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1) Some Board KNPB in Wamena Arrested

1) Some Board KNPB in Wamena Arrested
2) Six candidates to contest next Papua gubernatorial election

A google translate of posting on Australia West Papiua Association facebook page. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic. 
Original bahasa below translation.

1) Some Board KNPB in Wamena Arrested

Wamena, KNPB news-Joint Police, Army and Detachment 88 returned to the arrest of several officials and members KNPB in Wamena, West Papua. They are also conducting searches, doing hold-up with arms against citizens, confiscating money and pigs belonging to the village.

From this afternoon KNPBnews source reported, on Saturday (15/12) at 09.00 wp. Joint Military / Police entered the village and arrested the head KNPB Kulagaima Baliem Wamena, Simion Dabi (25), Meki Kogoya, John Huby, Pie Huby, Herae Huby. Not only that, at 03.00 pm, the police arrived and shot two pigs belonging to the resident.

Police do hold-up against Meky Kogoya captured and forced to show the existence of the other so KNPB activists this morning (16/12) at 10 am, police again arrested chairman of KNPB Yalimo, Wene Helagombo (28) at White Sands. After capturing Wene Gombo, police combed the village and arrested the head Militants Milima KNPB Center, Hubertus Mabel (30) with Natalis Alua (26) who is chairman of diplomacy KNPB Wamena.

Currently, according informasih KNPBnews in the field this afternoon at 1.00 o'clock the police were raided villages Milima causing kampong residents fled to the forests. As reported earlier, officials and activists in almost all parts of the mountains included in the search list (DPO) for allegedly storing rakitan.Padahal bomb, according to the reality on the ground, the bomb was placed by the police through the people pay for the police to destroy KNPB with capture all KNPB activists.

While in Timika, a combined military, police and Detachment 88 were giving chase to the chairman I KNPB Mimika region Paschal Douw no apparent reason. (wl)


Beberapa Pengurus KNPB di Wamena Ditangkap Polisi 

Wamena, KNPBnews -Gabungan Polisi, TNI dan Densus 88 kembali melakukan penangkapan terhadap beberapa pengurus KNPB dan anggota di Wamena, West Papua. Mereka juga melakukan penyisiran, melakukan penodongan dengan senjata terhadap warga, menyita uang dan babi milik warga kampung. 

Dari sumber KNPBnews siang ini dikabarkan, pada Sabtu (15/12) pukul 09.00 wp. Gabungan TNI/Polri masuk di kampung Kulagaima dan menangkap ketua KNPB Baliem Wamena, Simion Dabi (25), Meki Kogoya, Jhon Huby, Pie Huby, Herae Huby. Tidak sampai disitu, pada pukul 03.00 sore, polisi datang dan menembak 2 ekor babi milik warga.

Polisi lakukan penodongan terhadap Meky Kogoya yang ditangkap dan memaksa menunjukan keberadaan aktivis KNPB yang lain sehingga pada pagi ini (16/12) pukul 10 pagi, Polisi kembali menangkap ketua KNPB Yalimo, Wene Helagombo (28) di Pasir putih. Setelah menangkap Wene Gombo, Polisi menyisir kampung Milima dan menangkap ketua Militan KNPB Pusat, Hubertus Mabel (30) bersama Natalis Alua (26) yang merupakan ketua diplomasi KNPB Wamena.

Saat ini sesuai informasih KNPBnews di lapangan siang ini pukul 1.00 polisi sedang menggrebek kampung Milima yang menyebabkan warga dikampung mengungsi ke hutan-hutan. Seperti diberitakan sebelumnya, para pengurus dan aktivis di hampir seluruh wilayah pegunungan dimasukan dalam daftar pencarian orang (DPO) dengan tuduhan menyimpan Bom rakitan.Padahal, sesuai kenyataan di lapangan, Bom tersebut ditempatkan oleh Polisi melalui orang-orang bayarannya agar polisi dapat menghancurkan KNPB dengan menangkap seluruh aktivis KNPB. 

Sedangkan di Timika, gabungan TNI, Polri dan Densus 88 sedang melakukan pengejaran terhadap ketua I KNPB wilayah Mimika Paskalis Douw tanpa alasan yang jelas. (wl)

2) Six candidates to contest next Papua gubernatorial election

The Papua General Elections Commission (KPUD) has approved the candidacies of six out of the nine Papua gubernatorial candidate pairs that have registered.

Four of the six pairs are nominated by political parties. They are Lukas Enembe-Klemen Tinal, Habel Melkias Suwae-Yop Kogoya, Alex Hesegem-Marthen Kayoi, and Manase Robert Kambu-Blasius Pakage. The two independent pairs are Welinton Wenda-Weynand Watori and Noakh Nawipa-Yohanes Woop.

The three candidacies that have not been approved are former Papua governor Barnabas Suebu and John Tabo, Yan Piet Yembisa-Hens Bonay and Karubaba-Willybrodus Magay.

The verification results of the gubernatorial hopefuls were announced by the Papua KPUD on Thursday at 11 p.m. local time.

The three candidate pairs failed the verification due to a lack of support. “The Barnabas-John pair received 7 percent support from political parties, Yan and Hens [1 percent] and independent pair Karubaba-Magay [less than 1 percent], so they did not meet the requirements,” said Papua KPUD head, Benny Sweni.

After announcing the names of candidates contesting the Papua gubernatorial election, slated for Jan. 29 next year, the Papua KPUD will carry out the next stage of the election process: Determining the eligible voters’ list on Dec. 14 and drawing up the candidate’s numerical order on Dec. 15.

The Papuan election was made possible after the replacement on Nov. 5 of former Papua interim governor Syamsul Arief Rivai, who held the position for 16 months, with Constant Karma, a high-ranking civil servant.

Benny said the Papua KPUD had made a great effort to determine the stages of the Papua election process. “Should there be parties who are dissatisfied with the verification results, they can take legal action,” he said.

Suebu and Tabo — who failed to pass the verification stage — said they would use legal means to contest the Papua KPUD decision, which they deemed unfair.

Suebu said most instances of where the legal procedure had been violated by the Papua KPUD were related to the plenary outcome on determining gubernatorial candidates, such as the Constitutional Court’s decision No. 3/SKLN-X/2012.

“For the sake of truth, justice and legal certainty, we will take legal action against the Papua KPUD to the authorized judicial institution,” Suebu said in Jayapura on Friday.

Earlier, Suebu-Tabo’s lawyer Steve Waramuri, said in a dialogue with Papua KPUD at a local television station in Jayapura, that the Papua KPUD need not verify candidates registering at the Papua legislature’s special committee, but directly approve the candidates as gubernatorial hopefuls.

Those who are verified should only register at the Papua KPUD, but of the nine pairs, only two have done so.

They were Suebu-Tabo and Yembise-Bonay. “So, it’s not right to say that there was support from two political parties; The support from those parties was regarded as invalid,” he said.

Ferry Kareth, from the Papua KPUD legal division, said if the Papua KPUD did not verify all the candidates, including those who registered at the KPUD and the Papua legislature’s special committee, and if there was support from two political parties, the Papua gubernatorial election result would be flawed and invalid, because the law stipulated that political parties could not act in this manner with regard to supporting the candidacies of regional leaders.

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