Tuesday, March 24, 2015

1) Yahukimo People Urge Rights Commission and Papua Legislative Council to Investigate Fundraising Incident

2) Shooting Victim in Ilaga Treated in Hospital
3) Missing Weapon Returned to Yahukimo Police
4) Legislators urge Papua Police to Complete Paniai Case
5) Police Disbanded Freeport’s Protesters

6) Surface Water Tax Dispute Between Papua Government and PT. Freeport Indonesia



1) Yahukimo People Urge Rights Commission and Papua Legislative Council to Investigate Fundraising Incident

Jayapura, Jubi – The disbanding of the West Papua National Committee’s fundraising campaign on Thursday (19/3/2105) and the arrest of some people have raised tensions in Yahukimo.
A local youth leader told Jubi by phone on Sunday night (22/3/2015) residents were still frightened and shops were still closed.
He urged the Human Right Commission to come to Yahukimo to investigate the incident. He said there is obviously human right violation in this case.
‘Since the incident occurred on Thursday till Saturday (21/3/2015), several people were arrested. Some of them have been released but two or three of them are still being detained. The residents are currently frightened. The Electricity turns on already but the airport is still closed and guarded by the Mobile Brigade officers,” Jubi’s source told.
He said he was at the scene when the police came to split the crowd. According to him the Police have moved to the location while the Yahukimo Police Intelligent Chief Budi Santoso was standing among the crowd without a police uniform. Then someone screamed,” We’ve been attacked”.
“At that time the Intelligent Chief was attacked and his weapon was seized. After the incident, a 50 years non-Papuan old lady founded hit by machete. Yesterday we signed a statement to release those who’ve been arrested,” he said.
He further said actually the fundraising has been run for four days but in the fifth day the police come to break up the crowd. “The Police only gave oral permission while the regent seems to let it happened and stay behind. He is currently in Jayapura,” he said.
Meanwhile the Papua Police Spokesperson Commissionaire Senior Patrige Renwarin said he was reported five people were arrested but four are now released.
“The situation is now conducive. The officer’s revolver also has been founded,” Renwarin said. According to him, it was founded at a location suspected KNPB’s secretariat. At that time the Yahukimo Special Police Force led by Adjunct Police Commissionaire Ade Djadja Subagdja sweeping around the area near Yahukimo KNPB secretariat where located in Jalan Pasar Baru, Yahukimo Regency.
“After taking charge the secretariat and clearing a suspected KNPB’s secretariat, they found the weapon,” he said. (Arjuna Pademme)



2) Shooting Victim in Ilaga Treated in Hospital

Jayapura, Jubi / Antara – April Wakerkwa (43), who was shot by an unidentified person in Ilaga, Puncak regency Papua, on Friday (20/3) is now being treated in Dian Harapan hospital Waena, Jayapura.
“There is a patient with a gunshot wound on the right leg and who told me that he got shot in Ilaga, Puncak regency,” a hospital official, Manuel S, said on Saturday (21/03/2015). The victim arrived at the hospital around ten o’clock.
“His right leg is swollen and only bandaged. According to a doctor and nurse, the patient must have X-rays and perhaps a surgery,” he said.
The man was attacked by an unidentified person on Friday early morning at around 04.30 a.m when he was on the way to Kunga village, Gome district in Puncak regency.
Based on the data gathered on Friday by Antara revealed, the victim who works at Bappeda was shot on the way to Kunga village to take his documents in order to pursue his education in Makassar. (*)


3) Missing Weapon Returned to Yahukimo Police

Jayapura, Jubi – A gun belonging to a member of the Yahukimo Police that was stolen by a prisoner had already been returned, a resident and police said.
“Thank God, today (Saturday, 21/3/2013) at 10:00 we found the weapon and returned it to the police, so the prisoners could be released with a statement made. Hopefully the situation continue to be under control,” said a resident in Dekai, Yahukimo by phone to Jubi on Saturday night.
He said about 50 people questioned by the Police after the incident had been released.
“Yesterday (after the dispute) a gun was stolen and some problems were raised. The night people from church and others searched the weapon in the forest and houses till they found it and returned it,” he added.
Papua Police Chief Inspector General Yotje Mende confirmed the gun’s finding and told Antara News Agency that the revolver belonged to the Yahukimo Police Intelligent Chief.
It was believed to have been stolen by a member of the West Papua National Committee, he said.
“Yahukimo Police Chief Ade Djadja Subagja just reported to me the seized revolver has been returned this morning at 10:00 Papua time,” Mende said in Timika on Saturday.
He said the situation in Yahukimo now was peaceful. The residents have returned to work as usual and mobility of transportation is returned to normal including the airplane service.
However, according to Mende, although the owner has received his weapon back, the Police will keep investigating this case. Further the Papua Police Chief admitted he responded it by sending the Mobile Brigade officers and Papua Police Special Force from Jayapura.
“I send my officers from Jayapura. I stressed them to find out this weapon. After being pursued, they voluntarily returned it to our officers. But we’ll keep to process the perpetrator,” he said. (*/rom)



4) Legislators urge Papua Police to Complete Paniai Case

Timika, Jubi / Antara- A legislator urged the Papua Police to thoroughly investigate the shooting case of a number of civilians in Paniai on December 8, 2014.
The deputy chairman of House of Representatives’ Commission III, Benny K Harman, made the statement during a working visit to Jayapura to the Papua police chief, Inspector General of Police Yotje Mende.
“We urge the police chief to fully investigate it. Anyone who is allegedly involved must be prosecuted legally and imposed severe penalties, ” he said in Timika on Sunday (22/03/2015)
Mende said the police would continue to investigate the case even though the perpetrators have not been caught. Previously, the Forum of the Papua Ecumenical Churches urged President Joko Widodo to immediately establish a Commission of Inquiry and Investigation (KPP HAM).
“It is been the fourth month since the shooter has not been revealed and seems like the investigation has not shown any progress, “chairman of the Synod Fellowship Baptist Churches in Papua Socrates Soyan Nyoman added.
Therefore, churches in Papua urged Jokowi to immediately form KPP HAM, because the incident is serious human rights violations. “We ask the President to seriously uncover Paniai case, by forming KPP HAM with a mandate to examine all the parties involved, and it must be carried out before the President visit Papua again, “Nyoman said.
He also pointed out that there was an indication of officers to intentionally protect its members and even seemed like in internal security forces did not the identity of two people who were on duty in the top of Enarotali Airport tower. Chairman of the Synod Kingmi, Benny Giay, also urged President Jokowi to appoint a person to act as a mediator in order to create dialogue Papua-Jakarta. (*)

5) Police Disbanded Freeport’s Protesters

Jayapura, Jubi/Antara – Mimika Police and Mobile Brigade officers finally could break up the Freeport’s workers’ blockage at mile 72 area demanding incentive from company on Saturday morning (21/3/2015).
Earlier, Papua Police Chief Inspector General Yotje Mende and Papua Legislative Council’s Commission III members met with protesters on Friday during their visit to Tembagapura.
“The police keep give them a sight that finally on Saturday morning (21/3) they ended the protest,” Mimika Police Chief Yusnanto told Antara.
He said even now not all workers return to work, but mile 72 roads could be passed as usual.
“No more tents or heavy equipment block the only road access to the mine site and plant,” Yusnanto said by phone.
A demonstration has been occurred since Monday (16/3) demanding incentive from the company by referring what their colleagues have done. When they did a four months’ strike, they’re still got pay while now they (recent protesters) who are still working didn’t get the incentive.
However, the Mimika Police Chief was not sure whether Freeport fulfilled their demand. “I don’t know whether the company fulfilled their demand or not because they’re still on negotiation,” Yusnanto said. (*/rom)


6) Surface Water Tax Dispute Between Papua Government and PT. Freeport Indonesia

Jayapura, Jubi – PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) denied a statement by the Papua government that it had failed to fully abide by surface water tax laws and local regulations.
“PTFI has met its tax payment obligations, State Revenues Tax (non-tax) and other levies, including the Local Tax, based on Contract of Work,” Daisy Primayanti, Freeport Indonesia’s deputy of Corporate Communications told Jubi via email on Saturday (21/03/2015).
She further explained that based on Contract Work and tax legislation Area, PT. Freeport Indonesia agreed on regional tax payments to the Province of Papua and the Mimika Regency every 5 years, which will be due to 2016.
However, Daisy admitted this case is now being dispute between Papua government and PT. Freeport Indonesia. Last week department of Revenue of Papua expressed its readiness to take an action against the largest gold companies in the world as it is only paid the surface water tax based on the MoU, not based on the Tax Law No. 28 of 2009 on Local Taxes, Regional levies, and local regulation.
“According to them it is correct, but we’ve got a rule that refers to the law and regulation. To be noted, refusal letter on tax relief from 2011 ro 2014 in accordance with the MoU has been delivered, ” head of Department of Local Revenue, Ridwan Rumasukun said.
Surface Water Tax that must have been paid to the Provincial Government is Rp 1200 m3 or Rp 435 billion per year, but Freeport only paid Rp 10 m3 only. (Victor Mambor/Tina)

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