Tuesday, January 17, 2017

1) MSG has become “proxy theatre of debate over West Papua”

2) Police most reported for alleged rights violations in 2016: Komnas HAM

3) Sweeping conducted by  joint security forces recently in Dogiyai 



1) MSG has become “proxy theatre of debate over West Papua”

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The chair of the Melanesian Spearhead Group, Solomon Islands' Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, has set out on a regional charm offensive to persuade fellow leaders to back the admission of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua.
Up to now the MSG has been split over the move, with Vanuatu and Solomon Islands in favour, while Papua New Guinea and Fiji are against.
Mr Sogavare is flying on to Port Moresby and Suva, after talks in Port Vila with Vanuatu's Prime Minister, Charlot Salwai, and Victor Tutugoro from the New Caledonian independence movement.
But Pacific analyst Jonathan Pryke from the Lowy Institute's Melanesia Program is warning that the MSG may be too heavily focussed on the West Papua issue, and the organisation's relevance could be severely tested over the next 12 months.
Source: Pacific Beat | Duration: 3min 26sec
2) Police most reported for alleged rights violations in 2016: Komnas HAM
Fachrul Sidiq The Jakarta Post
Jakarta | Tue, January 17, 2017 | 08:30 pm

West Papua rally participants shout from the back of a police truck on Jl. Imam Bonjol, Central Jakarta on Dec. 1, 2016. Police arrested 10 of them for bringing Free West Papua Movement symbols. (JP/Safrin La Batu)

The National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) has revealed that of all institutions, the police were implicated in the highest number of human rights violation cases in 2016.

“Throughout 2016, Komnas HAM received 7,188 reports related to alleged human rights violations. From that report, the police were reported 2,290 times, the highest figure among all institutions,” Komnas HAM chairman Imdadun Rahmat said during a year-end report presentation at the commission’s office in Jakarta on Tuesday.

The second and third place went to corporations and regional administrations with 1,030 and 931 reports, respectively, Imdadun said.

He added that most of the reports were related to violations of welfare and justice rights, such as a case in July when police officers surrounded a Papuan student dormitory in Yogyakarta to prevent residents from attending an event organized by the People’s Union for West Papua Freedom (PRPPB). The police also reportedly prevented an Indonesian Red Cross ambulance from delivering food to the dormitory.
Komnas HAM commissioner Nur Khoiron said the commission would continue cooperation with the police in an attempt to push the institution to be more human-rights friendly in carrying out its duty.

“We have conducted some activities including launching a human rights pocket book for police officers and conducting a general lecture about rights principles for students at the Police Higher Education College (PTIK),” he said. (jun)


3) Sweeping conducted by  joint security forces recently in Dogiyai 

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Dogiyai community who are uncomfortable with the sweeping action of the security forces staged a demonstration to the Office of Legislative districts Dogiyai - Jubi / Philemon Keiya

Sweeping Police diguga eat victims, thousands of people attended Dogiyai Parliament Office
News Portal Papua No. 1 | Jubi, Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Jubi, Dogiyai - Sweeping conducted joint security forces recently in Dogiyai casualties. At least two civilians Dogiyai, Otis Pekei (21) and Melkias Dogomo (33) into a sweeping victim. It forced thousands of residents down the road and go to the Dogiyai Parliament's office, Monday (16/01/2017).

Chairman of the People's Solidarity Cultural Care Mee Dogiyai, Benedict Goo to the Jubi in Dogiyai, said two residents died after being tortured group of security forces. In addition to the two victims died, dozens of residents Dogiyai been beaten by the security forces combined to do the sweep.

Goo said Otis Pekei tortured by the police, on Tuesday (10/01) from the time the police arrived at the Tuka to Moanemani. At that time, Otis Pekei is heading to Nabire. However, he was detained in Kali Bridge Tuka. Pekei tortured during detention. Pekei Moanemani removed from the police in a state of lifeless at around 15:00 CET and returned to his family.

While Melkias Dogomo after reportedly died in police custody. He was held in Moanemani, December 23. During detained for several hours in police Moanemani, police allegedly entering the base of a gun out of bullets into his mouth. In the afternoon he was sent home. When we got home, Melkias Dogomo got sick to death last January 7.

In addition to the two victims died, many residents Dogiyai were beaten for no apparent reason. All goods Built-in bags and camshaft was confiscated. Moreover, sharp tools such as machetes, knives, razor blades and other sharp tools.

"The security forces also seized clothing, camshaft, bracelets and hats that motivated the Morning Star," he said.

Goo said, in the sweeping, the police asked residents dreadlocks long hair and a long beard to be trimmed. Residents Dogiyai annoyed. Because, every day doing sweeping group of security forces.

Properly, the combined security forces came to Dogiyai to maintain the security of the elections. In fact, the sweep is not clear. Due to sharp tools still sweeping the street.

"It should sweep for securing the elections and sweeping SIM / vehicle registration for all vehicles in Dogiyai," said Goo.

SubmitTambah Goo, the combined security forces were brought in accordance with the Act PKPU Dogiyai only for securing the elections that will be held in February.

He considered, sweep the wrong target. It should, according to him, secured the liquor sellers and dealers that are still rife. In fact, in addition to liquor, related to the elections, many billboards are already planted the regent candidates are still scattered.

"The police should have been secured with regard to the elections alone. Instead of coming to the last Dogiyai would scare residents Dogiyai are not wrong at all, "pissed.

He continued, "This sweeping Sweeping is done without direction. Because, as we know so far, if the police sweeping means associated with the vehicle, such as license and registration. "

Support demonstration of citizens

District Chief Dogiyai, Willem Tagi said it supports the action taken. Because, what had been done joint security forces in Dogiyai Dogiyai very disturbing residents.

"We have several heads of districts in Dogiyai welcomes today's action. Do not anybody from the outside coming Dogiyai pitting my citizens, "said Tagi.

He asked the security forces did not again sweeping Dogiyai disturbing residents. Because, he said, during this Dogiyai residents live in harmony and peace.

"If the security came to Dogiyai for securing the elections, run the task alone. There should be no additional movement in Dogiyai, "he said.

The same thing also delivered by Head East Kamuu District, Aleks Pigai. Pigai words, if in the future there are sweeping of excessive security forces, along with thousands of citizens Dogiyai it will still do the action to reject all of the action taken.

"We very much regret the attitude of the security forces of these excesses," he said.

He asked the group of security forces that have been stationed in Dogiyai to be withdrawn. Can be reassigned before two weeks of the election held in February.

At the same place, Secretary of the Indigenous Peoples Organization (LMA) Dogiyai, Aleks Kogaa asserted, that the police do not act arbitrarily to the citizens in Dogiyai.

"During this time, many residents Dogiyai are always beaten. There was bloodshed, too. We unequivocally reject all the actions of the police, "said Kogaa.

SubmitDogiyai, obviously Kogaa, is one of the safest areas in Papua. During this time, residents Dogiyai live in security and peace. However, the situation Dogiyai changed since five months ago. Then he asked that all parties, including the security forces to maintain security in Dogiyai together.

DPR members Dogiyai, Y

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