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1) IHRC Letter re latest violence

1) IHRC Letter re latest violence
2) Papua police deploy 3,793 personnel to ensure security on Christmas

1) IHRC Letter re latest violence

Indonesia Human Rights Committee,
Box 68-419,
Hon Murray Mc Cully,
Minister of Foreign Affairs,
Parliament Buidlings,
Duty Minister,
Parliament Buildings,
Fax : 04 499 0704
23 December, 2012.
Dear Mr McCully and Duty Minister,
We understand that this is a difficult time of year for you, but at the same time we are very troubled about recent grave human rights abuses in West Papua, including the killing by police of civilians, and we believe it is important to draw this situation to your attention.
We are particularly concerned because we understand that a new programme of training engagement may be about to get under way between the New Zealand police and counterparts in West Papua. If we do not speak out these grave abuses our engagement in training is likely to be taken as a sign that New Zealand approves these police practices.
Around the 15 -16 of December  Hubertus Mabel and  Natalis Alua, two young activists were allegedly shot in the village of Kurulu near Wamena by police officers of the Papua Regional Police Station.  We understand that the officers concerned were from the counter-terrorism unit, the 88 Detachment (Densus 88). Both later died from their wounds.

The reports we have  received also states that the police arrested three members of West Papua National Committee (Komite Nasional Papua Barat, KNPB)  members,  who were forced to arrange a meeting with Hubertus and Natalis. The circumstances of the deaths of the two young men is not fully clear – both were reportedly shot and stabbed - Hubertus was later found dead at Jayawijaya Public Hospital with bullet wounds and a deep stab wound.
The respected Catholic priest  Father John Djonga attempted to see Hubertus's body in the hospital but he was refused access by police. Independent witnesses state that neither man was posing a threat to police at the time of the shooting.
The Sydney Morning Herald, in reporting on the episode, records that Indonesian police not only shot the two men, but also burned down  a house in Wamena which was used as the "Tribal Council" office for community meetings.
The Sydney Morning Herald also records that this year ‘22 KNPB members have been killed; three are missing; seven have been charged with various offences and more than 200 arrested but released within three months.’
There are grave concerns that these latest killings are part of a new crack-down on separatist activity under the new chief of Papuan police, Tito Karnavian, who formerly ran counter-terrorist police unit Densus-88. 
We are aware that there have also been attacks on police posts in this area. But this can be no justification for acts of reprisal. The ‘shoot first and ask questions later’ police approach is utterly against all principles of justice and international law.
We urge you to take up this grave abuse of police power with the Indonesian authorities with urgency. 
It is essential that there be an open and transparent enquiry into all the circumstances of these latest tragic deaths.  In the meantime we respectfully suggest that the programme of training for the West Papuan police should be put on hold.
Yours sincerely,
Maire Leadbeater
(for the Indonesian Human Rights Committee)
Copy to
Hon Judith Collins,
Minister of Police,
Parliament Buidlings,


2) Papua police deploy 3,793 personnel to ensure security on Christmas

Mon, December 24 2012 03:45 | 120 Views
Jayapura (ANTARA News) - Papua Police have deployed 3,793 personnel across the districts and cities in the region to ensure security during Christmas and New Year celebrations. 

"We have stepped up security ahead of the Christmas and New Year celebrations through Operasi Lilin (Candle Operation) in the region, starting Sunday (December 23) through January 1, 2013," Papua Police spokesman Adj. Sr. Comr. I Gede Sumerta Jaya said here on Monday. 

He stated that police officers would monitor the distribution of alcoholic drinks and firecrackers "because those things often lead to problems and discomfort the public". 

"The Papua police chief has called on the region`s people to assist the police in maintaining security in the region, because safety and security are not solely the responsibility of the police," Sumerta pointed out.

Earlier, on December 12, the Papua police organised a joint rally at PTC Entrop yard, South Jayapura district, Jayapura city. 

"The National Army (TNI), Public Order Officers (Satpol PP), Transportation Service (Dishub) and Jasa Raharja, a state-owned insurance company, will all be involved in the security operation," Sumerta noted. 

"As many as 82,723 personnel, including 3,793 police officers, 15,024 TNI officials and other security agencies, as well as community members, will be deployed to ensure security during the celebrations," he said.

Papua Police chief Pol (ret.) Tito Karnavian, who acted as the rally inspector, predicted "there will be large-scale mobilization during the Christmas and New Year celebrations".

He stated that many steps would be taken during the period in anticipation of increased accidents and crimes.

Tito expressed hope that the public would cooperate with the security forces in maintaining security and peace during the celebrations.
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