leaders summit that the time had come to highlight the "oppression and brutality" faced by Melanesians in Indonesia's West Papua.

3) Families and Victims of Paniai Shooting Case Must Get Justice

Jayapura, Jubi – The investigation team’s report of Indonesian National Human Right Commission is expected bringing justice to the victims and their families of shooting incident which killed four civilians in Paniai on 8 December 2014.
The Papua Legislative Council’s Commission I member Laurenzus Kadepa said both victims and their families are deserved for justice. The commission’s report in the commission’s plenary should fill the expectation of victims and their families.
“It is said the National Human Right Commission will present its investigation report on Paniai Case in plenary in March. They must refer to their investigation report for bringing justice to the victims and their families. They shall not be worried in doing their job,” Kadepa told Jubi by phone on Sunday (1/2/2015).
According to him, whatever the result is, it should be confirmed to the victims and their families whether it meets their expectation or not. If they were not satisfied, the Papua Legislative Council is ready to facilitate them to seek justice. Even, the parliament will support them up to the UN Human Right Commission.
He further said the National Human Right Commission should not let anyone to intervene their work in investigation this case. They must work according to their standard of procedure; therefore the result would be proper as expected by the victims and their families. During this time many cases of violence experienced by Papuans without any clear solution,” he said.
He further said he would put the risk behind to help the victims and their families for seeking justice. Kadepa further admitted his understanding about their feelings.
“I was never afraid to talk. My parents were considered victims of state violence. It means to speak about humanity and justice against the victims and their families,” he said.
Earlier, the National Human Right Commissioner Manager Nasution said the commission would conduct a plenary on Paniai Case in 3 March 2015. He told the human right activists joined in ‘Papua Itu Kita’ on Thursday (26/2/2015) in Jakarta.
“We have completed the investigation and found the violence against the right of live, children and human rights,” Nasution said at that time. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

4) Papuan Women Traders Ask for Their Protection

Jayapura, Jubi – The Papuan women joined to Indigenous Papuan Trader Solidarity (SOLPAP) continue their struggle for not just getting the permanent market building but also demanding the government to create a regulation to protect the Papuan traders.
“About 500 hundreds of Papuan women traders from Jayapura City to Demta of Jayapura Regency would participate in a protest. We have conducted a meeting at the GMKI secretariat in Padang Bulan, Abepura on Saturday (18/2/2015), SOLPAP Secretary Robert Jitmau texted Jubi on Sunday (1/3/2015).
According to him, the demonstration would be held on Tuesday (3/3/2015). The protesters would be gathered at Pasar Sementara Mama-Mama Papua (Papuan traders’ temporary market building) located at Jl. Percetakan, Jayapura City. They are planning to go to the Papua Governor Office at Jl. Soa-Siu Dok II, Jayapura City.
“The indigenous Papuan women traders would demand a Special Regional Regulation to protect them in trading,” Jitmau said.
He further said the local government should execute the market intervention towards the shop, mall, supermarket and hypermarket for not selling the commodities traded by Papuan women.
“Only Papuan women could sell the local commodities such as betel and betel nut as well as other local commodities,” he said.
On one occasion, a Papuan woman trader, Yuliana Pigay told Jubi that she expected the Papua Provincial Government to create special regulation in order to protect the indigenous Papuan women traders.
According to her, the Papuan women traders are very appreciated if Papua Government and Papua Legislative Council want to fight for their aspiration. “We are glad if they really want to help us. We don’t want if they just took advantages on us for their position. We never like it. It’s not proper. Do not use us for bringing their own ideas,” Pigai said at that time. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

5) Papuans Await Jokowi’s Promise for Dialogue, Willem Wandik Says

Jayapura, Jubi – Papuan councillor Willem Wandik urged President Joko Widodo to make good on his promises to dialogue between Jakarta and Papua.
“President Jokowi promised before the Papuan people to realize peaceful dialogue between Jakarta – Papua. And now the Papuan people are waiting. When meeting the representatives of Australia Embassy some time ago, I explained the latest issue of Papua including the appointment of President Jokowi to hold the dialogue,” Wandik told Jubi on Sunday (03/01/2015).
He said dialogue is one of the best ways to address and solve all the problems and he hoped under leadership of Jokowi, Papuans aspiration can be followed up
“What is expected now is the constitutional resolution to the community in Papua. Indonesia needs to resolve the conflict in Papua, “he said.
Some time ago,a member of Papua Legislative Council (DPRP), Nioluen Kotouki also questioned the commitment of the Central Government to implement a peaceful dialogue Jakarta – Papua.
The Politician of Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), said President Jokowi has said it will carry out a peaceful dialogue in order to seek solutions to problems in Papua. However until now, there is no certainty when the agenda would be realized
“Now the real question, when its implementation?, “Kotouki said sometime ago.(Arjuna Pademme/ Tina)

6) Conflict Resolution Budget Axed, Other Funds Trimmed

Jayapura, Jubi – Paniai regency has been forced to cut funding from other programs to completion, when conflicts occur in the administration area.
Paniai regent Hengky Kayame said the central government needs to make special budget rules on conflict resolution.
He said there are some conflict-prone regions in Papua including Paniai region.
“Though we do not have budgets for conflict resolution, we have to provide compensation to the victims’ families and to bring the investigation team of Jayapura and Jakarta for the case of the shooting that killed civilians in Paniai, “Hengky Kayame said in Jayapura last week.
According to him, due to the lack of a special fund, it was forced to take the budgets of other programs for financing. He said, the central government should pay attention to it, and make the regulatory budget in areas prone to conflict resolution.
“Where can we find financial resources, if they are not taken from other activities? Therefore, there should be some sorts of regulation. When he met the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) sometime ago, I’ve told them to convey the President about it, “he said.
On one occasion, the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe said, payment of fines head (customary fine) to resolve the conflict, in case of disputes between citizens in Papua should not be a tradition.
“Pay the head should not be a tradition, because payments head never solve the problem. Local governments will not participate on it, “Lukas Enembe said at that time. (Arjuna/ Tina)

7) Wamena-Kuring Road Badly Damaged

Wamena, Jubi – The road linking Wamena and Kurima District, Yahukimo has been badly damaged due to the heavy rain.
One of the religious leaders, Pastor John Djonga in Asolokabal district said in Jayawijaya that the government should have taken measures to deal with the aftermath of heavy rain, but it seemed to have ignored it.
It has been two days since the two villagers from two different villagers felt threatened the flooding that could damage their garden and houses.
Pastor John said the Jayawijaya government has very slow in dealing with the disaster especially landslides.
He further said the related department in this case PU of Jayawijaya must take concrete steps to help people by opening alternative road for the public transportation access in order to serve the society.
One of the public taxi drivers from Wamena to Sogokmo, Anto and a young residents live near the landslide areas told reporters on Saturday (28/02/2015) the connecting road was broken.
“When I passed on Tuesday afternoon with the passengers, there was only slightly damaged, but the next day It became worst,” he added. Up to now, there was no attention from the government. (Islami/ Tina)

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