Saturday, November 18, 2017

1) Fighting won’t stop unless Jakarta closes Mine

2) TPN-PB was confirmed there was a fire contact before the evacuation of civilians
3) Security Forces Free 344 People Held Hostage by Gunmen in Papua
1) Fighting won’t stop unless Jakarta closes Mine

West Papuan soldier with modern weapon

The writer of this article was sitting next to the West Papua Liberation Army (WPLA) Spokesman, Sebby Sambom at Golden Port midday Wednesday, when a personal report direct from Tembagapura by the Region’s Defense Commander of WPLA (TPNPB) Brigadier, Ayub Waker and Field Operation Commander, Gusby Hunggi confirmed that their men also destroyed three cars and one helicopter.
The attack took place at a police check point at Freeport Indonesian Mining Company 3.30 yesterday morning.
Sambom says this is fresh news that does not normally get to the international media uncensored by Jakarta.
Asked if the latest fighting is likely to threaten the unity among the delegates of the all West Papua annual conference in Port Vila beginning November 24, Sambom says he believes it will be discussed in the meeting.
Asked where WPLA gets its modern weapons from, he replies with a dubious smile that they buy them and also collect them from their victims.
“An Australian journalist asked me the same question after seeing pictures of young men with weapons which are not readily available on the market.
"They are provided by Australia to Indonesia’s special forces," he says.
Asked to explain how the standoff between Indonesia’s police and soldiers and WPLA also known as TPNPB is likely to end, he replies that the armed West Papuan fighters are not “criminals or rebels” because they are fighting for their rights to protect their women and children, their lands and mineral resources and freedom and sovereignty.
This is the most respectable stand that any indigenous freedom fighter or guerrilla fighter is prepared to risk everything for.
He says to every West Papuan, the 54-year old struggle has progressed to a new level where it is becoming clearer that if they restrict their struggle to diplomacy, it may take another 54 years and many are determined that enough is enough.
In the latest 8-point statement to Jakarta, WPLA makes the following demands reiterating its military wing will stop the war only if:
• Freeport Indonesian Mining Company in Tembagapura, West Papua, is closed;
• Indonesia recalls all organic and non-organic military forces from the area of West Papua and replaces them with UN security forces.
• Government of Indonesia approve the implementation of an act of free choice for self-determination for indigenous people of West Papua;
• Indonesian Government of the Provinces of Papua and West Papua dismissed and the non-government status, fully surrender to a UN trust government.
• Negotiator in the Agreement be a Papuan military representative of the TPNPB, the civilian Movement of the interior and the ULMWP foreign diplomat;
• Signing of this Agreement be mediated by neutral parties and the UN, not JDP or Indonesian Government;
• Other matters concerning timing of referendum and negotiators be submitted later, if Indonesian Government approves of bid of this agreement and
• WPLA (TPNPB) rejects bid of any form other than those listed on the eight items of this bid. If the Indonesian government does not approve this bid then TPNPB will not stop the war.
The spokesman says the war against the Indonesian military in Papua will go on until the top of the bid is approved, which is to close the Freeport Mine.
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2) TPN-PB was confirmed there was a fire contact before the evacuation of civilians

Papua No. 1 News Portal | Jubi,
Saturday, November 18, 2017 - 09:13

                           Evacuation of civilians from Kampung Banti with the aim of Tembagapura - IST

Jayapura, Jubi - The armed contacts that occurred before the evacuation of civilians in Banti and Kimbeli were justified by Hendrik Wanmang, Commander of Operation of the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPN-PB) III Timika.

"Two of our members were wounded in a shootout last morning," Hendrik Wanmang said briefly to Jubi via telephone on Saturday (11/18/2017).

But another source said two TPN-PB members were killed in a firefight that Friday morning. Both are named Ilame Tabuni and Yuliana Waker.

On the side of the TNI / Police, there were no casualties or gunshot wounds. Similarly, residents who were evacuated from Kampung Banti and Kimbeli.

"No one community is a victim, yes," said Papua Police Chief Irjenpol Boy rafli Amar in an official video released by Police Public Relations on Friday, November 17, 2017.

The evacuation process of civilians itself lasted until 12:00 local time. The evacuation was done since 09.30 after the two villages were controlled by the armed forces task force at 07.00.

Reported by CNN Indonesia, around 07.00 am, Kampung Kimbeli has been controlled by Kopassus 13 and Raider 751 troops while Banti village is controlled by two teams from Taipur Kostrad. After these two villages are controlled by TNI units joined in the Armed Forces Task Force, the evacuation process is carried out.

 "After the entire area is controlled and the situation is declared safe, Pangdam XVII / Cenderawasih coordinates with Kapolda to immediately send the Evacuation Team," said Head of Information Center for Military Region XVII / Cenderawasih Command Colonel Muhamad Aidi.

Papuan Legislative Member Laurens Kadepa hopes the evacuation process will not be a TNI / POLRI effort to carry out attacks in villages suspected of being a TPN-PB hiding place.

"Evacuation of non-Papuans to Tembagapura is not an attempt by TNI / POLRI to carry out sporadic attacks, by land and air in villages suspected to be members of TPN-PB, because in every village there must be civilians," Kadepa said. (*)

A staged police  video
3) Security Forces Free 344 People Held Hostage by Gunmen in Papua

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